Monday, August 30, 2004

Trivia Question 2

How many of Emily Dickinson's poems were published in her lifetime?

Suzie wins, What Happens if I?, and free MP3's.

Since this is my quiz I give Suzie the point for the day. The answer was 28-29 lbs.

I decided on the Fitness and Wellness major for sure. No changing this time. Maybe.

I forgot how much walking you do around campus every single day. I already have 2 huge blisters. I would take pictures of them and post them on here, but I hate feet so I wont subject you to pictures of mine.

Today I started Weight Training and Teaching and Women's Studies. I think Monday's are going to be my favorite days of the year. We will see though because tommorow I have Latin Ballroom dancing, Anatomy, Nutrition, and Intro to Allied Health Professions. Nope I wont like TTH better, MW wins.

Site of the Day-A great place to discover new music and get some free mp3 downloads.

Blog of the Day-What Happens If I?
Run by-Jinxx
Subject-What happens when you do random things such as set a lego man on fire and cook an egg with a blowtorch?
Tagline-The spirit of the inner-eight-year-old we thought had died is brought back to life by our simple little experiments. Only this time it's no longer eight... It's 22.
Favorite post-...cook an egg using a blowtorch?

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Trivia Question 1

Approximately how much does the skeleton of an average 160 lb. body weigh?

Trivia Quiz, time keeping site, and Nine-Moons

I have decided to follow's example and start a contest of my own. The prize is 2 gmail invites, which seem to be very popular. I can understand because I love my gmail account more than anything. Who wouldn't want to have 2GB of space in their email? I never have to delete anything, and if that kind of thing appeals to you then I know you will want these.

So, without any further ado, its time for the “Back to School Useless Trivia Quiz” I decided on this quiz because I usually feel like the stuff I am learning in school is useless information. Cant they teach something that will actually apply to me in life someday? Enough of my ranting, you guys know what school is like. I will post a new question once a day, you get 2 guesses each day. I will check back as often as I can to let you know if you are right or wrong. Each right answer equals one point, and the contest will last until someone reaches 10 points. Remember this is for gmail, something you really want, so think carefully and guess often! (And even if you already have gmail or you dont want to win, you could still guess because games are fun right?)

Right now is Arby's 5 for 5 deal which I could eat all day long, but I cant get because I promised Tristin that I would go 2 weeks without eating any beef or pork. I have done really good so far, but I don’t think I will do it afterwards, because I don’t believe that abstaining from meat will help my kids have straight teeth. Sorry Tristin..

There is a really dumb new movie coming out called "Team America World Police". If there is anyone out there who is for excited for this movie, can you please tell me why?

I think that Gap's new ad campaign is very clever. It flashes images of Sarah Jessica Parker with the words how-do-you and flashes a website at the end. I checked out the site because of the commercial, which I assume is exactly what Gap was going for.

I have switched my schedule around so many times, I don’t even know what I am taking any more. I love my independence but I hate that the decisions I make right now are going to be what will determine alot of my future. I was really set with Fitness and wellness, but now I am looking into some kind of major in psychology in the education department. I am really interested in working with women/girls and teaching them how to have healthy attitudes about what is good and true about nutrition and the likes. That means no more minor in film, instead a minor in nutrition along with a minor in Fitness and Wellness. Now if I could only figure out something for a major.

I think I was ripped off on Ebay. Close to $200 dollars worth of stuff. I am a careful buyer too, so I am not really sure what happened. It was a few weeks after I bought my stuff that the people I bought it from started receiving really bad ratings all of the sudden. Why does this happen to me?

Website of the Day- I cant even explain to you why I like this site, but I do. Who are these people that have the time to sit around and make stuff like this up? I wish I was one of them. No, wait I dont.

