Saturday, July 31, 2004

Heather and I, during my layover in Boise on my drive down to Provo. We are sending out a message to all LDS boys in Provo, anyone want to take us up on our offer? Posted by Hello

There is my kitchen. No pictures of my bedroom will be posted at this time because of the embarassing state that it is in. Posted by Hello

My Living Room, there is my computer in the left hand corner. I am sitting there right now. Obviously. Posted by Hello

Found Photos and Sons of Mosiah

Tonight I am going up the mountain to watch a movie with a generator, care of Tristin. Then we are going swimming at the Hot Pots, a natural hot water spring thing up the mountain from here. I am hoping to see a few meteor's.

Went to lunch with my roomates Shelly, Amy, and Lizzie today. Guess they are my old roomates now.

Found probably my favorite site of all time today. I was thinking about saving it for blog of the day tommorow, but this is just too good to be kept secret.
Blog of the day-
Whoever runs this stite decided to find peoples pictures using p2p software and post them. I had to make myself stop looking through the archives, some of these are so funny. Everything is very random, and from the 4 pages I looked at it didnt look like there was any porn. Check it out and see if you stumble on any of your own pictures!

Blog of the day-Sons of Mosiah
Run by- Bob and Logan
Favorite Entry-What is your favorite R rated movie?

I'm back

Its me again, and I am here to stay. There shouldnt be any more long vacations from my blogging for awhile.
The drive down was good, I am happy that it is over. No action for me, although Heather set up plenty of opportunities for me. I don't want to be a kiss em and leave em type of girl though.

I have an interview with Gold's on Friday at 11:50. A real honest to goodness interview, face to face, for a real position. Working at the tennis club. I hope that I can meet a cute instructor or something. That would definitely make this job worth it.

I moved into my apartment yesterday, my computer is on the coffee table in the living room and I love it here. I love sitting on the ground like this. When I have to move my computer into my room I think I am going ot set it up on the floor.

Today I got a call from King Henry and they told me that I was getting a roomate for a few weeks. She is from Germany, her name is Francis, she is studying at Paul Mitchell, and she is the cutest little thing. She just got here after a 4 day journey, and I didnt get to meet her for very long but she seemed really nice, and it wont be so bad having someone here with me. In fact she is lseeping at her parents hotel right now so I kind of get the place to myself anyways.

Miss America is apparently getting rid of the live talent competition during their pageant. I just love that. It is so utterly superficial that I can't help but laugh.

Can you escape the Crimson Room? I couldnt.

Because of the long absence I am bringing you an awesome blog.

Blog of the Day-Things that make you go hmm...
Run by- Grace
Subject-Random and sporadic posts that always make me laugh.
Tagline-Well I had this little thing in my diary that I try to do every week called 'Things That Make you go Hmmm'. It was a little tibit at the end of an entry about something strange or funny that tweaked my interest during the week. Things like a three legged rabbit or words like prostitot. I finally decided that it needed its own space. So here it is
Favorite Entry-April 23rd. Read fast food nation. Fast food kills.

Website of the Day-IC3d Pants.
Design your own custom pants and jeans. Enough said.

Just got back from the Saffords and its close to 3 in the morning, so its time for me to call it quits. I would like to mention though how much I love having a home away from home with them. And how much I really still like Tay.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Just thought I would post and say that I havent give up on this. Thanks to all of my faithful readers, who have been checking back daily. Don't give up hope on me yet! I will be driving down to Provo for the next 3 days, stopping in to see Heather, and I will be up and running on Thursday night. Of course the compter will be the first thing that I set up when I get there, 3 days without it will be torture enough.

The picture is of Shay, Aubree, and I. We are up on Queen Anne's hill, right before we went to church.

Until next time you sensual readers, you. Check back on Friday, I will give you all the details on my drive and tell you if I got some action from Heathers friend Josh.

The last picture of the Andersen darlings, at least for awhile. Posted by Hello

Friday, July 23, 2004

Meant To Live, In Passing, and BBC-Updated

Are big breasts really this important? I for one do not really want my hard earned money going towards PFC or Corporal whats-their-face so that they can use it too enhance their sex appeal.

I got my haircut yesterday, and I would say that Traci did a pretty darn good job. A picture will be posted shortly of me and my bangs in all of their glory.

I have decided to join in the fight againt anti-semitism, in the best way that I see fit. Recently I noticed some blog that had the word Jew, posted over and over in some of their posts. After closer inspection I discovered its because of an issue that google is having when people type the word Jew into their search engine. Here is Google's explanation of the matter. I am hoping that my posting of the word Jew will help in the fight against anti-semitism. I am of Jewish descent myself.

Fact-Those Tickle ads that always pop up on your screen, they are always full of really cute girls. Obviously there is something wrong with their personalities if they are advertising on a site like that becausae they cant find someone. Or maybe girls like that dont actually advertise on that site, and Tickle is hoping that men won't realize that and give them their money anyways. Hmnmmm...I wonder.

I finally got ahold of the Gold's gym guy yesterday, and he said that he had most of his positions filled, but was impressed with the resume packet that I sent him, and would be very interested in meeting with me when I got down there; which I take as a very good sign. My mom advised me not to get my hopes up too high, because she thinks that they might be nervous about hiring me because they havent seen me. I.E. they dont want to hire someone who is overweight/fat etc, because people who sign up for the gym might think that the gym doesnt work. This thought had crossed my mind, and I considered a nice bout of anorexia for the week before, to slim and trim those trouble spots, but the problem is that I really hate the idea of bowing down to them like that. I have seen the girls who work in there, and yeah they are all skinny, but can they even bench press the bar? I think not. I wager I could kick their arses any day. So instead of going in there trying to look as skinny as possible, I will just try my best to look my normal, slightly muscular, confident self. So there.

Website of the Day-BBC-Science and Nature-Human Body and Mind I spent spent an hour taking all of the quizzes and tests featured on thsi site. My favorite were the Senses Challenge, and the What Disgusts You?(prepare to be disgusted by a few pictures on this one) test.

