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Another email excerpt

I keep including these because its easier to let you know whats going on through the emails that I send than when I try to write up a post.

Ifrom you. I loved getting own letter this time, not a mass email, which is always so much nicer. Tonight I was carving pumpkins with my friend Katie Shirley (now Katie Apker, but I hate calling her by her new last name) and I attached my finished project. Pretty much the only time that I get crafty during the year is at Halloween, so I am always very proud of my pumpkins. Freshman year I carved a ballerina, and last year I carved Marilyn Monroe and a Witch (not on the same pumpkin, at different times). But those were all done from patterns, and this year I broke out the big guns and came up with my own idea. And as you can tell I am very very proud of it. I think I am going to try carving watermelons next summer.

My life is insane right now. To put it lightly. I don't think I ever told you that I have an 80's club on campus, but I do, and so I spent the week manning a booth on Wednesday and Friday, and then manning my XBOX at Friday Night Live last night. It was really fun, and its fun having a club, but I don't think I realized how much work it would be. More than anything I just wanted to see if I could even get one started. Now I think I want to see how large I can get my member base to be, because there were alot of people who couldn't believe I would do this when I started. I now have 60 "members" but that really means I have had 50 people put their name down on the email list (or else I know them and made them be on the email list)

Next week I am in charge of the Baby Pageant that BYUSA puts on during Homecoming, and it is such a huge mess. We hardly have anyone signed up, and I am thinking that tomorrow or Monday I am going to have to go through Wymount and Wyview and knock individually on peoples doors and ask them to sign up. I love doing this, but sometimes its so frustrating working with volunteers because I have had so many people fall through on their responsibilities. But I just have to remember that maybe this isn't as important to them as it is to me, and maybe they are as busy as I am, something I usually find highly unlikely. Oh now I am just being mean.

I am in danger of failing my Italian class again, and it is really starting to stress me out. I sometimes wonder if things would be better if I took some time off from school or something, I don't know. My sister informed me today that she thinks I am going to be married soon, because of the things that my Patriarchal blessing talked about. LOL I told her that I was just about as far from marriage as a person can get.

Catering is awesome, and their is chance that I will be promoted next week. They are really overbooked as far as banquets all of the time, and right now they are desperate for captains right during the times that I am available. I am a little nervous about the idea of being promoted, its a big responsibility, but it is something that I have wanted for awhile now. I know I would make a really good captain though. Catering has over 40 banquets scheduled for next Friday during Homecoming, and I don't know how we are going to get it all done. I have heard rumors about members of the First Presidency coming during that Football game, and I am hoping they are true, because otherwise I guess they come during the Thanksgiving football game and I think I am going to go home for that one. I served the First Presidency a few weeks ago though, and when I served President Monson's table he shook my name and asked me my name and where I was from. It was amazing to be in the presence of someone like that. Yes, catering does have its perks, other than the free food of course.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dear Silent Observer

I have yet to implement the wall of shame idea, but I personally have been doing the 10 minutes of cleaning a day and it works wonders for me. I do it because I know that when that 10th minute is up that I can stop, no matter what. Even if I am in the middle of washing the dishes and I have 3 dishes left, I can walk away because I have done my 10 minutes. Instead of looking at it as some daunting task, I have turned it into some essential like brushing my teeth every day. Thanks for this suggestions. After I have tried it out for myself a few weeks I will suggest it too my roommates, I know that if we each did 10 minutes our apartment would be sparkling all of the time. Now I have no more guilt about not doing my part around the house. You have made a huge difference for me.

Readers (if there are any of you), I will be updating shortly about the banquet I served with 5 of the Quorum of the 12 and the First Presidency present.

Monday, September 19, 2005

My Catering Bonus

Tommorow I am going to be in the same room as Gordon B. Hinckley. And we are not talking the Mariott center here. I got a spot serving on the banquet that the First Presidency will be at tommorow. 150 people will be in that room and I will be one of them. And I am not going to FHE. How does that work? But I am planning on putting in a good hour or two reading my scriptures tonight. Expect a full update soon.

By the way, I have been working in the President's Loge for catering at the football games and so far I have served Elder Oaks some Ham, and Elder Perry asked me where I am from last week. I love this job!

Sunday, September 18, 2005


My friend Brad introduced my apartment to a new song tonight. It's on repeat and I can't stop. Do relationships like this still exist?

Question by Old 97's
She woke from a dream
Her head was on fire
Why was he so nervous?
He took her to the park
She crossed her arms
And lowered her eyelids

Someday, somebody's gonna ask you
A question that you should say "yes" to
Once in your life
Baby, tonight I've got a question for you

She'd had no idea
And started to cry
She said "in a good way"
He took her by the hand
Walked her back home
And they took the long way

Someday, somebody's gonna ask you
The question that you should say "yes" to
Once in your life
Maybe tonight I've got a question for you

I've got a question for you...
Discuss amongst yourselves.........

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I've seen better days

This is from an email that I sent to my parents tonight it's been a tough week for me

I really should be doing my Italiano Compiti (italian homework) but I am so frustrated that I am afraid I will waste my time at the library by mulling things over and over. Hopefully I can write this to you as a way to vent, and then focus on "getting 'er done" as the cowboys in Texas say.

I yelled at one of my roommates, Benita, today because I was annoyed with her. We sat down and had a roommate meeting a few weeks ago and tried to work out some plans for things like doing the dishes, and who gets to park in our assigned parking spots. So last week Megan left on Wednesday and asked me to trade her my spot for hers (so I would park in her spot that week, and she would park in mine for this week), and I didnt really want to but I said yes anyways. Well we discovered that you can park in the spot between our spots, and so when I came home and saw that it was open I parked inside of their, leaving the other 3 spots open for everyone else. Everyone else parked their cars in our assigned spots, and I left mine in the other for the entire week (which by the way, is something we have always talked about, but nobody has ever done). So Megan got home on Sunday, and on Monday night I moved my car to go grocery shopping. I figured since it had been so long since I had parked in one of our spots, and it was late at night, and there were no free spots, it would probably be okay for me to park in one of our assigned spots? Considering the fact that this would be the 3rd week in a row that Benita had been parking in our assigned spots, and Megan didn't leave and vacate her spot until Wednesday last week.