Blog of the Day-Nine-Moons
Run By-Don and Rusty
Subject-Another LDS site that talks about doctrine, asks questions, etc. I like it because its not too in depth, nothing against Times and Seasons, I read it daily, but I am not quite to that level yet. Nine Moons is a nice stepping stone for me that I can progress with.
Tagline-A place to discuss Mormon doctrine, laugh at Mormon culture, and buy refurbished electronics.
Favorite Post-Does God have a sense of humor?

Friday, August 20, 2004

Apostle guessing game, for your own reasons, and

There is a great post by Dustin over at Gnitsud about doing things for your own reasons. I think anyone who knows me well can tell you that I have always had this independent streak in me that drives me to be my own person and do things for my own reasons. I grew up in an ultra conservative, very tiny town, where gossip ran rampant and rumors were all too easily spread. This kind of environment led many people to constantly worry about what others were thinking of them. People didnt speak up in class (because why should they if nobody else was), we didnt do creative or crazy things, most of the time we just went to a movie or watched a movie (there were plenty of opportunities, farming towns dont have alot of entertainment), speaking up for what you believed to be right was almost nonexistent (not that people didnt do what was right, but expressing an opinion contrary to that of the masses was a shocking thing to do). We all dressed the same, talked the same, looked the same, acted the same.

I never went through any great rebellion (well too a point), I think I am still your typical Mormon Co-Ed, but every once in awhile I see a difference come out. Many times people will say something like "What will everyone say", or "I feel so stupid in front of anyone", my reply is always the same, WHO CARES? I do things for myself and not for other people. Dustin talks about a friend of a friend who walked out of a movie on a date. I say that you can get an idea of what kind of a movie it is from the previews, and you probably knew what it was going to be like walking into it. Or else try doing your homework next time, find out what kind of stuff you are going to be subjecting yourself too before you plunk down your hard down money for it.

Basically the purpose of this post was for me to say to everyone out there, please just do things for your own reasons. Who cares what it looks like or what others think of it. If it makes you happy then its probably okay. I am not perfect at this, but I am working at it.
Dustin states
"How exactly does the perceptions of others really effect who you are? Are you so insecure that you’re validity and successfulness in your pursuits in life are nullified by the opinions of others? If so, sucks to be you."
I couldn't agree any more.

Website of the Day-Take a guess at who will be the next apostle.

Blog of the Day-Gnitsud
Run by-Dustin
Subject-Pretty random ramblings, the highlight being the movie quotes that are thrown in throughout all of the posts. Also if you didnt catch it, Gnitsud is Dustin spelled backwards. Pretty clever.
Tagline- Me, in hindsight.
Favorite post-The one that I referenced from today.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

My rant against A&F, Tie-a-Tie, and Y

We had this huge Abercrombie and Fitch poster in our living room that was portraying people who were definitely breaking the honor code, and I just took it and threw it away (well the offensive part anyways, I took a knife too it to save the good parts, it is now a PG rated poster). (The following link is rated PG-13.) The picture can be found here, but it didnt look so bad cut in half and upside like we had it. This reminds me of how much I hate Abercrombie and Fitch and companies just like them. My Aunt has always talked about organizing some kind of movement to get the soft-porn pictures that are displayed in the front windows of stores like Victoria's Secret and A&F taken down. Everyone knows that these stores are targeting Tween's (no matter how much they deny it), in an attempt to create brand loyalty.

I think this creates an interesting question. If I despise A&F and the way that they advertise, should I stop buying their clothes? Would the $50 a year that I spend in their store really make a difference? The problem is that most of the people who are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars supporting Abercrombie every year do so because they feel that A&F clothes are what they need to be cool. I think that anyone would have a hard time getting kids like that to stop throwing their (or better yet, their parents) money down for the clothes. Slate lets us know that their racy catalogue tactic isnt even working.

Their are people who believe that by ditching the Fitch we can make a difference. If that is something you would like to do, you can sign a petition here. Many sites also suggest going to stores such as American Eagle, which sell virtually the same clothes without the sex.

