Friday, February 29, 2008


I am really slacking in the wedding related posts lately, not that I don't have about 1 million starred items on my google reader and bookmarks in my "blogging topics" folder to share with you. Alas, this is another little gem that I found too good to pass up. I present to you the genius of someecards. A PG-13 rated site that drops the f-bomb a little too often for my taste, I find it in my heart to overlook grievances such as these. I could laugh at these all day long. Here are some of my favorites.

I must say that this seems to be the motto of every girl in Provo.

This one is probably my very favorite. For some reason I don't think Swayzie found the humor in it.

The valentines cards are so funny!

Oh the dreaded guest list dilemma! I don't envy anyone working on guest lists right now.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog does NOT feel this way. She would love to discuss wedding plans with ANYONE willing to share them at ANY time.

This reminds me of how I sometimes send out mass texts and try to pretend like they are not mass. But I think everyone already knows.

I just love the juxtaposition of these old-time photos with things like changing Facebook relationship status. That is seriously a conversation that my boyfriend and I had though!

It's true. I really do.

Another one of my favorites, and one that I think Swayzie should appreciate. I think it matches up perfectly with his views concerning valentines day.

I KNOW there were girl in high school who used to try really hard to get a boyfriend in January.

Oh sad. This is me.

Do you know people who act all crazy when they get a new haircut, but you didn't even know because the new style looks EXACTLY the same?

Have you ever felt attacked by someone who was absolutely appalled that you hadn't taken 2 1/2 hours out of your week to shell out $8 to watch a really terrible movie?

How many people can you name off the top of your head who, during the beginning of the strike, kept telling you that they were happy that shows were going off the air because they are a waste of time? And now I hardly no anyone who isn't counting down the days until their favorite show begins again.

Stuff White People Like

I hate to rip off emails from Daily Candy for 2 posts in a row, but this was too good to pass up. I had to stop reading it during class because it is that funny. I could no longer keep a straight face and pretend like I was paying attention (something that I strive to do about 1/2 the time).

Stuff White People Like is a blog that describes all of the quirky things that white people like. I know you are thinking, duh, that is the title of the blog, I got that. I find myself realizing with each new topic that myself and all of my friends are precisely described by these posts. My favorite posts include:

Multilingual Children
As white people age, they start to feel more and more angry with their parents for raising them in a monolingual home. At some point in their lives, most white people attempt to learn a second language and are generally unable to get past ordering in a restaurant or over-pronouncing a few key words. This failure is not attributed to their lack of effort, but rather their parents who didn’t teach them a new language during their formative years.

Musical Comedy
It’s a pretty good idea because when you have jokes that aren’t that great and music that isn’t that great, you can mix them together and create something that will entertain white people.

Bottles of Water

The leading edge of white people have started to use sturdier, refillable bottles. But do not assume this is from the tap. Most white people need to run their water through some sort of filter (Brita or PUR) before they put it into their bottle. This allows them to feel good about using a refillable bottle, but it also makes it more complicated, which they also like.

Oscar Parties
Attire is very important as well. Either dress in an fancy suit / gown or wear something that relates to one of the films nominated for Best Picture. So for the 2008 Oscar Party it might be best to put a pillow under your shirt and come as a pregnant teenager in tribute to Juno (by no means should anyone bring an actual pregnant teenager).

Study Abroad
By attending school in another country, white people are technically living in another country. This is important as it gives them the opportunity to insert that fact into any sentence they please. “When I used to live in [insert country], I would always ride the train to school. The people I’d see were inspiring.”

I am going to have to stop listing my favorites now because I think I will never stop otherwise. Let me know if you find any other gems hidden in the previous 60 posts!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Daily Candy seriously sent me an email about this today. You would think that it is April Fools day or something. This is something straight out of the Jetsons, and that model and her outfit aren't helping the whole thing feel very modern. I just can't see this catching on around the world. I kind of want one just to wear it around campus and see how everyone stares. Own it for only $59.99

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo Break

Ugh. I have been reading "The Crossing" for almost 5 hours now, and I am only about halfway through. I must continue trudging forwards, I am supposed to be able to stand up in front of my annoyingly brilliant class and pretend like I have some idea of what I am speaking about. I have lately been attempting to not do my homework on Sunday, but I still have a presentation to prepare, an article review to write, 45 pages to read for Brit Lit, and I have to attempt to finish Henry V for Shakespeare. Top that all of with the 2 midterms I have within the next week and call it good.