Blog of the Day-In Passing
Run by- Eve S. Dropper
Subject-A hillarious and sometimes poignant collection of things seen and overheard on a daily basis
Tagline-Each entry here is the snippet of someone's story, a two second window into someone else's life. So read the page. Laugh a little, shake your head, or just sit and think for a moment. Pass through the pages, pass the link onto a friend, or if you'd like, start listening to the people who you pass by... it's all in passing.
My Favorite Entry-20 February 2004

Song of the Day- Meant to Live
Artist- Switchfoot
Tagline- Somewhere we live inside, We were meant to live for so much more
Sum it up in 50 words or less-Are we selling ourselves short in this commercialized-modernized-subsidized-technology laden society? Why don't we all take a step back and try again.
Crazy fact- The song that Mandy Moore sang from "A Walk To Remember" is Switchfoots.
Rating- 7 out of 10

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Immortal

Yesterday my family went water-skiing, and we had some pretty good wrecks. I think I will pull some stills from the video and post them on here. When I have time for that of course. My schedule is so packed, I am not sure when I am ever going to squeeze that in. I get my hair done today, I am going for lots of blonde streaks. Tommorow is my last day of work, their is a weddign reception at my house, and a party out at Goose. No alchohol involved in case you were all wondering. Saturday morning we are getting up early to go over to Seattle to hit up Nordstrom's anniversary sale. Dinner on the pier at Ivars, and the Mariners game at 7:30. They are playing ANA, is that Anaheim? This is not an attemptt to be a ditzy blonde, I just pay no attention to sports. I am feeling a little angry because not only amI missing the Lake Powell trip for this reunion, but Phantom Planet and Hoobastank will be in concert in Seattle that very night. I despise conflicts of interest. I get home Sunday, have a derm apt Monday, and I leave Tuesday morning. I have to pack my disaster of a room all before that time. That room is goign to be another picture that gets posted as well, it is something to behold.

I read a post over at the Wump Blog about rating blogs, what makes a good blog, etc. It was talking specifically about mormon blogs, but I think the general message can apply to everyone. It got me thinking about my own, and I wondered if I was going in the wrong direction. Right now I struggle a little bit, having a hard time to think of stuff to write about, but I am hoping that things will change a little bit once I get down to Provo. I have heard stories about what other colleges are like, drinking, partying, the walk of shame, etc. We don't have that at BYU, but there are still alot of ideas about what BYU is like, and I am hoping to give my readers a taste of what it is like there. Partly in hopes that girls like my cousin Aubree will realize its a great place to go to school. Aub if you read this I love you and I think you should just give it a chance! I think that the best chance I have of being succesful in the blogging world is to make sure that I am either very unique or slightly specific (vauge I know but it makes sense to me).
In a shameless ploy to garner more readers I will now introduce Blog of the Day. I just love the little features I do. I know that I am always flattered when I see my name mentioned in someone elses blog. Seen here, here(found under "We're loved, even though we swear"), and here. So I thought I would just return the favor. I would love suggestions for good blogs if you have them. I would always love suggestions about anything.

Blog of the Day-No Toilet Bowl Kisses
Run by-Lyndsay
Subject-Online journal focused on life as a single mormon.
Tagline- Lyndsay. 24. Arizona. Mormon. Single. One dog. Hates cats. English speaking. Weekend dancer. Caffeine Free. Passionate. Inappropriate. Happy. Intro/Extrovert. Practical Romantic. Anal. Spiritual. Aspiring Engineer/Photographer.
My favorite entry-The one that talks about her encounters with men in thongs. I laughed at the first jogger story, I am sure that was something she wants to remember forever.
Website of the Day-So You Wanna? Learn how to do everything from moving out of your apartment to becoming a comic book artist. Today I read about how to use Feng Shui in my new apartment. I am not really sure that I have enough money to worry about Feng Shui. I will live in a North facing apartment that isnt in the Dragon's Heart if that is what I can afford. 

Song of the Day-My Immortal
Tagline-I gave you my everything, how could you ever leave me like this?
Sum it up in 50 words or less-She gave everything to him "wiping his tears", "fighting his fears" and holding his hand "through all of these years", now he is gone (dead) and she is having a hard time living without him. This song is one of my favorites, beautiful and haunting.
Rating- 10 out of 10.
Check out the "Everybody's Fool" video. Its about selling yourself out, something everyone should avoid.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Last night I slept 12 hours.

I saw A Cinderella Story last night. Not by choice, believe me. A bunch of my girlfriends from high school got together and went to see it. It was absolutely one of the cheesiest movies I have ever seen. Of course it will become a staple for a bunch of pre-teen girls. They love that stuff.

Never did get ahold of the Gold's Gym guy yesterday. I am going to be calling him later today, hopefully he is not getting annoyed by me, but I would kill for this job. Speaking of killing I ran over a bunny today. It made my heart beat really fast, and I was so sad.

Got a letter from a missionary I didnt know yesterday. He is the companion to a guy I met at BYU, Allan, who is in Poland. We will see what happens there. Usually things like this dont turn out well because guys who write girls they dont know are usually weirdos. But Allan is a cool guy, and I am hoping that he would be good enough to only give out my address to young men worthy of my presence.
Tested my writing style online and I came out MALE every time. What does this mean? Am I a male trapped in a females body? I think porbably I just have a domineering personality, compared to the apologetic nature of many females.

The 2004 Dubble Bubble Contest Finalists Have Been Announced. When one of the girls Kelsey, was interviewed, she stated that its all in the chewing. You need to chew a piece of gum for 10 to 15 mnutes to be able to blow the best bubble.

Poor George. He just cant do anything right. Nate Weir signed me up for John Kerry's campaign emails once, and I cant block them. I hate them.

Website of the Day-Snopes. Heard anything fishy lately? Things like Neil Armstrong messing up his famous statement, Bush using the word "feces" instead of fetus, or what about the one that involves a young girl swallowing ocean water and later giving birth to an octopus?

Song of the Day- Headstrong
Artist- Trapt
Tagline- I see right through you, you "gold-digger".
Sum it up in 50 words or less- She wants his money, she tries to pretend to be something she is not, he sees right through it.
Crazy fact- Despite the trend that most rock groups seem to set, the lead singer of Trapt is hot. Very hot.
Rating-7 out of 10

Tested my writing style for this blog.
Words: 418
Female Score: 646
Male Score: 617