So I come down to the living room to go to the library with Heather and I am greeted by Benita who lets me know that I parked in her spot this week. I was frustrated that nobody has seemed to recognize what I had done the week before, and so I told her that maybe since she parked in our assigned spot all last week that she could park in some free spaces this week. Well that didn't go over so well, since that wasn't what was on the board. Now that I am telling you this story, I am annoyed with Megan as well because she should have the good sense to realize that she should park in a free space until tommorow. It's all so stupid, but these are the kind of things that will drive us all crazy. And I get annoyed if I am the only one who is trying to make sacrifices like that.

You are probably laughing at me right now, and I was hoping that this would all be theraputic, but I am only getting more annoyed. I am just a little stressed about this coming week and all of the things I have scheduled for myself. I have to stop doing this, but I don't. And I don't know why. And I am frustrated because I should have done the dishes, but I didn't so Heather did, and now I feel bad because she always does. But I figure, why should I be the one to break down and do them? I don want to be the nice person all of the time, let someone else take responsibility for themselves. We tried to work out a system for the dishes, but it sucks and it isnt working at all, and Heather just ends up doing them all the time because she is too nice like that. I was the only one who wanted to assign days, everyone else was afraid to do that because that would mean taking responsibility. So instead we decided to the same old system, just put your dishes in the dishwasher right after you use them. The problem with that is, that nobody ever unloads the dishwasher so it never is empty. Oh its such a mess, and I am frustrated because I don't know how to make things change. I need to try harder to do my part, but I am not going to take over everyone elses load as well. Maybe it would have been better to come and live at home during the Summer, I am tired of having roommates right now. I so am not ready to get married..........

I have been having headaches alot lately, at least one every night, and today I missed two classes because my head was pulsing and I was so worn out I couldn't even focus and I came home and went to bed and slept for 4 hours. So now I still have a headache, and I feel like I am behind in my classes. I have missed both of my "free" days for English already. Mom, I really want to take that hormone test, because I can't do this anymore, but I need to call you and get your help in figuring out the paperwork because there is alot of it that I don't understand. If I fill out the paperwork before I send it off, then I know I will be able to put it right in the mail. I need to buy more Prozac too, I have been out of it for 2 weeks, and I am really starting to feel the difference. And my IC has really been flaring up, not so much with pain, but with incontinence and it makes me feel like an old stupid person and I hate it.

My head has been hurting so bad, and I have been so tired at night that I have been going to bed without reading my scriptures and now I am so behind. I just have to focus on how good I feel when I am reading and doing things that I need too, Heavenly Father really helped me out while I was.

This email hasn't been too happy, I am sorry that I don't have more good news to share with you. I really need to go talk to the scheduler about working with that girl Mom, I am scheduled with her again on next Friday. Yuck. But maybe I am supposed to be learning a lesson from this. Today in my leadership class we talked about making a good leader, and it was interesting how many things I could come up with by thinking about the things that this captain does (and how they are the wrong things to do), and how she needed to be doing exactly the opposite.

I used my tips to buy some new shoes for work. They were really really expensive, but I am ending my shifts by limping around, and sometimes after a long day I can't fall asleep because my feet ache so bad they are just throbbing. So I figured it was worth it. You can check them out here. http://store.nordstrom.com/product/product_brandboutique.asp?styleid=2873370&boutique=dansko&category=2376778~2372811~2376403~2376404~2376405&NextStyleID=2873368&PrevStyleID=2873246
They fit like nothing that I have ever worn before. It feels like Dansko measured my feet and made shoes that fit me exactly. It was a wonderful, and it makes me happy just thinking about it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I started wearing this sleep mask earlier this year and now I have a hard time sleeping without it. I told someone once that is helped me keep my eyes closed and they laughed at me. I dont think they really understood.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today in Italian class there was a buzzing noise in the back of the room and while we were whispering about it our teacher stopped to ask what was wrong. I mixed up the words noiso (boring) and rumore (noise) and accidentally said "che e noise". Essentially telling her "that is boring". She looked at me strangely, and then smiled and said, yes "rumore", "E rumore". It took me about five minutes before I realized what I had just said. I turned to the girl next to me and asked her "noiso means boring doesn't it?". She laughed and said yes.

Just another day in the life of Jenna.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dane was looking for ladies in the WSC when he stopped by my 80's club booth. He is very available.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Time for me to start up on this dreaded homework again. I did start doing some of the assignments this summer though and that was one of the best choices I have ever made. I am retaking my Italian right now because I didnt do so well in class before and yesterday I was the smartest person in class! One girl even asked me for my phone number and said she wanted to study with me. I love this!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just Like a Movie

Remember the boy from this post? The one who is going to China? Well I have news.

He came over Sunday for the last time and we played our favorite game "Bust A Move".

After the Xbox marathon we decided to head over to Del Taco, and I got a milkshake. We came back and played the 20 questions game (thanks for letting me have that Mom and Dad!)

My roommates came home and we all moved to the living room where Ben proceeded to fall asleep on the luv sack. My roommates all conveniently left (maybe it was a little bit arranged) and Ben told me he had to go. I stood up and we hugged, a sad-never-see-you-again kind of hug. He knocked on Benita's door and told her goodbye, and knocked on Heather's door and hugged her goodbye. I walked him to the door and we hugged again, and he got my email address and left.

I walked over to Heather's door and told her that I couldn't do it, I couldn't kiss him. All of the sudden Heather is pushing me out the door and telling me that I have to go after him. I am so scared that I am almost crying, but somehow I do it.

I ran down the stairs and heard his car door slam as I stepped off the last step. He was backing up his car and so I yelled

"Ben wait...."

I walked up to his open car window, looked inside and smiled, reached my arm in and pulled him too me and kissed him. A long beautiful perfect kiss, that still makes me smile every time I think about it.

I pulled away and told him I would miss him. "I'll miss you too".

We ended with something stupid like "I'll email you." and he drove away.

Now I miss him more than ever. 9 months is a long time.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I think that my doctor forgot about the appointment that I had with her. When she misses her appointment with me do I get to charge her a $15 rescheduling fee?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Living it up in RC right now. Slept in until 1. What a life.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

My past three days have been spent babysitting. Lots of dress up and playing pretend and solving major problems. You know problems like how she wants the slinky and he wont give it to her. I dont know if I can handle much more of this. How am I ever going to have kids of my own?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Installment #1

Hello Everyone! What I am about to do kind of makes me regret ever telling people I know about this blog, since I hear from random people who told me they read my blog. But this is something that has been bouncing around inside my head for awhile and its time to get over my fears and do it.