To keep myself from spontaneously combustion due to lack of relaxation in life, I like to take breaks and check out what my favorite photographers have been posting lately. Here is a little eye candy that I have been enjoying.

Blogger will NOT let me load these photos directly, so you are going to have to click and load. So sorry! But I tried to pick extra gorgeous pictures to make it worth the effort.


Johnathan Canlas

Lindsay Jane

Art of Love

Marisa Holmes Photography

Dan Cripps Photography

Anne Ruthman Photography

Tag, You're It!

It has been a long time since I filled out one of these, thanks for tagging me Tina!

  1. What is your occupation?
    Student and caterer

  2. What color are your socks right now?
    White, I only own white and black. And one pair of sparkly red.

  3. What are you listening to right now?
    I am watching a skit at my work meeting. Or pretending to watch while I fill this out.

  4. What was the last thing that you ate?
    The cheesy egg muffin that I make and eat every morning.

  5. Can you drive a stick shift?
    My little car Abbie is a stick shift. I love her.

  6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
    Black. Everything looks better in black.

  7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
    That Boy.

  8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
    I like her blog. And because of this I think I like her.

  9. Favorite drink?
    Fat free milk. Dasani water. Smart water.

  10. What is your favorite sport to watch?
    None. Didn't even watch a second of the super bowl this year. Not even the commercials.

  11. Have you ever dyed your hair?
    I just dyed it back to it's natural color a few weeks ago (at least my best guess at what the natural color is).

  12. Pets
    I would like a snake. No pets in college though.

  13. Favorite food?
    Homemade popcorn. Yummmmm. With lots of "I cant Beleive It's Not Butter" spray.

  14. Last movie you watched?
    Big Fish

  15. Favorite Day of the Year?
    My birthday. It's MY day, how could it not be my favorite?

  16. What do you do to vent anger?
    I breathe really quickly and loudly. And clench my teeth. And sometimes I cry.

  17. What was your favorite toy as a child?
    This dollhouse that my sister and I had. We could squeeze ourselves through the door of the house, I think that was the reason why we loved it.

  18. Which is your favorite, fall or spring?
    Spring. School is ending, my birthday is happening. Good times all around.

  19. Hugs or kisses?
    Kisses. Can't get enough of them.

  20. What kind of pie?
    Cheesecake. Is cheesecake pie or cake?

  21. Living arrangements?
    I am known as "the girl in the basement", roommate to 3 amazing girls that I have lived with through my entire college career.

  22. When was the last time you cried?
    While I watched Big Fish. I just love that last scene between the father and son.

  23. What is on the floor of your closet?
    My boots. And an old gym bag (that I never use because I don't go to the gym).

  24. Favorite smell?
    That Boy, with gardenia's coming in a close second.

  25. What inspires you?
    Movies with a message that makes me want to be better, books that I can only begin to understand, and the gospel.

  26. What are you afraid of?

  27. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
    So much cheese.

  28. Favorite Car?
    I love my car. I am not a car person though.

  29. Favorite cat breed?
    Anything but this.

  30. Number of keys on your key ring?

  31. How many years at your current job?
    4th year as a student.

  32. Favorite day of the week?

  33. How many states have you lived in?
    Washington and Utah.

  34. How many countries have you been to?
    4. USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom. I hope Poland gets added to that list this year!
I am going to tag Amber, Breinne, Lindsay, Giovanni and Jessica, Tyler, Megan, and Shaylene.

Friday, February 22, 2008

How To Care For Your Baby

Dooce posted something amazing today. I am really prepared to be a parent now. Go here to learn a valuable lesson for yourself.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fluid Effect

I love websites like this. A photography company that deals in photo manipulation and composition. I think that "normal people" love to see what celebs really look like. It includes some "Before and After" shots for celebs like Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, and Christina Aguilera. They can do some pretty phenomenal stuff in Photoshop. Like CREATING AN ARM for Tom Cruise. I can't stop clicking on the before shot for that picture. Ashanti is apparently just GORGEOUS in real life, but I think it's funny that they focused so much attention on her hand. Like smoothing out those 2 minuscule veins that have absolutely no effect on the picture.

Click on Portfolio, then agree, then composite/manipulation, and for each picture click and hold the word BEFORE. Enjoy!