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ocean Avenue

I know I could never eat this burger.
Do you suffer from Ugly American Syndrome
Good news. I called the Gold's Gym guy, Kirk, that I have been in contact with, and he told me that they have a few! openings right now. Unfortunately he didnt sound very optimistic about my chance getting down there early enough to snatch one up. I was supposed to call him at 2 and try and work things out, stupid me I forgot the time difference and called him at 2 my time, which was 3 down there. Argh. Hopefully I can do some smooth talking and try and seduce him over the phone, enough that the will be willing to do my bidding.
I have officially purchased an Xbox with two controllers and 5 games included (Silent hill 2, True Crime, NHL Hitz,  Pro, Tiger Woods 2004, Fatal Frame), a modchip, and tommorow I should have a 200GB hard drive. All of this was done on Ebay, and I am just praying that I dont get ripped off. Quite a blow to my paycheck, but hopefully there will be great benefits. Heather and I are hoping that our apartment will be a big attraction to the male population of King Henry. Who doesnt want to come over and play Paper Boy, Super Mario Bros, or Dance Dance Revolution all day long?
Website of the Day-Found this on Doug's site.  These are definitely some good ideas for things to do on the weekends.
Song of the Day-Ocean Avenue
Tagline-There’s nothing better than summer love.
Sum it up in 50 words or less-He meets her on vacation, they kiss, they cuddle, they part. Now that its summer again he is missing his old romances.
Crazy fact- They have a classicaly trained violinist in their band, Sean Mackin.
Rating- 8 out of 10.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Up and Running

Thanks again to J. Francis for all of his help in getting things looking right. I don't understand what is going on, but my site will look fine, and then I will log back on and things will be messed up again. Hopefully Blogger will reply to my requests and help me figure this out.
In the Peculiar Posting of the day, Florida teens have been hanging themselves from hooks on the beach.  The U.S. Coast Guard found, and I quote, "They found that five young people had erected a bamboo tripod and hung meat hooks from it. A young woman, her feet brushing the surface of the shallow water, dangled from the frame, hooks embedded firmly in her shoulders." When I started to read this article, I thought maybe they were somehow attached to some rope, and hanging from the hooks, I was horrified to discover that they had implanted the hooks into themselves. I will never understand the masochistic tendencies that some people have.
The BYU Physical Education department is changing their name to the Exercise Science department in 2005. Being the shallow person that I am, I am very excited about this because I didnt really like the idea of saying that I was a physical education major for the rest of my life. That title just makes mes think of endless games of dodgeball and danish, tube socks, whistles, and being sweaty and gross afterwards. Now I can tell people that I am an Exercise Science major, which sounds very scientific and smart.
What terrible publicity for Southridge apartments. One boy actually said they had Toilet Water coming through the ceiling into their kitchen. "One time, we started bailing at 1 a.m.," Rawlings said. "[Water was] coming down through the light fixture. Electricity [was] coursing through water - toilet water." Good thing I dont have a contract there next semester.
Website of the day-Talk to Oliver the chatterbot.
Song of the Day-The Reason
Tagline-Please don’t leave me, I love you so much, I’ll even do the last thing I want to do, change.
Sum it up in 50 words or less-He hurt her, and how he is looking for a second chance. Many marriages and relationships do not last because one or both partners are too selfish to sacrifice their faults. This man has realized his mistake, and he is willing to do anything to get her back.
Crazy fact- Hoobastank means absolutely nothing. Vocalist Doug Robb has said "You're going to ask me what it means. It doesn't mean anything. And it's really cool, it's one of those old high school inside-joke words that didn't really mean anything." Roub Bourdon of Linkin Park attended the same high school as the members of Hoobastank.
Rating-10 out of 10. I love this song.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Still screwed up

Sorry that I still cant get my blog to line up right. I tried publishing a new template, but that didnt work. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
Because I am so unhappy with the status of my blog, I am just going to end this post right here with
Website of the Man who makes picture of blondes like Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.  I find gum blonde I offensive, so avoid it if you want. I love Marilyn Monroe so the Marilyn one is my favorite.

Friday, July 16, 2004

blog all funky

Does anyone know whats wrong with my blog? For some reason I cant get my profile and link, etc. to line up on the top left-hand side. I didnt change anything about my template, so I dont know why this happened. Kim, you seem to know pretty much everything about computer, do you know what could be the problem?
If the blog looks same as usual to you, please comment so I can know if this is happening to everyone.

Post #4, story I found entertaining.

Found this on Rick Marshalls website.  Go there to totally understand the context. Otherwise read it here and hopefully enjoy as much as I did. 
 In "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" is a prime example of some subtle differences offered by an English professor from the University of Phoenix:  Class Assignment for Wednesday "Today we will experiment with a new form called the tandem story. The process is simple. Each person will pair off with the person sitting to his or her immediate right. As homework tonight, one of you will write the first paragraph of a short story.   You will e-mail your partner that paragraph and send another copy to me.   The partner will read the first paragraph and then add another paragraph to the story and send it back also sending another copy to me. The first person will then add a third paragraph, and so on back and forth.   Remember to re-read what has been written each time in order to keep the story coherent. There is to be absolutely NO talking outside of the e-mails and anything you wish to say must be written in the e-mail. The story is over when both agree a conclusion has been reached." The following was actually turned in by two of my English students: ********************************************** THE STORY:  
(first paragraph by Rebecca) At first, Laurie couldn't decide which kind of tea she wanted. The chamomile, which used to be her favorite for lazy evenings at home, now reminded her too much of Carl, who once said, in happier times, that he liked chamomile. But she felt she must now, at all costs, keep her mind  off Carl. His possessiveness was suffocating, and if she thought about him too much her asthma started acting up again. So chamomile was out of the question.
(second paragraph by Gary) Meanwhile, Advance Sergeant Carl Harris, leader of the attack squadron now in orbit over Skylon 4, had more important things to think about than the neuroses of an air-headed asthmatic @@@@@ named Laurie with whom he had spent one sweaty night over a year ago. "A.S. Harris to Geostation 17,....", he said into his transgalactic communicator. "Polar orbit established. No sign of resistance so far..." But before he could sign off a bluish particle beam flashed out of nowhere and blasted a hole through his ship's cargo bay. The jolt from the direct hit sent him flying out of his seat and across the cockpit.
(Rebecca) He bumped his head and died almost immediately, but not before he felt one last pang of regret for psychically brutalizing the one woman who had ever had feelings for him. Soon afterwards, Earth stopped its pointless hostilities. "Permanently Abolishing War and Space Travel," Laurie read in her newspaper one morning. The news simultaneously excited her and bored her. She stared out the window, dreaming of her youth, when the days had passed unhurriedly and carefree, with no newspapers to read, no television to distract her from her sense of innocent wonder at all the beautiful things around her. "Why must one lose one's innocence to become a woman?" she pondered wistfully.
(Gary) Little did she know, but she had less than 10 seconds to live.  Thousands of miles above the city, the Anu'udrian mothership launched the first of its lithium fusion missiles.  The dim-witted wimpy peaceniks who pushed the Unilateral Aerospace Disarmament Treaty through the congress had left Earth a defenseless target for the hostile alien empires who were determined to destroy the human race.  Within two hours after the passage of the treaty the Anu'udrian ships were on course for Earth, carrying enough firepower to pulverize the entire planet. With no one to stop them, they swiftly initiated their diabolical plan. The lithium fusion missile  entered the atmosphere unimpeded. The President, in his top-secret Mobile submarine headquarters on the ocean floor off the coast of Guam, felt the inconceivably massive explosion, which vaporized poor, stupid, Laurie and 85 million other Americans. The President slammed his fist on the conference table. "We can't allow this! I'm going to veto that treaty!  Let's blow 'em out of the sky!"
(Rebecca) This is absurd. I refuse to continue this mockery of literature. My writing partner is a violent, chauvinistic semi-literate adolescent.
(Gary) Yeah? Well, you're a self-centered tedious neurotic whose attempts at writing are the literary equivalent of Valium. "Oh shall I have chamomile tea? Or shall I have some other sort of @@@@@@@ TEA??? Oh no, I'm such an air headed @@@@@ who reads too many Danielle Steele novels."
 (Rebecca) @@@@@@@.
(Gary) @@@@@. ********************************************** 
(TEACHER) A+ -- I really liked this one. Only group to get an A!**********************************************