I am going to try to write a novel. I know it sounds crazy and even as I type the words I am tempted to hit the backspace bar and start all over. Actually I am tempted to just hit the x in the upper right hand corner and close down this entire screen. But I am not going to. On the basis that I only know some of you through the internet (and those of you who do know me in real life are not usually people I am constant contact with, I don't think), I am going to publish installments here for the world to see.

Why am I doing this? Well other than an obvious attempt to reveal a few things about myself, I am going to cross my fingers that some people will be willing to give me some friendly advice. Not only spelling checks but plot & character development, names, places, events. You get the idea.

This attempt is inspired by the things that are happening in my own life, things that I am going through. Mainly repentance, making changes for the better. I do want you to know that I am basing this on my life, this is not me. This is a fictional character that I have invented and placed in a context in an attempt to communicate some thoughts and feelings I have been working through. Maybe I will regret this, who knows.

All I ask is that you respect me for what I am trying to do.

So here it is. Installment #1. No title as of yet.

Jaeda'’s screen glowed brightly in her room around her as she clicked through the internet sites late that night. She had a habit of prolonging sleep late into the night by browsing the web. It wasn'’t that she didn't like sleeping, but it always took her awhile to get there. She shuddered as she remembered the stories her high school teacher had told her about waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to move. She knew that if something like that happened to her she would never get into bed at all.

She glanced over at her roommate who was sleeping peacefully next to her. Reese always managed to get herself into bed before the clock struck midnight and wouldn'’t wake if Jaeda turned up the music and danced around the room in her underwear. She work a furry pink sleep mask, along with earplugs, and slept seven straight hours no matter what. Reese's roommates all laughed at her for being so strict about her bedtime rituals, but she was a good student and keeping her full ride scholarship was the most important part of her life right now.

Jaeda'’s attention turned back to the screen as she saw a glowing red box blinking against a white screen. She squinted a little as she read the bold black words.

Warning: Adult Content

Must be 18 or older to continue

Click to Continue

A curiosity that had always been present suddenly exploded in her mind. She had always wondered about what sites like these contained, what could be the harm of just glancing inside?

It'’s probably just full of naked girls, and since I am a girl it isnÂ't really bad for me,"” She thought quickly “I can understand why it would be so forbidden for men but it'’s not like I will want to come back and see it again. Her mouse moved hesitantly as it traced a path towards the words click to continue. In one smooth movement her index finger pressed down and it was less than a second before it hit her. An explosion of color, sound, and images hit her all at once. She had a hard time taking it in at first, and laughed out loud as she realized her own reaction. She scanned the left side of the screen taking in all of the different options she had to choose from. She chose one, telling herself that she would only take a quick look, and turned her screen a little more towards herself, away from the view of her sleeping roommate and the door.


My sister is staying with me this week while she is at Volleyball camp. It's fun having her living out of my room, but look at what she has done to it! It's hard enough keeping my room clean by myself, but having two of us up here is quite the disaster. Plus it gets about 10 degrees hotter at night with two girls sleeping up here. My ward met her yesterday and nobody believes that she is only 16. Can you believe it? She is absolutely gorgeous. My dad has his work cut out for him, luckily he has that Andersen scowl.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Here I am with my new blonde hair!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Could this be love

So I think I have fallen for this boy in my ward. His name is Ben, and I say that completely without being worried because I am 99.9% positive that he will never read this or know anything about this blog.

I had been back and forth about whether I was intersted or not for awhile (I tend to be that way about boys), but then on Saturday night after we went to Vermillion Skies together (alone) he asked for a hug when we came back from the cafe. It was just so out of the ordinary (and I have issues with hugging anyways, a topic for another post another day), that it jolted me right into liking him. For some reason that hug was irresistible to me, and now I can't stop thinking about him. We semi-cuddled on the couch on Sunday night, I am pretty sure he made an effort to sit closer to me than he normally would have. I just get so scared that I am blowing things out of proportion in an attempt to be hopeful.

There are four problems that I am running into.

1-I don't know how to show him that I am intersted without being pushy. I try to invite him to do things with me, text him every once in awhile, be extra flirty. I can be pretty brave when I flirt sometimes, and have even told him that I liked him, but done it in such a way that I am sure he thought I was just joking.

2-He is going to China on the 18th of August. He doesn't know how long he is going to be gone. Basically if he is interested in something happening it is just going to be a 2 week fling. Because I am going to be gone for 2 weeks out of this next month.

3-He has no trouble talking about other girls in front of me. I can understand that you can be interested in several people at once, and that we are pretty good friends by now. But if I like someone, I make an effort not to talk about other members of the opposite sex that I might be interested in in front of them.

4-He drives me crazy. You would have to know him to know what I mean. My roommate Benita knows. He is a little bit of a poser. A wannabe. He tries to hard sometimes. But for some reason it is slightly endearing, the things that he does that would usually drive me crazy seem to make him that much more alluring.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

We had our big stake campout this weekend. I didnt get lucky, and despite my best efforts I didnt make a whole bunch of new friends but it was still worth going too. The mountains were beautiful this morning but I am still not sure that it was worth getting up for.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Shoutout to Keestan

Hello Keestan! Thanks for visiting my site. Isn't this a cute picture of you at our Family Reunion last year? If you want to you can add a comment at the bottom.

The $100 air conditioner that I bought for my room. When I plugged it in this room was 95 degrees and now it is hovering around 78. Much much better

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Re: Spammers

Susan-I don't care about the PPV alert. I don't know what a "Chlld" is. Rena, the same goes for you. (Although I do like your name)
Juliana-don't you know how to spell Blockbuster?
luis bradley-I am not buying the "unbelievable income project". You were too lazy to write out the money, you just used the $ symbol. Tsk tsk.
Della Montoya-Please explain to me why you used a period in the middle of the word bud.get? Does that have any kind of special connotation that I don't know about?
Sean Bledsoe-"Fw: Softwa_re by the original manufa cturer at generic pri -ces." I don't get it.
Swawn Gregg-Yes the "Re: Account# 1757K" trick again. You have tried to sneak that one by me before you sly devil. Well it didn't work then and it won't work now.
And last of all, the chinese people. Or maybe its Japanese. You see, I know so little about your language that I can't even tell the difference. So all the time spent in those very personal emails you are sending to me seem to be a waste. Best of luck to you.

The damage to my car after I rear ended someone 3 weeks ago

Monday, July 04, 2005

SOF means Stadium of Fire

I have decided to make Zuchinni bread this week. Stop laughing. If you stop laughing right now I will let you have a piece.