Let me know which one was your favorite. And if you know of any other sites like this, please leave me the link!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Grand Finale

Let's fast forward to the end of the night. You said your vows, kissed as man and wife, threw the bouquet, shoved caked in each other's faces, and collected more gifts then you know what to do with. You only have one thing left to do before you are whisked away to your romantic (and expensive?) hotel room.

As fun as a secret escape can be.....

There are so many creative and fun ways to make your escape, if you can spare a few dollars to pick up or create a few props, you and your guests can really enjoy saying goodnight to your night!

I am a huge fan of creating paper cones, and then stuffing inside all kinds of different fillings.

If you like the smell of lavender, dried lavender is wonderful, and it is a biodegradable option that you won't have to sweep up later. Dried lavender is available here.

Freeze dried rose petals are becoming very popular. They don't wilt, so you can order them relatively far in advance, and you can even choose to have a scent added back to them after they are dried. Plus they look really pretty floating through the air, and littering the ground after they are thrown.

Paper confetti is a no-no. Most buildings probably don't want you to litter right outside of their doors, and you KNOW that no one is going to clean it up. But you might still want an inexpensive option that looks like the picture above (because that looks fun to me too). Ecofetti is the answer! Every color imaginable available for your throwing pleasure and for a great prince if you are willing to do the research to find it.

A lightly dangerous option (but I think the prettiest for the pictures) are sparklers. Make sure you check to find out if sparklers are allowed on the premises. Don't give them to really small children. And if you have a highly flammable careful :)

If you really want a fiery send-off that will be remembered....

As for throwing rice, no birds are going to explode, I promise. Mostly you shouldn't throw it because people could slip and fall down. Plus I would imagine it could really hurt. Also, the cleanup is once again an issue. But it's really really cheap, so....

Has anyone been to any weddings where the bride and groom made a fantastic exit that you would recommend?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Red Roses

I am still mourning the loss of my beautiful beautiful camera. You better believe that once I finally have an income once again, Pia II is going to be the first purchase that I make. Looks like I am going to need a REALLY good income this summer. Luckily I still have a camera, and it gets the job done (although not nearly as beautifully).

I know they are cliche, and I usually hate things that everyone else does, but flowers make me so happy. That Boy knows this, and does such a good job of making me smile. I love the red vase that these flowers came in.

Dresses for Jenna (Sadly, this Jenna isn't me)

This has been circling around all of the wedding blogs and I thought it made for a breezy little Sunday afternoon post. Jenna Bush is getting married (yeah, like the President's daughter) and Style Scoop posted some dress options. Apparently Women's Wear Daily decided to ask 12 different designers what they would design if they could be the one to create the dress.

1. Vera Wang

2. J. Mendel

3. Arnold Scaasi

4. Carlos Miele

5. Amsale

6. Carmen Marc Valvo

7. Angel Sanchez

8. Badgley Mischka

9. Nicole Miller

10. Lela Rose

11. Marc Bouwer

12. Oscar de la Renta

I think I like Vera Wang's the best. It kind of reminds me of the dress that Christian and Chris designed together for the "On Garde" challenge on Project Runway. Take away that giant shoulder eruption she is fighting against, and it looks pretty dang similar. And I like it.

Which is your favorite?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stephanie James Couture

Sometimes when I am feeling particularly fanciful and letting my mine wander towards my absolute dream wedding (you know, the kind you would create if you didn't have a budget), I begin to think about the black&white 40's/50's inspired gala I would throw, complete with white-gloved servers passing around tray's of deliciousness during a "mormon cocktail hour", a 6-course formal dinner, and dancing on a hardwood floor with our monogram displayed on it in black and white lighting to end the night (and don't forget the fireworks!). If this event were to occur, I would wear 2 dresses. One for the beginning of the night, and one for the end.

The second dress would come straight from the Stephanie James Couture collection, and it would be accessorized with one of her birdcage veils and kid gloves. Stephanie was a photographer who got engaged and decided to make her own wedding dress. Here is what she created for her own wedding:

She got so many compliments on her work that she decided to go into dress making full time! I think her designs are so timeless. I will be keeping these in mind when I begin my own dress hunting.

This one is made in a floor length version as well. I absolutely adore the silhouette.

Look at the draping over the bust on this one. I love her attention to detail.

I have a new obsession with pleats So crisp and clean.