Post #3 for the day

I am just going nuts on the posts today.
Found the internets most annoying web page. Rogers 98 girls if you read this, check out this link. It is right up our alley. Here.
A London museum is trying to pay the energy bills by using its vistors own excrement. Enough said.
Tested my reading speed online. 470 WPM. Nice.
Kim Siever commented that he thinks I should not set my links to open up in new windows. Any opinions on this? I get annoyed by pushing the back button all of the time, but I know that some people dont like having tons of windows open at once, which I do way too often.
Searched for my blog on google using the words "byu blog" (not in parentheses) and went through 29 pages and never found it.
Rant for the day-I have been broswing through tons of blogs, getting kink in my neck from staring at the screen for so long day after day, but thats beside the point. My rant is about the blogs that people have. I understand it is a free country and they can do absolutely anything they want. So I am sure that there are people somewhere who enjoy reading disjointed ramblings with no sign of capitlization, punctuation, or acceptable grammar, I just dont know who or where those people are. Many people will post very long ramblings about their lives that are hard to follow without lots of background information, and then beg and plead for anyone who is reading their posts to make comments and add a link to them on their website. Right, like I am going to refer people to something that is basically a piece of junk. I am not saying that I am a expert in the art of blogging and gaining viewership, but if you surf around blogs, find out about the ones that are popular and well respected, and check those out that you will find that the above mentioned things (capitlization, etc etc) are always present. So here are Jenna's official blogging rules that probably nobody cares about.
1-Do not go on absolutely every blog that you can and post comments like "hi, good blog, oh yeah link to me, comment on mine", or even simply writing "link to me". Also  do not include in every one of your posts that you just want people to leave comments, always commenting on wanting comments is a turnoff. If you want comments write something worth commenting on.
2-Practice good blogging ettiqute. Someon visits your blog, leaves a comment, visit theirs and comment back. If they annoy you, you are free to stop.
3-Use good grammar, throw in some capitilization every now and then, and try and keep your blog clean enough that your mom wouldnt be ashamed that she birthed you if she ever stumbles across it. Also, try breaking things up into paragraphs. It makes for much easier reading.
Another Website for Today-Ever heard of Hot or Not? Who doesnt know about Hot or Not?Admit it, you have posted your picture on their before. Its nothing to be afraid of. Well now they have Blog Hot or Not, which is a good way to get exposure if you are a small beginning blogger like me. Also a good way to search through blogs by interest.

This Land

Everyone needs to watch this little parody. I hardly even know anything about politics, but when I watched this I knew it was funny. For those who see them as elephants, and those who see themselves as donkeys.  Thanks for posting that Arwyn.

Also, another HTML question for those geniuses out there. Is there any easier way to make the links I post open up in new windows, right now I am typing target="_blank" into each and every link that I add, and its annoying. Just wondering if there was another way that I didnt know about.

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer

Blogger redesigned their posting system, which I like for the most part.
Book Reccomendation
I started reading Fast Food Nation last night, and now I cant put it down. I have thouroughly disgusted myself as well as my mom, and we have both vowed to stop eating at fast food restaurants for good. During Winter semester my roomate, Kelly, had to read that book for her English 115 class and used to want to talk to me about it all the time. Now I can inderstand why, for some reason it is really fun to learn all the disgusting and corrupt things about the fast food industry and share them with anyone who will listen. I think the grossest thing so far has been the story about the man who worked in a meat packing factory in the early part of the 20th century. He somehow got knocked into a large vat, turned into lard, and then the lard was sold to unsuspecting consumers. Cannibalism, yuck. The other thing that grossed me out was learning where the pink/red color for many products such as Dannon and Ocean Spray pink-grapefruit juice comes from. The industry takes these little bugs from off a coast somewhere, grounds up them and their larvae, turns it into a fine dust, and puts it into your strawberry yogurt and popsicles. Oh yummy. It works well because the bugs eat some red berries or something. It takes 70,000 bugs to make one pound of the stuff. I try to take everything that I learn from that book with a grain of salt, but I dont think the author was lying. Basically if you want to cure an appetite for fattening, obsesity causing, frozen, dehydrated, processed, chemically engineered fast food, I would reccomend reading this book.
Just discovered SR-71's "1985". Love that song. Click on the link to listen to it on some guys website. It takes a while to load, but I think its worth it. 
It is 5:24 and there is still nobody in the gym. This could be some kind of record, the kind that makes me angry because I feel like I could have slept in an extra half-hour. I could hardly keep my eyes open on the drive here, I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I drove here at 4:30 in the morning with the windows rolled down hoping that I could keep my eyes open long enough to make it here. I am thinking about just curling up on the floor and taking a nap behind the desk until somebody gets here. 
 Went to the doctor yesterday, got my B12 IV, and I didnt even cry. This is a major victory people. My doctor taught me this tapping thing, where you tap your body in different places and say things. Very chessy, but it must have worked in some way.
I am drinking the 16 oz. Rockstar Energy Drink right now.  That should keep me awake. I should hit 1000 hits today thank you faithful readers for promoting me up to such high blogging status.
Website of the Day-A very cool website that I had to write a paper on when applying for the film program. Antenna Design is this website that deals with this amazing technology. It was started by two people with names that are almost impossible to pronounce, Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger, but that can be overlooked because of the things that these two people are attempting to do. Items I reccomend checking out (sorry I cant link to them directly, the website uses frames): The Infoportal and the Accord Lighter found under the Products section, The entire Installation section is fascinating, the kind of thing you expect to see in a Star Wars movie, the 360 concerence room found under the environment section, the websites found under the screen section should also be noted. 
A new addition to my posts is going to be "Song of the Day". When I was younger I always wanted to write a book about what songs mean, and now that I have a blog I have my chance. The way it works is pretty predictable, I will pick a song, even take suggestions on good songs if that should so occur, there will be a few categories with my comments, and then the rest is up to all of you out there.  I would love to hear your opinions on whether I am headed in the right direction. I also might pick a song that really puzzles me, and see if anyone else made anything of it. Here goes.
Song of the Day- (Dedicated to the 95 degree weather we are having here) Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer
Artist-Nat King Cole
Tagline-Work stinks, lets play all day, as well as make out at the drive-in.
Sum it up in 50 words or less-Nat likes it when its warm outside, the only problem is that he gets distracted by the pretty ladies in bikinis at the beach who lay out and tan all day. There are pretzels and beer for sale, and everyone is just so darn happy.
Crazy fact- There was a Gilmore Girls episode dedicated to this song.
Deeper meaning? (If applicable)-Really there is none. Everyone loves summer.
Rating-6 out of 10 (easy to identify with, not quite catchy enough for me)