I have the biggest crush on Micheal Phelps. I am sure that every other girl on the planet is at the moment, but just like the paragraph above states, I do things for my own reasons and not because of what others say. I think I fell in love with him the moment I saw him take his wreath off when he was standing on the platform while the national anthem was playing. Who doesnt love a guy with respect?

Why not take a virtual tour of the BYU games center?

Do you have a date coming up that you are dreading? Do you need a way to get out of it? Try escape-a-date.

Website of the Day-Learn how to tie a tie.

Blog of the Day-Y
Run by-Someone who went to BYU back in the day
Subject-An awesome collection of memories and adventures from some guys BYU days, pictures included at no extra charge.
Tagline-stories from life in Provo, Utah. all names have been changed to protect the innocent. maybe.
Favorite Post-I would love to try this one out. I am sure we will try this out sometime.

Monday, August 16, 2004

"Suddenly it seems like the whole world is at peace"

I checked the statistics for my site this morning, and was completely blown away by my results. I was expecting the usual number, but instead I saw the beautiful number of 68 (that is visitors not hits). Thanks to all of my visitors for coming over to see whats new, and for spreading the word about my little site, an especially big thank you to "Times and Seasons" for the mention today, you guys are the reason for the recent raise in numbers. Now I only hope to continue to make my posts interesting enough that they are worth coming back too.

I have never really been interested in the Olympics before, but yesterday at work I started to watch them and realized that I was actually enjoying them. I was sad to turn them off and leave at the end of my shift. It is so awe-inspiring to sit and watch people realize their dreams. I think the other reason that I enjoy it is that it is so universal, you can talk to anyone about it, and sit down with anyone from anywhere, not say a word, but both still enjoy the time spent. Today Frances came over to get some stuff that she forgot, and she sat down to watch the Olympics with me. I found out that she was the German Rhythmic Gymnast National Champion for 4 years in a row. She lived away from home from ages 9-14 to study Gymnastics. I also found out the other day that her first boyfriend is ranked as one of the top 200 Tennis players in the world. Americans are sometimes so ignorant about the rest of the world, but the olympics gives us a chance to learn about other countries, and the people that live within those countries. No matter how old you are, where in the world you live, everyone understands the dream of winning Olympic Gold. I usually have to watch them by myself because I get so emotional hearing all of the stories of triumph, I think that people would laugh to see me get teary eyed about Thailands first gold medal, ever. On a lighter note, how do the Women's Beach Volleyball players keep their bottoms from riding up? Why isnt all underwear made like that?

Favorite quote from the Olympics "Suddenly it seems like the whole world is at peace." What a beautiful idea.

I would also like to note that I think that the commercials during the Olympics are greatly improved over the usual drivel that we are all subjected to.

By the end of the week our entire apartment will be together. I think I will probably have to do a little bit of cleaning up before Linds and Heather get here, because right now this apartment is a mess. I am sure that the only reason that Megan can stand it is because she is never home. The reason that our apartment is such a mess, I gave in to my love of all things second-hand and went through the DI trailer parked outside our apartment. For those of you unfamiliar with DI, its official name is Deseret Industries, and it is the LDS equivalent of Goodwill in other places. In fact, Goodwill doesnt even exist anywhere here as far as I know. All across Provo and Orem contracts are ending, which means that people are moving home and having to sort through their things and get rid of what they don't need or can't fit on their way home. To make it easier for all of us, Deseret Industries distributes trailers to apartment complexes so that we can easily haul our junk out. The first day I saw that trailer, I knew I would want to take a look inside, and Saturday I finally gave in and took a look inside. I ended up meeting the man and woman doing cleaning checks, gave the cleaning check man a vaccum I found, which enabled me to automatically pass my cleaning checks. Nice. What follows is the long and wonderful list that I now own from the DI trailer. It is true, one man's junk is another mans treasure.
1-Television, old, but works with my XBOX and gets enough cable channels to supply me with my daily dose of olympics.
2-A bike, might be a little too tall, but with 12 girls living next to each other, I am sure that someone will use it every once in awhile.
3-2 beanbags
4-An awesome poster from Abercrombie and Fitch. It could be considered semi-porn by conservative standards, but I am sure that we can do something about that.
5-A roxy reversible vest
6-A beautiful cream wool coat
7-A square ottoman pillow things, couldnt find an example of it online.
8-An odd but fun assortment of kitchen supplies, pots and pans, etc.
9-A glass cutting board that I really like
10-This awesome chair for in our room, covered with that ugly orange 70's color that fills many LDS chapels. I dont know if I will be able to keep this one though because it takes up so much room in our already small room, and I dont think that Megan really likes that.