I need to get out more

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

Expect a post about my week of Stadium of Fire to follow shortly. I am just too tired to work on it right now.

A little taste of the fireworks! I hope to mobile blog a lot from now on.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Follow Ups to Previos Post

First response-Nurse, who thinks I went overboard
Second response-Girl who appreciates my response
Third response-Reply to the nurses response, that thin and fit don't have to go hand in hand

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The question was submitted to the board. They answered it. Someone even wrote in and went into more detail for her. I felt like none of the answers so far were good enough. So I wrote in my own, we will see if it gets published (or how much of it).

Original Question
Dear 100 Hour Board,

I need to lose weight. I'm 24 and I weigh 175 lbs---and I'm a girl. I don't think that the goal of losing 35 lbs is too lofty. That would put me down at a healthy (and yet still hefty) 140 lbs. So I've started to make positive diet changes (not fad diet---but just good, responsible eating choices). I've also started to exercise.

My question concerns the intensity of my workout. When I choose the "Fat Burn" option on the elliptical machine, it says that I need to maintain a low heart rate---only 127. To tell the truth, it's hard for me to keep it that low. The first time I worked out, when I wasn't concentrating on going slow, my heart rate would get up to about 170. Then I'd have to force myself to go slower again.

Now I know that I've heard that for losing weight, you want to keep the workout at a fairly low intensity, but why is that? Don't I burn more calories when I go faster? Do I really have to exercise at such a low intensity if I want to burn fat?

- Phatty McPhatt
My reply

Phatty McPhatt (and I won’t call you dear),
I was so infuriated by your name and some of the comments that you made in your question that it took me a few days to cool down enough to send this in to you. I took some time to look up a few statistics for you. I will give you those and then let you know what got me worked up so badly.

* The average American woman is 5'4" tall and weighs 140 pounds.
* The average American model is 5'11" tall and weighs 117 pounds.
* Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of American women.
* Four out of five American women say they're dissatisfied with the way they look.
* On any given day, almost half of the women in the United States are on a diet.
* Almost half of American children between first and third grades say they want to be thinner.
* Americans spend over forty billion dollars a year on dieting and diet related products.
* Between five and ten million women and girls in the United States struggle with eating disorders and borderline conditions.
* One million boys and men struggle with eating disorders and borderline conditions.
* The number of people with eating disorders and borderline conditions is triple the

Sources: Crowther et al., 1992; Fairburn et al., 1993; Gordon, 1990; Hoek, 1995; Shisslak et al., 1995., US Department of Health and Human Services, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report 1998, Treatment Advocacy Center, 1999, Smolak, 1996., Mellin et al., 1991., Collins, 1991., Shisslak & Crago, 1995.

So there are the statistics. We are a nation obsessed with models like Kate Moss and Gisele (women who will not even release their weights to the public because they are so painfully thin) The average American woman is 5'4" and 140 pounds. You can’t be much shorter than that, and if you are taller than you will carry around more weight than someone like myself who is only 5’2”.

I was infuriated by your insinuation that 140 lbs is a hefty weight. I graduated from high school at 140 lbs and I was gorgeous. I filled out my clothes and had breasts, and hips, and thighs and I look back at those days and envy what I was before I came to college and stopped being so active and hit the 185 lb mark that I am at now. Yes, 140 lbs is hefty, for a 10 year old. For a 25 year old WOMAN 140 lbs is beautiful. You will have hips for bearing children, and breasts for providing life for them. You will fit into your clothes how they were meant to look, and the men around you will appreciate you for the beautiful daughter of God that you are.

How much do you know about Marily Monroe? Did you know she was 5 feet 5 ½ inches and weight 140 lbs? Pretty average I would say, and yet she was the sex symbol for an entire generation. Maybe even more than that. In 1999, Marilyn was voted the 'Sexiest Woman of the Century' by People Magazine.

I am not sure where you are basing the assumptions that 140 pounds is “hefty” (my best guess would be from the monster that we call the media), but I suggest you check out the article found at http://medialit.med.sc.edu/pre.... Also, look at the page found at http://homepage.mac.com/gapoda... (Caution, woman in a bikini is pictured, so do not visit of this will be offensive to you). They took an absolutely gorgeous woman and destroyed her. All in attempt to make her look perfect. They fixed her belly-button for Heaven’s sakes. What could possibly have been wrong with her natural belly button?

And yet after all of this you made the biggest mistake of all. Your name. Phatty McPhatt. Maybe it was meant as a joke. It wasn’t funny. I weigh 5 lbs more than you do, and every day I fight the urge to hate myself. I fight the urge to call myself names (Fat, ugly, un-loved, you name it) and hate my body, instead of respecting the beautiful temple that our Father in Heaven has provided me with. I can run, and jump, and spin in circles. I can laugh, joke, cry, and climb up to the Y if I so fancy.

So maybe Elle and Marie Clair won’t be approaching me for cover shoots any time soon. But even if they did, I would tell them no. Because I don’t need that. Phatty, I hope that you will seriously consider your attitude about yourself and what is normal and right for you. Someday you will have daughters of your own, and I hope that you can help them to proud of themselves and their strong beautiful bodies as well. No matter what size they are.

Please also see sites- Adiosbarbie.com and about-face.org

Sincerely (very sincerely),

One who believes in the power and beauty of a real woman

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Italy is Out

It's over folks. I was dropped from the study abroad program over a week ago. Maybe next time (if there is such a thing for me).

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Excerpt from letter to Heather

I worked catering tonight and I am so happy because I think I have an in with 2 of the captains. Tonight 2 of them told me that they really liked me and thought I was a hard worker, and Candice (one of the captains) even told me that she wrote some good things about me on my evaluation. I think if I go in and talk to Aubrie and Robyn (who is an event coordinator) my chances of being able to work when I come back will be greater. I really like working there and I hope I can do it when I come back in Winter. I really want to work as a captain though because you know how I love to have power.

So today I rode my bike to school for the first time because I thought that would be a good idea, which it was on the way to class because it was fun and I was going downhill and everything was right until I was turning up the little path in between the MOA and the HFAC and another biker was coming and you know how when you first start biking again you are really unsure of yourself (like how I hate to stop at intersections because I am always afraid I won't be able to get my bike going again and the people in the cars will laugh at me, and how when I was crossing this morning I tried to get on my bike but it wasn't happening fast enough so I got back off and just walked it across the street?) So anyways we were both coming and he was coming from the south and I from the north and I cut the corner too close and scraped up my leg SOOO bad. It was black for awhile and even bled. I actually ran into the cement corner so hard that I must have cried out (I had headphones on) and the 2 girls behind me turned around and looked at me to make sure I was okay. The other biker gave me a weird look and I am sure thought I was crazy.