Song that I dont understand-Mr. Jones by Tom Petty.  Someone please explain this to me.

Also, on the side of my blog, you see the different sections called Some of My Favorite, Mormon Blog Club, and Links. I would like them to line up, but I cant figure out why they arent and how to make them do so. Anyone have any suggestions? 


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Website of the Day

Pickup lines galore

Today is Thursday

I am getting a new phone. It is going to be either the Samsung X426, or a Motorola T721. Either one would be good. I will go wait in the 3 hour line at the AT&T store today, and see what is up over there.

Mcdonalds is getting a sleek new look, see here.

I was finally able to snag the Intro to Women's Studies course that I wanted to get. Now all I have left to get into is History of Creativity. I will end up having 16.5 credits, and I will be taking History of Creativing, Intro to Womens Studies, Women's Studies Colloquim, Physical Science, American Sign Language, and Essentials of Human Nutrition. If I can get into a good time I would like to take Social Dance Intermediate, but I am not going to do it if I feel like the load is going to be too heavy.

Got my letter of reccomendation from my boss, it was very nice. Other than my family, the only thing I am going to miss up here is my job. Its the best part of my day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

5 Kinds of Mormons

Funny article on mormons. I say its about 92% true.
I rate myself somewhere between a liberal mormon and a genuine mormon. I don't want to be labeled as a conservative one, purely because of the flowered dress and nick-knacks included in that category. I despise flowered dresses and nick-knacks.
5 Kinds of Mormons
By Robert Kirby

With thirty years in the LDS Church (10 states and four countries). I think I am something of an expert on Mormons.Here it is. In the entire world there are only five kinds of Mormons. Basicaly.

The first kind of Mormon is the Liberal Mormon, this includes all Mormons who attend church only when they feel like it. Liberal Mormons anywhere to the left of the Republican Party, are not rabidly pro-life and don't think every word that falls from the lips of a General Authority represents the actual personal opinion of Jesus Christ. Liberal Mormons are going to hell. Just ask any of the other four kinds of Mormons. On the other hand Liberal Mormons think the intolerance and naive stupidity of other Mormons is more of a threat to mankind than Russian missiles, wheat weevils or 'R' rated movies.

After Liberal Mormons come Genuine Mormons. Nearly every Mormon thinks this is the kind of Mormon he is. In reality, Genuine Mormons are about as rare as, oh say, angels or golden plates. Genuine Mormons are unimpressed with themselves and their opinions. They are affable, easy going and keenly interested in the well being of others. They live various lifestyles and when compared to the more outlandish lifestyles of other Mormons, tend to be dang near invisible. A friend of mine says that this is because they have all been translated. He is wrong. My studies have proved there are only 11 Genuine Mormons on the face of the earth. Two of them live in Utah, three in the remainder of the United States, two in South America, one each in Japan, Canada, Samoa and Spain. There are no Genuine Mormons in California or Idaho. One doubles as a Liberal Mormon, of the remaining ten, four are the Three Nephites and John the Beloved.

The third kind of Mormon is the Conservitive Mormon. These kinds of Mormon are the suit and flowered dress croud you see at church. They tend to be a little overweight and Republican. They attend church 95% of the time but may, if pressed hard enough sleep through General Conference. They pay tithing on their net income and have 4.5 children. The homes of C.M's are decorated with Relief Society nick-knacks. Conservitive Mormons humor Liberal Mormons because after all, they are God's children too. 75% of the LDS church is C.M. and 99% of all Conservitive Mormons were born into the church.

Fourth are the Orthodox Mormons. Orthodox Mormons would not miss church for the death of a relative. Left to their own devices Orthodox Mormons would eventually make the bringing of dry cereal and Tupperware bowls to Sacrament Meeting a gospel ordanance. Orthodox Mormons have 7.8 children - not because they enjoy them but because somewhere it says that they should, and because even abtinence is an intolerable form of birth control. Orthodox Mormons are scared of Russians, MTV and acidently partaking of the sacrament with their left hands. They beleive Liberal Mormons are the children of the devil. Orthodox Mormons pay tithing based upon thier gross income and beleive Diet Coke is part of the Word of Wisdom.

Finally there are the Nazi Mormons. 10% of the LDS church is Nazi Mormon. Of that 10% 90% live in Utah and most within shouting distance of BYU. Nazi Mormons are prone to wild claims in testimony meeting about things which cannot be proven. Nazi Mormons claim Diet Coke is the same thing as heroin and heaven is a multi-level marketing system. Nazi Mormons always want to have private talks with you about either golden futures, alien landing strips or soap. Nazi Mormons beleive french kissing is cause for excommunication, they routinely take the advice of General Authorities and even improve on it. If no single dating until 16 is good, no single dating until draft age is better. Nazi Mormons pay tithing on their gross income including the stuff they get from the Bishops Storehouse.