I dont think the comment function on blogger is working right now, did anyone else have a hard time today? There were several sites that I wanted to comment on tonight, but the page would never load. Guess I will have to try again tommorow. I love my Haloscan.

Both the site and blog of the day are going to be Olympic related.

Website of the Day-NBC Olympics. I know that many people already know about this but it is the best way to find out anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the olympics.

Blog of the Day-Goldblatt
Run by-Scott Goldblatt
Subject-An inside look at the Olympics from a Swimmer's view.
Why should you visit? Because how often do you get to hear about the little things that go on in the olympics (such as the American flag missing from the swimming stadium)

Friday, August 13, 2004

All-Encompassingly, Typogenerator, and What Religion Are You?

Last night we went over to Tristin's Uncle's cabin to watch the metor shower, it was fun but the meteor shower was a little bit of a bust. I think we saw 20 meteors the entire night and we got out there at 10:30 or 11 and didnt leave until after 2. We did make a nice little Jenna sandwhich, which I liked because I got to be warm all of the time. Steve and Tristin are exactly the same as always, and I love it. I hope that we stay good friends all the way through college.

Tonight is Taylor's birthday and we are going over to house his, and then I think we are going up to his cabin in Sundance to sleep over and basically cause some trouble.

I have been picking up shifts like crazy at work. They hired a guy to work there the same time that I was hired and he has only showed up one time. Basically he showed up the day I didnt, maybe he felt that since I did it it was okay. He hasnt come in 3 times now, and I dont think that he has ever even called in to tell them why. I get the feeling he is going to be fired just as quickly as he was hired. It works out okay for me though because I am taking up some of his shifts until they find someone else. On top of that, a girl called me this morning, and she wanted me to take three of hers the week after next. basically I am going to be rolling in the dough for this month (which I will definitely need) but I dont expect that feeling too last long, I am sure my income will drop off a little once school starts.

Megan moved in yesterday. I am excited to live with her for the year. We discovered that we are both going to major in Fitness and Wellness, which will work out nicely if we live together all through college. We can live together and take all of the same classes together.

I only gave myself 15 minutes to write this post, and I am already almost out of time. I just spend too much time reading other blogs in between paragraphs. Right now I am loving Provo Pulse. Nice work lately guys.

I made the switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. Thanks to all of you who kept mentioning it on your own blogs, you were the one who inspired me to make the switch, and I am not sure how I ever survived without it.

Check out Caliblog for their latest contest. If you dont want to participate but you have some good guesses let me know, so that I can try and win. I told Chuck I would do whatever it takes, and I still mean that.

I have 2 websites for the day, basically because I really like them both, and I havent been posting as regularly so I am trying to make up for it. Hopefully you all like them as much as I do.
Website of the Day-TypoGenerator. This one is hard to explain, so I suggest you just check it out for yourself. Basically you just enter text into this little box, and the website comes up with these awesome pictures. Check out the one that I made just now. All of that was done just by entering the word girl into a little box. I have a bunch of them saved up for screensavers.

Website of the Day 2-What religion are you? Take this quiz to find out.