So then at the end of class after I had run all of my errands and stuff I went back and got on my bike and my backpack was so heavy and I am so out of shape that I made it to Heritage Halls and then I pretty much WALKED all of the way back up to my house. It was humiliating because I am sure that everyone thought A. she can't ride her bike or B. she is too out of shape to ride her bike up hill (when it wasn't even a very steep slope you know). But I decided that I am going to make myself ride every day as punishment for letting myself get so out of shape in the first place. Plus it is really nice to ride all the way up to the doors when I have to go to class and the ride there is so fun. Maybe tonight I will empty out my backpack a little bit so it is not quite so heavy and I think I will get a little farther.

Note- I did ride my bike to school today (in the rain even) without hitting any concrete walls! Instead of walking it home though, I decided to ride the bus back and a nice boy taught me how to put my bike on the front of the bus. Yay for nice boys!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

outre de à Paris

I'm going to Paris! It's all I can think about right now, and I am floating on cloud nine. I will be staying in Paris for a week, right after our study abroad gets done. Anyone have any tips for me? Time for me to learn some French as well.

I am a pretty cherry red color right now. 3 hours in the sun by the pool was a little to much today.

I do have to sell my car to go though. Pretty Pretty Bella. I love her. We have had some good times, but the Eiffel tower awaits!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lost on a Sunday Afternoon

Today is Sunday and I feel lost.

I am lying on the grass under a huge pine cone tree (I don't actually know the name of it) on one of the blankets I got at graduation that at one point or another during my Freshman year had holes burnt through it by the ashes of a fire

I keep looking at the sky, which has a perfect blue color. And wondering what it all means.

I didn't go to church today. I don't know why, because when I went to bed last night I had every intention of going. For some reason I just didn't make it.

At least I made it out of bed

I am scared by what this could all mean. Scared because I don't think I have any way of figuring it all out.

I am unhappy and I don't know how to fix it. I was at a party last night and I felt myself opening up to that happy feeling for a few minutes.

It was like in some way I had stepped outside of myself and was watching everything from a distant perspective. A boy paid a little extra attention to me, and for a few moments I was in the middle of a flurry of activity, but then it was all gone.

I had a hard week last week, at one point working 30 hours in 3 days. I didn't go to class for three days straight and I am kicking myself for putting myself in such a position that I have to deal with the agony of being unsure again.; I have to keep myself out of this and remember what is important. Italy is important. Second chances are important.

I need someone. I need someone to talk to. I just don't know how to go about doing it.

Monday, May 16, 2005

A new beginning

I really like the flower beds next to the library. Actually I love all of campus in the Spring. It smells wonderful.

I usually try not to post so close together, but today I say screw that. I woke up with a bad attitude today and I am not sure why.

While laying in my bed last night I spent alot of time thinking about my blog and what I wanted it to be. Funny how something so silly sounding as a blog can become so personal. Now that it is Summer again, I feel like I have alot more time to write. I take that back, I do have alot more time to write.

So, I have decided to start a new period in my blogging. Alot of the stuff that I haven't written on here has been very superficial, the kind of things you would expect to see on my to do list, or what I would tell you in passing if you stopped me to ask "what's up".

I had refrained from writing personal stuff, the stuff I was really feeling, because I was afraid of the consequences. Now I am done with that, and I plan on blogging real posts from now on. Things that really mean something to me.

Hence the name "A new beginning" for this post.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

See that girl? That girl is everything I want to be. She is blissfully happy to be where she is. Something that I am waiting for, it elusive, but I think I will get there soon. Something hits me whenever I look at this picture. Something about the way her arms are stretched out, and the way her head is thrown back so carelessly. Nothing about it seems posed, though it is obviously so. I use this photo as a reminder of what can be for me.

Oh, and by the way.

You Belong in Rome

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Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Sometimes Utah is really out of control. Dissecting a dog?

What is going on here?

Teacher says you have been a very very bad boy, go sit in the cooler.

Even little Royal City never had this happen at their school.

Every time I log on to update, I want to tell some great story like many of the other bloggers that I read up on daily. I can't seem to think of anything exciting to write, which I think is probably a problem that plagues most bloggers.

I am not dating.

I don't have a particulary exciting or eventful job. In fact I don't really even have what you would consider a job. Just a temp.

School is Italian, well actually my life is Italian.

I think the reason is that to have something to write about you need to get involved in something. Basically I have no desire to get involved with anything because I am only here for 6 weeks (4 more now), and then I am back home for 2 months. It's hard to get excited about things that are going to last for such a short period of time.

I do plan on using this blog as a way to communicate with those I know back home once I am in Italy.

Until then everything will be subject to randomness.

Acutally I should amend the above comment. There are a few things I wouldn't mind expounding on, but there is always the chance that something I expound on will hurt someone I care about.

Check out Poundy.com. I have been reading her book, and except for the occasional swearing, I am really liking it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Good Old Days

Remember when I used to spend alot of time browsing the net and finding crazy/cool links to post on here? Well tonight is one of those days.

Grant Robinson has two cool sites you should check out.
The first is a photo montage creator, just type in a keyword and it will generate a montage from Google's image search.
The Second is called Guess-the-Google, you have to guess what the keyword was that generated a certain photo montage.
The third is interesting expirement into the World of Stereotypes.
have a fourth link that I will eventually share with you, if it works.
It is supposed to be free ringtones that you create yourself from any
mp3 or mp4 file. More about that one later

It is 2 in the morning and i just woke up an hour ago from a 5-hour "nap". I will probably head back to bed in 2 hours or so. I am listening to the 13 Going on 30 Soundtrack, which I love, but is a big no non since I am trying to only listen to Italian music during the week, weekends I give myself a break. Oh well, what are you going to do?

My roommate is yelling at me for typing too loud. If you hate it get a private room honey.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Netdisaster.com and the Photobloggies

Biting your nails is such a bad habit but I CAN'T STOP! I hate it when I do it

Speaking of hating things, do you have a web site that you hate? Want it to die a slow-burning death? Or have burning hot coffee spilled on it? Or you could have it slowly grow old and moldy. Visit netdisaster.com and see what I mean.