There you go. Remember, it is posible to fluctuate between levels. In truth one could find himself swayed from the Conservitive Mormon level to the Orthodox Mormon level by a particuarly powerfull fireside speaker. This only applies to one-level jumps. A Liberal Mormon for example, could never drop four levels to Nazi Mormon.

National Nude Day

Today is national nude day. Lets all celebrate by getting naked.

Today is Wednesday

Chuck honey where are you? I am beginning to think that I just imagined your bright smiling face. Drop me a line sometime.

Does anyone else sometimes have a hard time thinking of a title for their blog? I usually have to wait until I am done writing it to come up with something. I only have 11 minutes to write this, 10 now, because I promised myself that I would work on the English 115 class that I am taking. I know that I am not going to want to try and finish it once the semester starts.

I slept 12 hours last night, which is sick I know. I planned on just taking a nap, but I was so tired that when I work up at around 8 I just turned over and went back to sleep.

I have started packing a little bit, and my room is a nightmare. I think that when my room is messy I dont sleep as well. Does anyone think that this happens to them?

Infommercials are basically the coolest thing ever. I just watched one for this crazy blender set, and now there is an electrice scooter with 3 wheels. And people are riding it on the road. Highly unlikely. I wonder if these companies really make enough money from these 30 minute TV spots. I have been tempted to get things that I saw on infommericals a few times but have never actually followed through with that desire. I did join one of those magazine club things that give you so many magazines, for x amount of money. Like those CD and DVD clubs. I decided to cancel like the next day, and I started recieving tons of magazines in the mail. My roomates didnt understand why I was so lucky, and I didnt figure it out until recently. It was pretty cool, and I am thinking about doing it again.

13 days until I leave, it is even on the calendar in our kitchen. Its official and I love it.

Website of the Day-A day in the life of a Mcdonalds Employee. Here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I just love this picture so much, it was found at the Photo a Day website.
  • Glutton's Photo A Day
  •  Posted by Hello

    If this picture looks a little crazy, its because it was taken while I was driving! This is Mardon where my family goes boating. Just thought I would post some pictures of whats going on in my life. Posted by Hello

    This is what my hometown looks like. This is Potholes National Park. Posted by Hello

    My new Barbie, Bella, in her official spot on my car dashboard. The dress she is wearing is at least 10 years old! Shaylene and Aubree came up with the idea to put barbies in our cars. I love how original those two are! Posted by Hello

    Site Changes

    This morning I made some changes to my site. I used Lissa Explains it All, a great site started 8 or so years ago by an 11 year old girl, that turned into a full time hobby for her. I learned all kinds of great stuff about HTML and CSS. If you are a beginning blogger (like you Jeff), check this site out to learn how to personalize your site more.

    Oh love

    Found the cutest ever list of children's responses to the question "what is love". Brought to us courtesy of Mark Travis.


    A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds. "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think...

    (1) When my grandma got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandpa does it for her now all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love. Rebecca - age 8
    (2) When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouths. Billy - age 4
    (3) Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other. Kari - age 5
    (4) Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs. Chrissy - age 6
    (5) Love is what makes you smile when you're tired. Terri - age 4
    (6) Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK. Danny - age 7
    (7) Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more. My mommy and daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss. Emily - age 8
    (8) Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen. Bobby - age 7
    (9) If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate. Nikka - age 6
    (10) Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday. Noelle - age 7
    (11) Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well. Tommy - age 6
    (12) During my piano recital, I was on stage and I was scared. I looked at all the people watching me and saw my daddy waving and smiling. He was the only one doing that. I wasn't scared anymore. Cindy - age 8
    (13) My mommy loves me more than anybody. You don't see anyone else kissing me to sleep at night. Clare - age 6
    (14) Love is when mommy gives daddy the best piece of chicken. Elaine - age 5
    (15) Love is when mommy sees daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford. Chris – age 7
    (16) Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day. Mary Ann - age 4
    (17) When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you. Karen - age 7
    (18) Love is when mommy sees daddy on the toilet and doesn't think it's gross. Mark - age 6
    (19) You really shouldn't say "I LOVE YOU" unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget. Jessica - age 8

    And the winner was a 4-year-old child whose next door neighbor was an elderly man who had just lost his wife. When the child saw the man cry, the little boy went over into the man's yard and climbed on the man's lap and just sat there. When the boy's mother asked him what he'd said to the neighbor, the little boy said "Nothing, I just helped him cry."

    I personally like 1, 3, 10, 15, and 18.

    Alma 32: 23
    23 And now, he imparteth his word by angels unto men, yea, not only men but women also. Now this is not all; little children do have words given unto them many times, which confound the wise and the learned.

    Website of the day-Extremely random site about a boy who attempts to post pictures of reader submitted emotions. I know, it doesnt make any sense to me either. Eric conveys an emotion.

    Monday, July 12, 2004

    Sites that I love today

    Found some sites today that I love.

    These two have random news posts
    Real News.....With a Twist

    Crazy Optical Illusions

    My life is rated PG.
    What is your life rated?


    I just wrote a nice long post, and explorer decided to shut down and so I lost it all. I will try to recap, and maybe it will just be improved this time.

    Someone found my site by typing the words "penguins spend their whole lives" into Yahoo. This would be in reference to the blog about marriage that I wrote, found here. If you have a blog and would like to know who is visiting your site, head on over to Blog Patrol. This free tool lets you know not only how many people are visiting your site, but also how they got there. Its a great way to learn who is linking your site on theirs. A great place for a beginning blogger to go is's weblog section. All kinds of articles talk about HTML and CSS and their are also lists of some other free tools that can be added onto your site.

    I just spent the weekend at my Grandma's and it was great. She is so funny. She just bought a brand new Cadillac, a Deville I think, and she is thinking about selling it because she never drives it anywhere other than Walmart. They have a ranch in Oregon, but they drive a pickup down when they go. Think maybe she'll donate that lovely Caddy to me?

    I think I am going fishing with Chris after work today. He is going to let me use a pink fly, I am sure I will catch my limit in lightning speed with that sucker. Then my family is going boating at 5, what an awesome day this should be! Shaylene's boyfriend is coming, I am the one who invited him. We talk on MSN now and he is going to let me borrow his pimped out XBOX that has pretty much every game imaginable on it. Not just XBOX platform games, but Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, the old Atari's (remember the game with the alligators and the Crocodile Dundee guy, he has that too!), PS2, I think you get the picture. I am also going to marry his brother Nathan. Hopefully he never reads this, because that might scare him away before I have a chance to catch him.