Blog of the Day-All-Encompassingly
Run by-Travis and Doug
Subject-The usual mormon blogger stuff, political personal, etc.
Favorite Post-The Ode to Summer. All right so the romantic girl inside of me was won over by this little number. I only hope that I find someone to write things like this about me someday. (By the way, your fiance is absolutely gorgeous Travis, and you both look so happy, good luck in the future)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Giving away money and Gluttons Photo-A-Day

I guess I didnt realize when I moved down here that I would be totally exhausting myself every single day. I thought Heather was a nightowl last year, and it looks like Meg's has caught the bug as well. We are staying up until at least 2 or 3 every single night, and I am looking for a nap whenever possible. I tell myself too stop, but I know that I will only be in college once, might as well take advantage of the opportunity now.

My XBOX came in the mail yesterday, and I took it over to Megan's house to test it out, it works great. Now I am just waiting for the hard drive to arrive, and then it will be sent up to my favorite person Brandon for his brother to modify.

Yesterday was my second day of training at work, today is my first day or working alone. I am feeling a little nervous because there are so many details that the job involved, but I think I will catch on quickly, and I can already tell that I am going to like it. It will definitely be slow alot, but I dont mind that, and once school starts up again it will be a great opportunity to keep up on my reading.

I am getting closer to working out my schedule, now that I know what my hours at work will be. I am going to be taking Essentials of Human Nutrition, Intro to Women's Studies, Anatomy, D&C, hopefully Tennis, and maybe Basic Athletic Training. Megs and I arent so sure about Basic Athletic training anymore, after looking up the class description it sounds like it is something like Taping Injuries 101. I think we will go to the first day of classes and decide after that.

I love my Costco card more than anything, and have printed off clost to 200 pictures there. They can print them with the white border around them and I love it. Plus it is done in 1 hour and costs less than Wal-Mart.

This is seriously one of the funnier articles that I have read in a while. What kind of world do we live in when we think that an 86 year old man is a threat?

This man
has what you might call "A little bit of a weight problem". Didnt he think he had a problem when he hit 500 lbs? 600? 850? See the problem, treat the problem.

Website of the Day:Want to give away some money? Yeah, neither do I.

Blog of the Day-Glutton's Photo-a-Day
Subject-A photographer attempting to hone his skills by posting a new picture every day. There are no long posts here, only pictures
Tagline-A move to hone my photographic skills. The pictures posted here are amateurish, so your constructive comments are most welcome.
Favorite Post-Something about this little boy just makes me melt.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Best and worst commericials, and BCC

I am off to the rodeo tonight in Midway, with a very large group of people that I have never really met before. We are going to kick up our heels and watch the boys try and kill themselves on some bulls, and then it is off to the hot pots. Good thing I bought myself a cute new swimsuit, we are swimming every day.

Could this have been staged for more publicity?

Website of the Day-Readers crown best and worst commericals. Check out the rubber band man commercial, this one always makes me laugh. If my job at Gold's sucks I will try and be happy like this guy.

Blog of the Day-BCC: By Common Consent
Run by-A bunch of people
Subject-Liberal minded mormons expressing their views on anything and everything, largely gospel related.
Tagline-A liberal-minded, yet grossly intolerant Mormon blog: we tolerate dissent, but not stupidity.
Favorite Post-The most recent post "Liberate Me, I'm Repressed?"

Friday, August 06, 2004

Float On, The Trixie Update, and Fly Guy

Here I am again, back in the swing of things after a minor delay in posting. Yesterday I had the most eventful day that I can remember, and now that my computer is working again I am ready to share my adventures with you all. Probably some of you go through days like this all of the time (Chuck it seems like you do), but this was an eventful day for me.

You will find out why in a second, but I had to have my hard drive erased, which means I lost all of my boomarks and links, etc. If you are a visitor to this site can you please leave come kind of comment, even if it is just one word, so that I can add you to my bookmarks and make a visit on over to your site. Muchos Gracias.

