Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Start

I decided after reading a very good (I thought) article in Time Magazine that it was time for me to start a blog of my own. I work at a gym and spend 7 hours a day sitting behind a desk and doing basically nothing. Not that I have nothing to do, its just that summer is a very slow time for healthclubs and not many people are coming so. So I am always unsupervised and willing to avoid working as much as possible. I havent really been inspired to get started on my contribution to the blogging society as of yet because I felt that there was no topic I could address. Unlike some of the great sites I have found that talk about everything frome everyday life, to film, to photography, to religion. All things that I am interested in and enjoy. My goal as of right now is to get 1 comment on my site. If that happens I will feel like this has been a success. Also if you havent heard about Brooke, why dont you try to help find her?

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