    The number of people visiting my site just keeps dropping lower and lower. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get some publicity, some more visitors. What is so addicting about the desire to have tons of visitors? Its like this big high school popularity contest or something. I hate to be shallow but I want to be part of the in crowd too. Unfortunately at the moment I am just a wannabe.

    Website of the Day-Pop Culture Madness. Love this site for its Music Section. If you want to know about top songs from any year, starting way back in 1920, this is the site to visit. They have music news, and cool sections like "Top Oldies of All Time", "Top Remade Hits of All Time",, and one of my personal favorites "Top Girls Night Out Tunes".

    Saturday, July 10, 2004

    Cartoons Galore

    This morning I am watching Danny Phantom, I am on my third episode all ready. A big shoutout to Lizzie for clueing me into this show. I am a huge fan of cartoons, although I dont get to see them often because my mom hates them. I will admit that there is a large assortment of very stupid cartoons. The Wiggles comes to mind. I would seek divorce if my husband ever became something like a Wiggle-man. My cousin Tanaya just eats their shows up, and they fill huge theatres with parents and little kids, so their must be something appealing about them.
    Here is a list of the cartoons I love
    1-The Fairly Odd Parents-Awesome cartoon about a kid who has fairy God parents, and of course must hide their existence from everyone around him. The great thing about this show is that he has some rules about how his wishes work. The rules are basically what keeps the show entertaining, I especially enjoyed the episode in which his evil babysitter kidnapped a popstar, and he couldnt just wish him free because it would have messed with true love. Check it out, you will love it too. On Tuesday night it runs from 1:00 to 4:30 Eastern Time. Set your Tivo.
    2-The Wild Thornberry's-Eliza can talk to animals, and doing so puts her into all kinds of crazy situations. She, of course, does not tell her parents about this. What is it with cartoons and this "dont tell your parents theme". Are they secretly trying to tell kids something?
    3-Sailor Moon-I am not a fan of Japanime. You would think I would be since I love DDR so much, but its just not really my thing. Especially that psycho movie that everyone raves about Spirited Away. But their is something very appealing to me about Sailormoon. Its probably the hair.
    4-Care Bears-I grew up on these cartoons, they used to play them every once in awhile on Nickelodeon, sadly that time has passed me by, and now the only time I get to see them is when I go visit my Grandma Lu. She always had the best cartoons, and she would tape them so we could watch them over and over.
    5-Rainbow Brite-Another cartoon that I loved to watch at my Grandma's house. She had a horse name Starlite, a white-sprite friend named Twink, and she was out to save Rainbow Land from evil forces. Of course it was an awesoome cartoon. I think I would still watch this now. I am going to my Grandma's tonight, I think I am going to see if I can dig that up and revel in the past.
    6-Gummi Bears-Sadly there is not a very good website about these guys. Dressed in medieval costumes, they were out to defeat the bad guys. They did this by drinking gummi juice and bouncing around alot. So it isnt the greatest story line in the world, but I still love it!

    I just found a great site, all about 80's cartoons. Check it out, it was fun to reminisce about my wonderful childhood.

    Website of the Day-I am sure just about everyone has heard about it but I want to make sure. If you don't know about IMDB, get yourself on over there. It has everything that you could ever want to know about any movie. I would reccomend checking out the quotes section of movies that you love. There are also discussion boards about just about every movie ever made, ratings, celebrity listings, and on and on and on. Just go there. Right now.

    Friday, July 09, 2004

    Me, trying to impersonate a 50's glamour girl. I had a hot bouffant going on earlier! Posted by Hello

    Chris in his "Jesus is my Homeboy" hat. He loves that thing.  Posted by Hello

    My dad and me Posted by Hello

    Shay and I looking so fifties for our big performance at the RC talent show! Posted by Hello

    My good friend Cody and I, he is such a hottie I know! Posted by Hello

    Post #3 for the day

    I am just a posting maniac today.

    McDonalds is getting sued, again. This time its because they didnt change the oils that they fry their foods in like they said they would. I think that if you know its bad for you, the smartest thing to do would be too just stop eating there all together. A Big Mac, Medium French Fry, and Large Diet Coke will run you up to 1260 calories. For a person eating 2200 calories a day that is 57% of their daily value. I usually aim to eat 1200 calories a day total. No wonder we are all fat.

    I just called the radio station here and told them to stop playing "U Oughta Know" by Alanis Morisette and "B*tch" by Meredith Brooks. I see no reason to play songs that say thing like "would she go down on you in a theatre" and "are you thinking of me when you ....." well you know how it goes. Those songs are like 10 years old anyways, and I dont understand why they cant find anything new. I hate this radio station.

    My Thoughts on Porn Blogs

    I know I just posted, but there is something I dont understand. Why do such a large number of people feel the need to create porno blogs? I did not click on any, believe it or not I have no desire to see Paris Hilton naked or Big Gay Black Porn Stars. As I was scrolling through the random blogs on the dashboard I started to notice that just about every other blog was porn-related. One of them was even seroiusly titled Pokemon Porn Xxx. If your favorite things are Pokemon and Porn than I think you have some problems.

    18 days and I am gone

    Check out the peculiar posting of the day, about a man trying to win a woman over who unluckily gets stuck naked underneath the gate outside her house. It really is true that the truth is stranger than fiction.
    Speaking of strange, the guy who freaks me out at the gym is howling like a wolf again.

    This morning I read an article in the NY Times about the street art and bombing that is going on in New York (as well as around the world). I watched the documentary Style Wars in class last semester, and there are still two things that I still don't understand. The reasons that people use to justify their vandalism are puzzling. One artist (who is 34 years old by the way, I cant help but think that he could find better things to do with his time by the time he is 34) states that he wants to "reawaken a sense of wonder about one's environment". I am guessing that he is trying to make some kind of political statement about the relentless pace of the society that we live in, but I cant understand why he thinks that crime is the only way to showcase his beliefs about the subject. If all he wants is to make a statement, I am sure that he can find some crazy non-profit organization to join. The other thing that I don't understand is the number of rich people who, may it be unintentionally, support this. In Syle Wars we are taken through an art gallery full of paintings done by commisioned vandalists, and the NY Times article quotes that chalk drawings on black subway-advertisement placeholders can command thousands of dollars at upscale art auctions. Maybe that is something that I should start practicing in good old Moses Hole; after I deface a few hundred buildings I might become well known enough to make a few dollars off of my crimes.

    In other news, people around the U.S. have taken the Rock the Vote idea and ran with it, offering everything from bikini waxes to stripper parties to those who register. Yep sign up to vote now, get a lap dance sometime later this fall. No word on how succesful this venture has been yet.