Also, check out the winners of the Photobloggies

I think it's time for me to give my finals run down like all of the other BYU blogger's. They actually went better than expected (not that my grades seem to be any indicatin of that fact)
Italian-passed with a strong D, good news for me and my failing grade
Public Relations-Studied for a few hours, memorized the entire study guide, went in and the test was nothing like what I had studied. I could have walked into the testing center that morning and taken the test with no amount of studying and still recieved the same grade. Pshaw. Didn't like the class anyways.
Student Development-Our Zion's camp presentation, which went well and I got an A on. Ok class that I will never take again. Rather unorganized, and I didn't feel like I got much out of it
Cultural Survey-Got a C on an open book, open note, untimed test. GRRR I probably deserve it for using Wikipedia instead of the stupid book that was reccomended.
Comms 101-I will proudly say, without bragging or conceit (ok maybe with a little bit of bragging) that I spanked this test. 120 questions, took me under 30 minutes, 88.3%, my highest final score of all time. I don't test very well, especially in the JSB or Testing Center where it is always too hot and I always seem to sit next too someone who is crazy or has a cold.

Moved into the Italian house on Saturday. I spent 16 hours moving and packing and cleaning. Our ward gave my apartment the "not getting your deposit back" award for having the dirtiest aparment, and after hours of cleaning the check-out staff said the would agree! Oh well, they promised that I was getting my deposit back, and that is all I care about.

The Italian house is fun, I really like it, even if I am not too excited about dinner every night, solely because half of the time I have no idea what is going on, and when people ask me questions I mostly just reply with "si si" or "no so" (which is yes yes and I don't understand) It is the most extreme expample of getting out of your comfort zone that I can think of (besides living in Italy, which I will be doing in the Fall!)

It's time for me to get back to packing. Cross your fingers for a good GPA for me. Ciao!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I was really sick yesterday. I think it may have been food poisining, my first case ever. I couldnt sleep all night, and then I took some Tylenol PM which is always a bad choice for me. Here was my sleeping patter for the past 2 days.
Thursday night-Friday night= 4 AM-9:30 PM (Pretty muc non-stop)
Friday night-3 AM-2 PM
Wow, now that I have totally thrown my sleeping patterns off I am having a hard time pulling myself together and being productive.

I have been reading through the Singles' Blogward and I have to say I hate people who blog and don't use punctuation. It takes away from the posts, and I just don't even want to read them at all.

I took the "What kind of Mormon are you?" test

Perfect Mormon
7 Orthodoxy, 4 LDS knowledge, 15 Cultural homogeneity
Orthodoxy ranges from (-) anti-, non- and liberal Mormon, to mainstream, conservative, and fundamentalist Mormon (+).
The obedient Latter-day Saint.

Temple recommend in hand, you live the gospel every day. Like a city on a hill, you remember the slogan every member a missionary. You beat your peers in seminary scripture chase, and you look forward to (or fondly remember) your beautiful temple wedding.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 88% on Orthodoxy
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on LDS knowledge
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Homogeneity
Link: The what kind of Mormon are you? Test written by SLC-Mike on Ok Cupid

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tia and Sara were just asking me who I woudl want to out out with this weekend and I realized that there isn't anyone on my list. That is so sad. Katie, who works up in BYUSA with me always has a top 5. I need to devote some time to thinking if I have a top 5 or not.

I just let myself start playing Hexic which is a bad idea because I can never just close out the game, I always have to wait until I lose the game (which takes forever to happen because I am so good at that game LOL)

Babysitting today was so good. The 2 year old was so cute and said the funniest things to me today. He told me he thinks I am nice. I loved that. I am not planning on having kids anytime soon (except for my love child maybe), but when I do I am sure I will think it is all worth it because of the little things like that.

The more I work with kids (which is what I am constantly doing) the more I wonder why I am not going into Elementary Education or Special Ed or something. I just think that Elementary Ed is such a copout major, something that girls go into when they don't have anything else. Like MFHD. Don't even get me started on that major.

I pre-paid my gym membership, which is nice in some ways and pretty much the worst idea ever in others. I don't have to worry about making a payment each month, but on the other hand because I am not reminded about my membership I am constantly throwing my money down the drain when I don't go. I assume that this is something that tons of people struggle with. After working at a gym for so long, I have realized that their is an incredible number of people who pay for memberships and never use them. Xcell had 600+ members and probably around 100 active. I have got to stop throwing my money down the drain.

I am over committed and I hate it. I don't have anything to drop though. Sometimes I am just tempted to move home and give it all up. I am tired of being grown up, but I love it at the same time.

I got back my 360 degree feedback from Student Leadership, and it is nice to see the different ways that I can improve, but in so many ways depressing to see all of the things that people said about me. I want to be a good leader and this only reminded me how far away I am from achieving that. They included that comments that people had verbatim (without names of course) it was an interesting project, something that I will always be able to value, but it's a slap in the face as well.

I am parked in a service only parking spot (I parked there 1/2 an hour before the 4:00 open time). Someone is going to lose an eyeball if I have a ticket.

Mason, from Provo Pulse called me today to see if I wanted to have lunch with him (I couldnt because I was babysitting). It was sweet and I think that we are going to meet next week. My first arranged fellow blogger meeting. I love how nerdy this all seems.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Home sweet home

Ahhh....... to be home. I sleep in until 11, have the house to my self, devour all of the shows that my family has on the PVR. You get the basic idea.

My Comms 235 professor raised an intersting question in class last week. Where do you get the majority of your information about current events? After he asked the question I realized that I get most of my news from other blogs. What do you all think of this? In so many ways it can be dangerous because I am missing out on things that bloggers don't deem worthy of touching on or even that aren't true at all.

Seriously Mason, I love ProvoPulse but the commenting is getting so crazy. I am not going to ever say that I agree with censoring the comments, but could there even be one discussion that doesnt turn into a mud-slinging fight? Nobody escapes the wrath of the anonymous commenters on your site anymore. On the other hand, congragulations on the popularity and success of the site. It is a staple in my daily blog diet.

Mr. Marbles and I are friends on The Facebook. Yay for us.

Junior Miss is this weekend, and I am in Filmmakers heaven. I forgot how much I love taping programs like this, and it will be even more fun once I get back to the bubble to edit. This is going to be the best Junior Miss Video of all time.