The story must start back on Monday when I got the call from the Gold's Guy letting me know that I had the job, the conversation was short, but he informed me that I should come in next thursday for training. I started thinking on Tuesday night, became nervous that he meant this Thursday when he said next Thursday (some people talk that way and it makes no sense to me) so I called and left a message on his machine asking for some clarification. Because I didnt want to bother him, I didnt try to call him again the next day, and never heard from him UNTIL I woke up at 11:00 Thursday morning (I know I need to stop sleeping in so late) and had a message from him on my cell. It said something to the effect of "Hi Jenna, this is Joe Schmo from Gold's Gym and I thought that you were going to come in for training this morning, call me as soon as possible". After rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I debated going and jumping off of one of the cliffs in Provo Canyon. I called my dad to get some moral support, sucked it up and called the guy back, and luckily everything worked out, but after missing my first day of work, I still have a job.

Then I went out into my living room, where my computer is, and discovered that after I had rebooted it over night it had failed to load. After trekking over to the computer lab in the club, learning about pushing F8, trying every possible solution, I finally decided to let the pros have a go at it and take it over to the BYU computer repair department. After finding a very lucky parking spot in the lot in front of the Wilk (any fellow Zoobie knows what I am talking about), I carried my tower in (with aching arms, computers get heavy if you walk around carrying them for too long), and set my tower on the desk and told them the problem. I was then informed that I was missing the Windows XP certification that should have come with my computer. Since I had no idea where and when this computer had been bought, I had to call my parents and Teresa (the secretary at CW), and The Computer Place (where the tower came from). To do this I had to walk back and forth out of the store into the hallway to get reception, not only frustrating myself but annoying everyone around me. We finally got things figured out (I had to buy a new version of Windows XP, full price, because I am not in classes currently and they couldnt give me the discount until August 23rd), and I left my computer there to get fixed overnight. To get everything up and running they had to wipe out my hard drive, which meant a long day of installing all of the programs I was missing today.

As I was walking out to my car, I saw those cute little green envelopes fluttering underneath a few windshield wipers in the parking lot, and I knew right then that I had a parking ticket as well. $20 for parking in a 30 minute zone for 2 hours. I really needed that. I decided that I would go to Costco, which always makes me happy, and after I had been there for awhile, and found some really cool things, I realized that I didnt have my checkbook with me and that they would not take my card. So I checked to make sure there was nothing perishable in my cart and quickly walked away. I went to the mall instead. Shopping therapy works every time (have to be careful that this doesnt happen to me though)

I feel better now that I have published my story, and yes I see that it isnt so bad after all. It did feel pretty crappy at the time though. This made me laugh though. I also listened to my Modest Mouse CD, "Float On" is such a great song, and at least I didnt run my car into a cop car. Things can always get worse.

Website of the day-Can't exactly describe this one, but go check out "Fly Guy" If you are patient, I hear that you will end up on an island with a hula dancer, which would be a pretty nice place to be. And watch out for the big strong mad with the punching gloves, he has a killer right hook.

Blog of the Day-The Trixie Update
Run by-Ben MacNeill
Subject-A slightly-obsessive-in-a-good-way blog about their 1-year and 6 day old daughter. Tracking the messy diapers and amount of milk pumped might be a little much, but it will be fun for Trixie to look back on. I hope to do something like it someday.
Tagline-"keep track of the new kid"
Favorite post-Potty training is so fun.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Amidst a Tangled Web and Sunrise Sunset

Luckily, Nick Carter does not regret the Paris tatoo that he got around his wrist. Someone remind me again why anyone gets a tatoo of their boyfriends/girlfriends name branded upon themselves? I want to do a case study on the percentage of people who end up regretting this in the long run.

I just discovered two bands that I really enjoy. The Sounds, a rock group from Sweden, and The Walkmen, whose song "We've Been Had" reminds me of a merry-go-round and is on constant repeat on iTunes right now.

How does anyone survive without a Google Toolbar? I use mine everytime I sit down at the computer. If you dont have one you should test it out. Plus it blocks popups. I have bloked 739 so far. I could develop tendonitis from clicking the x so many times.