I would love to shop in her store. Not only is the store adorable, but she tries to form a relationships with the brides who buy her dresses, even encouraging them to send in pictures from the wedding. The bride below looks so quirky and cute.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do It Etsy

I have been thinking about this post for awhile, because even though I only have a few readers I think that some of them would really enjoy learning about one of the best sites on the web. Really, one of the best, out of the 300 billion available. Etsy is essentially an online marketplace for anything handmade. You can buy anything on this site! Even wedding dresses! I took a few minutes to browse and find some things that I liked to give you a glimpse of how amazing it is. Believe me, this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface in terms of what you can find on this site.

If you see something you like, please click on the photo to be taken to the sellers shop.

I started off by searching through shops in Utah.

bexcaliber has a substantial collection of really cute graphic pillow cases. This one will run you $15.
I love The Scarlet Letter and I am kind of obsessed with this necklace. If I wasn't trying to live on "The Budget" I might have charged it to my card already. 20 little dollars for this one.
I might just like this one because of the photography! A good photo makes everything look better! So pretty with the orange fire you can see inside of it. $36.
Vinyl stick-on's for walls may be one of the greatest inventions I have ever heard of. Kind of makes me want to declutter my room and invest in one of these. My future home is going to involve a blank wall with something like this on it someday. $25 and so easy to use!

This was only a glimpse of the items to be found in Utah stores. Go to the Etsy homepage and choose the "Shop Local" option and you can search for sellers in your area.

The following are a few of the things I found while browing under the wedding gift giving guide.
nicole creates custom cake toppers! A little shabby-chic for my tastes, but still pretty darn cute. $119. I know a little much. But custom CUSTOM cake topper.
This makes my heart go flip-flop. So rustic and actually quite perfect for my Aunt's house in Idaho. Mostly perfect for my own future house. Made in Bountiful, Utah by KarmelDesign. $35 each. This is so going to be on my registry someday.
I love this ring. Do you think it would be possible to put a diamond in the middle of that somehow? I would take this as my engagement ring. Maybe I will take this as my engagement ring! That Boy would never complain about the $32.00 price tag. I keep scrolling back up to look at it.

And now for a perfect example of why it is necessary to dig a little deeper to find the REALLY good stuff on Etsy.
I am not really sure who would want this for the top of their cake. The squirrel has a tail too. Does this relate to some story I am not aware of? Anyone? $40 for this ridiculousness.

If you find anything fantastic while browsing on Etsy, come back and share it with me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Postsecret Valentines

Here are my favorite secrets from the valentines themed Sunday Postsecret had.

If I were a writer, as in I actually writing things in my spare time (other than blog posts), this is the kind of thing that I would use as inspiration for stories. Why doesn't he she have a ring anymore? Did she leave him? Did she he die? Did he leave her? What kinds of conclusions can you draw from a picture of a hand with 4 words around it?
This one made me smile. In a "this person is so stupid and I can't believe that they are throwing away so much for what sounds like nothing in return" kind of a way. And it also reminds me of why I want to believe in Love. Sometimes I think it's okay to do something because your heart tells you to.
Again, I think there could be a lot of story behind this one. Maybe this person was born with HIV through their mother, maybe they slept around, maybe they were given tainted blood. Both the postcard before this, and this one include a person doing something difficult for others to understand, all in the name of love. Here I think it's noble, and a little bit beautiful too.

I agree. I love him. Jerry Maguire said it best "You complete me."

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me (And I Got No Privacy)

Google is amazingly talented at finding ridiculous ways for me to waste my time. First they show me Google Reader, which provides me with the ability to subscribe to hundreds of blogs, with nary the time to begin to attempt to read them. Their newest endeavor, Google Maps Street View, apparently involves them driving all of the streets in the United States with a 360 degree camera. They have even said that they one day hope to include all of the streets in the ENTIRE WORLD. I am sure this has been around for awhile not, but it is new and exciting to me because I can look at my own apartment! And my boyfriends house! And my school! I can spy on myself!

This is where I live. I drive my car down that little ramp to park. Sometimes it is covered with ice and I become a little bit afraid.
This is where Swayzie lives! Pretty isn't it?

This is where I get off of the bus every day, and where I will be boarding the 9:57 pm bus home in exactly 2 hours. I never miss this bus. Although sometimes I have to run for it, which is sadly, very nerdy, but often necessary.
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