If you love your palm as much as I do, you will probably like this blog.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Failing all my classes

I am actually failing my classes I think. Do my parents read this because I don't really want them to know. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I'll pull through. In the meantime does anyone know of a good major at BYU that you don't have to apply for?

I discovered thefacebook.com and I am loving it. Get on there. And then be my friend.

Provopulse is getting out of control. I like all the commenting but I am tired of being attacked any time I write a comment on there.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.

My roommates are all up at Brad's cabin with half of the ward which means I have the apartment to myself. I love it when that happens.

The Talent Showdown was tonight. It was awesome. Don't think I could have done better myself, ok well maybe..................

Elections are over, Adam and Chrissie won. Except for the fact that I think the name Chrissie belongs in the 1970's I am okay with it. I wish them the best of luck and I hope that this is the year that they can convince that Student Body that BYUSA is really worth something. I don't regret my time spent up there, but will I run? I am not sure. Check back with me a year from now.

Something I have been thinking about lately is the need that people seem to have to always be out and doing stuff. Why do we have this inner desire to avoid the things that need to be done? (An indication would be what I am doing right now, I am sure you all know that this isnt the most productive thing I could be doing) My roommates love to be going out every single night and hanging out. I see the social implications of staying home often, but what about the personal implications of neglecting one's responsibilities and needs all the time in the pursuit of "fun" with friends? I would rather stay home a Friday night or two, than spend the rest of the week regretting my time spent playing. When I go out for the night, I want it to be guilt free, knowing that I have crossed off all the things off of my to-do list. (which unforunately, has never happened before, but there is still hope)

Has everyone heard of the Foxytunes extension for iTunes? If you haven't you should get it.

I am thinking about starting up an 80's club. Anyone have any good suggestions for the perfect name for it?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Failed Elections

I know it seems like I can't get off of this topic but I spend enough of my life up there to justify my semi-obsession with BYUSA.

One of my pet peeves is hearing people talk in circles about things. Every year when the BYUSA elections come up people complain because they don't see the point in voting while BYUSA tries ever harder to prove that there is a purpose behind electing a president. Each year voting turnout gets worse and worse.

What is the solution here?

Is the viewpoint in the Daily Universe the answer? I am sure that BYUSA is infuriated with this editorial (they get worked up pretty easily), but I think that their are some very valid points. One day isnt enough time to get to know anyone and what they stand for. Without more information why shoudl anyone care?

People hate the fliers and advertisements for elections but without them how would anyone know the candidates or their names? How would anyone know it was time to vote in the first place?

If people don't like the promises that people are making, what kinds of things are they looking for?

If you are so unsatisfied with the options why don't you make a suggestion, or better yet make an effort to make some changes?

I agree with this article.


BYUSA Elections are on Tuesday? I don't care, and I'd wager (yes, a bet) that over 90 percent of BYU students feel the same way. Information about candidates is available on Monday and since elections are on Tuesday, I have less than 36 hours to conclude who to vote for. Not that it really matters who I vote for because if I vote for candidate A and candidate B wins I can expect the same results.

Next year I can still expect to see BYUSA activities such as Fall Fest, Homecoming, Preference, Battle of the Bands, Friday Night Live, clubs, etc.

In my opinion, BYUSA President is not a position that should be voted on by the student body. The position should be renamed to something more accurate such as BYUSA Director and let the full-time staff conduct interviews to decide who will do the best job. I'd wager (yes, another bet) that we'd have better dances and activities. The elections wouldn't waste our time and BYUSA can be seen for what it really is: a student activities and service committee. All this nonsense about promising to improve student life with radio stations, concerts, closer parking, etc. would be gone and we can move on with our lives. Best of all, we could also be assured not to have stupid signs and pins cluttering up campus anymore.

Nate Bird

Wenatchee, WA

Why did I vote? Because I have been up there. I have seen the problems, and dealt with them, and attempted to solve them. I know the people and how they act, their potential. BYUSA is always looking for more volunteers, so many opportunities to get involved. If you want a reason to vote next year, be proactive about it. Do something to help yourself realize why this could be important and what voting can do for you.

Question of the Day: I need new Athletic shoes, any reccomendations? (I have wide feet and need a little extra room, anyone know any specialized brands?)

Monday, February 28, 2005

Mony Mony

My dating life is frustrating. See my post at Provopulse.

I hate when there are so many things to post about and my brain can't settle down enough to write about anything.

I got a new job. A therapist for an Autistic boy. I love it, I love him, I love his mom, love the whole situation.

Got a ticket today. My fury knows no bounds.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh yes, the weekend

I am off to Boise this weekend for a nice break at my roommates house. Hopefully there is no drama (I would post more details but I don't know who reads this) because I am ready for a nice long weekend.

I got a second job yesterday. I working for a lady cleaning her house and taking care of her kids. She has a little boy named Wilson, and a little girl named Alison. They are probably around 2 and 5 respectively and absolutely adorable. I am going to babysit them on Tuesday, and then I will go back to clean her house on Thursday. I am killing myself with all of the responsibilities I am signing up for but Italy has to become a priority for me.

I was thinking about how I never post funny stories on here. Do I just have a boring life? My roommates and I are so dang funny, I can't figure out why I don't have more clever things to say.

My parents have come around, and it sounds like we are going to stop fighting about Italy and look for some ways to get me there. I have been looking up the possibility of a Europass, has anyone purchased one before? Is it worth the $?

Questions of the day-Best place you have ever vacationed before?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Site Changes

Please notice the site changes. Though they are subtle, they were made during a time that definitely could have been better used studying. Screw that idea. I miss the daily blogging, the hours wasted at Xcell searching all over the 'net for sites to post for my lovely readers. Is anyone else finding that blogger is taking forever to update this site? When I make template changes or write a new post it takes several hours for the changes to go through. Could this be something that I am doing wrong?

I AM GOING TO ITALY! Sorry for the yelling, I despise those who feel the need to write everything that they say in all capitals (as well as those who still have not caught onto the idea of using punctuation, which I think also applies to text messaging, but that is another story for another time). I was informed last Friday of my acceptance into the Fall Study Abroad Italy 2005 program and I have been walking on a cloud ever since. Here is the first paragraph of the email they sent me

Dear Jenna,
By now you should have received the letter of acceptance for the Fall 2005 Study Abroad in Italy. Congratulations! This year we had over 100 participants, all very qualified, and the review process has been long and laborious. We look forward to working with you and sharing with you the wonderful culture and civilization of Italy.
What an awesome feeling it was opening up that email! I have been rejected from a lot of things that I have interviewed/tried out for. Actually, now that I think about it, whenever I interview face to face for something, I make it in fine, its when I have to do group things or send in packages (such as the Film Program App.) that things don't work out so well.
I will spend from September to December going to school. There is the possibility that I will stay through the end of February and volunteer at the Olympics, but I still havent made up my mind about that yet. Any advice? My parents don't think that it will be that great of an experience. Did any of you work the Salt Lake Olympics? How did you feel about those? Is it worth putting myself in debt for? Missing out on an entire semester of school? Not seeing my family for 7 months?