Movies I plan on seeing within the next two weeks at the dollar theatre. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, 13 Going On 30, Mean Girls, Raising Helen, The Day After Tommorow, and The Best Two Years.

Why didnt anyone tell me I could be the Queen of Karaoke?

I went tanning today, and I decided that I could really use this drug. I cant understand why some girls really like the tingle factor, I dont like feeling like I am sunburned. I do look darker than I usually do without it though. Beauty is pain.

Met up with a friend again yesterday, and I am having mixed feelings about it. I dont know why I spend alot of time with this person, because instead of feeling happier and better about myself when I am around them, I feel worse. Why do I put myself through this torture? I have come to the conclusion that it is slightly out of pity.

Because I changed my shipping address, the modchip I ordered got sent down here instead of going to my house. Now I will have to pay to have it shipped back up to Washington, but its not too bad because I got a job yesterday. I am working at the Tennis Club at Gold's Gym, and I was really excited about it until I talked to this boy at the saffords who works at the club stringing rackets, and he said its a terrible job. I feel like I need to try it out, but I am worried I passed up a great opportunity by not interviewing with Curves. Since I want to specialize in Women's Studies, I am thinking that Curves would have been a more future oriented place to work. But at Gold's I will be around people my age, and maybe get them to give me some free lessons from a cute instructor. Plus it cant possibly be any worse than getting up at 3 AM to work at 10 hour day in 90 degree weather out in the cherry orchards. Maybe this boy is just too spoiled. I will keep reminding myself that after working in the cherries, I swore that I would like any job that didnt mean I would have to be sticky or dirty, and I am thinking that working there wont involve either of those.

Website of the Day-Sunrise Sunset
At this site, you can make a personalized calendar for your area detailing exactly when twilight, sunrise, sunset, twilight, moon rise, and moon set are. As someone who has developed a mild obsession with the sunrise and sunset, I find this site very fun and useful. Hopfeully I put it to good use sometime.

Blog of the Day-Amidst a Tangled Web
Run by-Dan Hersam
Subject and why you should visit-This guy has been blogging since 1998, so he must know a thing or too about having good posts. All of his links are really interesting and sometimes outright funny. He is also a very good writer, which makes his posts really easy to read.
Favorite entry-The scamming of a scammer

Monday, August 02, 2004

Provo Pulse and Bluefly

I have Incredifind installed on my computer and I hate it with all of the fibers of my being. If anyone knows how to get this off of my computer please let me know. I cant even get to the free virus protection that BYU offers because of it.

Spent another wonderful night at the Saffords. Love those guys. Trevor and Taylor still fight like little kids and it is just like old times.

Read a beautiful post by Arwyn on death today. I know that the word beautiful and death dont usually end up in the same sentence, but the essay was very throught provoking and I agreed with it entirely. I love this sentence the most

"How very final a sentence is when you end it with an exclamation point! It's a full stop. There's nothing after. But when you tuck a comma -- even a very, very important comma -- into a sentence, it merely orchestrates a pause, a catching of the breath, a slight change of direction."

I wish that the whole world could know and believe the same way we do, rather than making death something that is dark and ugly, in a sense it becomes something that is alive and beautiful. My knowledge of life after death helps me to live the best life that I can, and comforts me as I think of those who have passed on.

Josh Latimer is dating Haley Duda and they are both down here, and I just cant believe it. I think we are going to catch a dollar movie later this week.

Blogger is acting really weird right now it is making me double space everything, and I am listening to some crazy Mozart stuff.

Website of the day-Bluefly. The perfect one-stop-everything-designer-discount-shop. (Aubree and Shay will love this one)

Blog of the Day-Provo Pulse

Run by-Mason

Subject-An open forum type blog where you can go and learn about everything Provo
(prò-vò-půls-dôt-cøm) [n.] -- 1. port of entry. 2. idea venue. 3. boardwalk.

Favorite Entry-Give me modesty or give me death. What controversy.

Who links to me?