Monday, June 28, 2004

My Latest Obsessions

Today will be dedicated to my latest obsessions. I normally would use the word fetish in that sentence, but after watching Edward Scissorhands with the cool yellow information boxes I learned that the word fetish has sexual connotations. So I will back off of that word for now. The movie was on Fox Movies and I learned every fact that I could ever imagine wanting to know from the yellow boxes at the bottom of the screen. I think I said the words "I love those little yellow things" 10 or 15 times throughout the movie.
First Obsession: Showbiz Moms and Dads
If you have cable or satellite, watch this on Bravo. My sister and I have seen every episode and laugh at it the whole time. Its reality TV at its best, without all the fakes that The BachelorAmerican Idol seem to discover. The problem with most reality shows is that 50% of the people they cast are just despereate to get their 15 minutes of fame in any way possible. Showbiz, unlike Fox, and sometimes CBS and NBC, also doesnt use editing to draw out their characters to unbelievable levels. For instance, if anyone watched the Bachelor finale with Jesse Palmer they were doped into believing that Tara was so incredibly nervous about her impending meeting with Jesse that she leans over a wall and throws up into the bushes. If you watch it with PVR you will discover that it would be impossible for her to throw up while crouching in the position she was, without soiling that pretty champagne-colored dress she has one. See it. Believe it.
Obsession #2: My palmOne Zire 72
I was a little hesitant about spending so much on it. But I used my m500 constantly to so I know I could put it to good use. Plus I got the guy to knock $50 off the sales price. All without looking very cute (I cried my eyes out getting an IV at the doctor earlier). With a 1.2mp camera, the ability to play mp3's, a great color screen, its the pimped out palm of my dreams, until they come out with the next model of course. The memory card and new keyboard I plan on getting will be a little bit of a blow to my bank account, but I think I deserve it after an entire summer of no social life.
And then came the third: The gym where I work
So the website isnt very good, but don't let that make you think that the gym isnt. I love working out here as much as I love working here. The best part about it is the Selectorized stuff. Instead of using weights that clank up and down, it uses air to change the load. I love it because sometimes when I am lifting with the weights I let the weights fall too fast and they make such a loud clanking noise. I always get embarassed by that. On a side note, I wish they would hurry up and move to a bigger building and get aerobics classes because I would love to get back into one of those again. I get the feeling I will start being a regular when I get back to Provo. Maybe all of this getting up at 3:00 in the morning will help me get up for my classes in the Fall? Probably not but its nice to think so.
Like the best website ever:
Wanna learn how to lift weights for real? This is a no fluff website. If you hate those fitness magazines that only know how to put bikini wearing models on the front, than you will like this website that (finally) busts all of those fitness lies that we hear over and over again. Visit the lies in the gym section underneath the starting tab, you will see what I mean.
The Last for Now: The Mirror Project
I am a sucker for random websites, and this is definitely one of them. Take a picture of yourself in something reflective and get your mug online. Pure Genius.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

HTML rocks!

I just added all kinds of fun things to my blog with blogspots knowledgebase. I visit blogs and see all kinds of fun things on them, so I am attempting to learn some basic HTML on my own so that I can make my site just as fun.
P.S.-I hate profanity, why do men feel like since they are in the gym they can yell it out at each other whenever they fancy? I also hate the guy who comes in and sings to his walkman at the top of his lungs. Can you say self-centered? (He listens to stupid music too)

Topic for my blog

I think that I have decided on a topic that could be relevantly interesting. Going to college. Everyone does it. Well everyone who plans to succeed in life anways. Except for Ray Charles, Pierce Brosnan, and a few select others there is little chance of achieving personal goals without a colelge eduction, and now it is getting to the point that a masters degree is essential as well. But as far as high school dropouts go according to the child trends databank
Studies have found that young adults with low education and skill levels are more likely to live in poverty and to receive government assistance.4 This is partly related to young women dropping out of school and having children and then becoming dependent upon public assistance. High school dropouts are likely to stay on public assistance longer than those with at least a high school degree. Further, high school dropouts are more likely to become involved in crime.5

So that is why I am going to college. Alright if I am being honest I am going more for the social atmosphere right now than anything else. After all that is 80% of the college experience, the other 10% being school. Too often (my case in point) the schooling part is overlooked, which generates bad grades, leading to the inability to join any undergraduate programs because my GPA is so low. This semester is definitely going to have to be dedicated to raising my average to a respectable level, one that I can be a little more open about when it comes to inquiries from my peers.

I am having trouble deciding on what my major should be. It is looking like it is going to be Physical Education with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness. I would basically become a Personal Trainer, which I think I would enjoy because I love the job I have in the gym right now. I am also going to apply to the film major again, but now I will go for the Media Arts minor, as well as a minor in Women's Studies. I will be busy but these are all things that I know I enjoy. Fitness and Wellness will enable me to help people as well as establish healthy habits for life, Women's Studies will help me learn to express my opinion and think critically, and Media Arts will mean that I get to take tons of film classes and basically just watch and make movies.

I played DDR for an hour last night, and I will play it again for another hour tonight I am sure. I refuse to call myself weird, because there are alot of weirdos who love that game, but I can understand why because it is definitely addicting. Pretty soon I will move up to the heavy level, and I dont know how I am going to live without it when I go back down to Provo.

Basically being home for the summer stinks and I am counting down the days until I can go back. I might get to move back as early as the end of July, I want to make my chances of getting a job as high as possible. Hopefully Gold's will be interested.

If anyone ever reads this can you let me know? I am just waiting until I get my first comment. Best day ever.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Start

I decided after reading a very good (I thought) article in Time Magazine that it was time for me to start a blog of my own. I work at a gym and spend 7 hours a day sitting behind a desk and doing basically nothing. Not that I have nothing to do, its just that summer is a very slow time for healthclubs and not many people are coming so. So I am always unsupervised and willing to avoid working as much as possible. I havent really been inspired to get started on my contribution to the blogging society as of yet because I felt that there was no topic I could address. Unlike some of the great sites I have found that talk about everything frome everyday life, to film, to photography, to religion. All things that I am interested in and enjoy. My goal as of right now is to get 1 comment on my site. If that happens I will feel like this has been a success. Also if you havent heard about Brooke, why dont you try to help find her?
Who links to me?