I recently decided that I want to be a bridal consultant (otherwise known as a wedding planner). I hate how nerdy it sounds (I have been spending how much money a year to do what?), but the more I plan events up in BYUSA, the easier it gets to admit to myself that it would be something I would be very good at.

I have been dreaming of my Italian teacher lately. I don't know if I love him because of his accent or his eccentric personality. He is a little crazy, but I will admit that I love it. He is only 22 or 23, would it be so wrong for us to date?

Wow this is turning into a long post. I am a nerd who can't get enough of broadway. My launchcast player just played this song for me. I loved it.

Don't Marry Me

You are young and beautiful,
Sweet as the breath of May.
Earnestly I speak to you.
Weigh ev'ry word I say.
If you want to have a rosy future
And be happy as a honey bee,
With a husband who will always love you,
Baby, Don't marry me.
If you want a man you can depend on,
I can absolutely guarantee
I will never fail to disappoint you,
Baby, Don't marry me.
I eat litchie nuts and cookies in bed
And I fill the bed with nutshells and crumbs.
I have irritating habits you'll dread,
Like the way I have of cracking my thumbs.
My grandpa was a big game hunter,
He met grandma swinging on a tree.
If you want to have attactive children,
Baby, Don't marry me.
--I would like to see my sons and daughters
Sliding up and down their father's knee.--
They'll get splinters in their little fannies,
Cookie, Don't marry me.
I'm devoted to my dear old Mama,
And if you and Mama disagree,
I would always side with her against you,
Schnookie, Don't marry me.
--I would always like to know where you go.
I don't like a man to keep me in doubt.--
Honey that's a thing that's easy to know,
You will always know where I am, I'm out!
I am talking like a Chinese uncle.
I'm as serious as I can be.
I am saying this because I love you,
Darling, Don't marry me!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mi vida loca

I debated whether I should title this post in such a manner because its not that things are crazy for me right now, they are always crazy. I hear my peers say things like "I just go and sit at home all the time" or "There is nothing to do in this town". I wish I had the time to figure out what that meant and how to make it happen in my own life. Not that I regret anything that I am involved in, I love being so busy I just wish I knew how to handle it a little better.

I had my first ever face to face meeting with a fellow blogger this week. Hannah and I both work up in the BYUSA office and it was inevitable that we meet. Her last post talked a little bit about valentines day and wearing pink and red and when I heard this girl up in the office talking about Valentines Month and wearing pink and red I knew it was her. It was weird actually (not meeting her) just knowing it was her by the way she was talking. Meeting her face to face was totally normal, she is a cutie. I am sure we will be seeing more of each other since we both work in "THE BLACK HOLE" (as my roommates have termed it)

Check out the new site that blogger has up on their homepage. Things I hate about my Flatmate.
The swearing might put you off, so ignore it if that will offend you (not that I am a fan) but anyone who has had roommates before, or even lived with another person will love this girls rantings and ravings about the stupid things that her roommate does.

The 2005 bloggies are being voted for. How many people with terrible blogs vote for themselves? I bet the numbers are pretty high. (Although I admit I wouldn't deny being flattered if anyone voted for my blog even though we all know it isnt deserving of anything.) I am only a Crawly Amphibian in the TTLB Ecosystem after all.

My roommates are at Disneyland today. Lucky little....... I would be there if it wasnt for my impending acceptance into the Italy Study Abroad program. I better be getting in to that for this sacrifice I made. I would give anything to be there right now.

Today is my productivity day. Clean my room. Play DDR (that is productive in that it gives me some exercise). Clean the kitchen. Go to Costco. Buy karaoke revolution ( I cant resist the temptation any longer). Spend the rest of the night at the library.

Question of the Day: Favorite program to pirate music?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

What you waiting for?

I am dying for a nap right now, but I know that if I get into my bed (which I will have to clear off first, it is stacked a foot high with clothes and junk) I won't finish this when I get back up.

My computer has been in the kitchen lately and I like it, I don't have the privacy that I need to do my homework, but its nice to have my 3000 songs in the kitchen where everyone can listen to them.

It has been almost a month since I last posted, the longest I have ever gone between posts, but I promise that I have good reason for it. I have been named as an Executive Director in the BYUSA office which is pretty excitng and crazy. I am sure that many of my posts from now on will concern the issues that affect me because of my involvement.

They are making me switch around my schedule which is driving me crazy because I like the schedule that I have right now and I fought hard to get it that way. There is a possibility that this next week I am going to have to go to the classes that I am a part of right now, as well as the classes that I am interested in getting into. I dont even want to think about how horrible that will be.

On the plus side I know that I am going to love being in charge of the activities that they have given me. Freeze Fest is next Friday, the WyBall is March 18th, and the Brigham Awards are on Friday.

My dad was in the hospital earlier this week, quite a scare for me. Good to realize how much I really love and appreciate my parents though. He will probably have to have his gallbladder otu sometime soon.

I applied for study abroad and had the interview yesterday. Wish me luck. If I go I plan on studying through the year next year and volunteering with the Olympics. I think it will be absolutely amazing. Hopefully no boy decides to take interest in me and ruin my plans. No dating for me.

Question of the Day-If you had to be allergic to sugar or salt which would you choose?

I got this email and thought it might be fun to see if anyone wanted to take a guess at any of these answers. It might be funny to see how I am percieved.

Your name:
Where did we meet:
Take a stab at my middle name:
How long have you known me:
Do I smoke:
Do I believe in God:
What was your first impression of me upon meeting:
Color of my eyes:
Do I have any siblings:
What's one of my favorite things to do:
Do you remember one of the first things I said to you:
What's my favorite type of music:
What is the best feature about me:
Am I shy or outgoing:
Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:
Any special talents:
Would you consider me a friend:
If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be:
What's your favorite memory of me:
If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring?

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