    Thursday, July 08, 2004

    Website of the Day

    Have sypware on your computer? (How could you not?) Here is a list of spyware removal programs that pose as the exact opposite, in actuality they are spyware cleaners that install spyware. Read this list before falling into the trap of installing any of them.

    Lucky you, there are two for today.
    In love with someone? Desperate to tell them how you feel? Check out this list by MSNBC of the Top 25 Songs to Woo Your Sweetie. (Guys pay attention to this one)

    Ramblings of the Day

    I am hoping that someone can explain to me why there are Super Bowl Ads on TV already. I seriously saw one yesterday night when I was watching "The Simple Life: 2" (a guilty pleasure in my life, there is something about watching Nicole and Paris use the phrase "Thats hot" after every sentence, and make a complete mockery of themselves). Now even though I may not be candidate for ESPN fan of the year, I do at least know that Super Bowl Sunday is sometime right after New Years each year. So I became very confused, wondering if the world of sports had dedcided to mix things up this year or something and move it forward, way way forward. Obviously that is not the case, and I am guessing that advertisers are hoping that people are going to scramble to their calendars and make sure that they have the Super Bowl marked 7 months in advance. This is very confusing for me because I just see this as a big waste of money for whoever was the sponsor of that ad. A little research told me that the average 60-second spot on TV costs $30,000, and I am guessing that that average does not account for 6 month runs. I would think that if they wait until after New Years Day they can reach plenty of people in time for the February 6 Superbowl, in Jacksonville, Fla.

    In entertainment news, Britney Spears, the brillian-buxom blonde herself has decided that her love is so "pure" for her dancer-fiance that she does not need a pre-nup agreement. Howard Gensler of the Philadelphia Daily News gives us an article that makes me wonder what Britney is getting out of this relationship?

    Engagement, ring-five-carat's, $40,000-paid for by Britney (You may ask why he couldnt even spring for an engagement ring, but since he is paid by Britney it would have been her money anyways)
    The couple’s new home on Mulholland Drive-paid for by Britney
    Kevin’s salary-paid for by Britney

    This may be another attempt to model herself after her proclaimed idol Madonna, who reportedly did not sign one either.

    I am very much looking forward to the Provo $1 theatre in 3 weeks. Without anything to do, I think that I am going to watch every movie available while I am down there before school starts. And with 50 cent tuesdays I think I may even be able to afford a double feature, we will see how ambitious I am feeling. I havent seen a movie since Shrek 2 came out. I didnt pay for that either, thanks Heather! Other than Shrek I think it has been since March or so since I have seen anything.

    Website of note-Check out the Lileks blog link that I added this morning. This guy has been blogging since 1996! I dont even know if my family owned a computer in 1996. Check out the "Flotsam Project" section, the Institute of official cheer is hilarious.

    Wednesday, July 07, 2004

    Website of the Day

    I like the Favorite Website Awards, it makes it easier to discover quirky and interesting links of all kinds. Check out the "realizing potential" link, won't life be easy if all of this works out as planned!

    The one with my thoughts on marriage

    Right now I have one of those muscle twitches. The kind that drive you so crazy that you cant think about anything else.
    I took the U.S. Citizenship Test on today. I failed, I am not smart enough to pass as an American. My old roomie Shelly would definitely not be proud.

    This morning I did not brush my teeth. Gross I know, but I wasnt allowed. I am doing an adrenal test to find out if my body is as screwed up as I think it is. I am hoping that if my doctor figures things out that she can figure out a way for me to sleep a little less, I think that 10 hours a night is a little much.

    It seems that the big topic of discussion today is marriage. Newsweek's article on "The Secret Lives of Women"target="_blank" is providing a startling glimpse of how far down our society has gone in the past 50 years.

    The road to infidelity is paved with unmet expectations about sex, love and marriage. A woman who is 40 today grew up during the permissive 1970s and went to college when the dangers of AIDS were just beginning to dawn. She was sexually experienced before she was married and waited five years longer than her mother to settle down. She lives in a culture that constantly flaunts the possibility of great sex and fitness well after menopause. "Great Lovers Are Made, Not Born!" read the ads for sex videos in her favorite magazines; "What if the only night sweats you had came from a good workout?" ask the ads for estrogen therapy.

    I wonder why society is taking so long to catch on to the fact that marriage must be taken a little more seriously to be succesful. Though it may be difficult, saving yourself for marriage will only work out better in the end. Imagine eating 30 different flavors of exquisite ice cream, and then be told that you are only allowed to choose one and you have to stick with it for the rest of your life. It would be very hard to stay with the chocolate-caramel-swirl, even though you love it and it is the on you chose, after you were able to sample all of the rest. Wouldnt the better decision be to wait until you were ready to handle the grandeur of that ice cream, choose one, and stick with it for the rest of your life? It would be so much easier that way because you would never have anything to compare it to, and therefore be happy with what you chose. A child who grows up in Africa can never be jealous of an American child who has the use of bathrooms and the wonder of television if they never have the knowledge of what they are supposedly "missing out on". It would be hard to argue that American children are the only ones who can be happy in life.

    Is this making any sense? Basically what I am trying to say is that it seems to me that it is always much easier to mate for life. It reminds me of what Josie Geller tells us in "Never Been Kissed". Penguins spend their whole lives looking for that one other penguin, and when they find them, they stick with their decision for the rest of their lives.

    I am always told, "oh you are so young", "wait at least 5 more years to get married", "you need to give yourself a chance to live" etc etc. I agree in some ways, but I don't listen to all of that. I will get married when I know I have found someone that I can spend forever with. 3 generations before me everyone was getting hitched before they were even old enough to know what sex was, of course the baby boomer generation is a testament to that fact that they had no trouble figuring out how it worked. As we wait longer to get married, the infedelity and divorce rates continue to rise. I think that I will take my chances, rely on my own instincts, and find my penguin.
    Or as Phoebe would say, my lobster. (The one with the prom video)

    Tuesday, July 06, 2004

    Picture in my Profile

    I am finally getting visitors. What a great feeling that is. Feel free to keep spreading the word about my site, sign my guestbook, and I will drop on over to yours. I am wondering if anyone could give me a detailed description on how to post my picture on my profile. I can't figure out that URL thing, it just makes no sense to me. Don't mistake this for a dumb-blonde cry for help though. I have done my research, but HTML is tricky yknow? I know that there has to be someone out there who can give me a push in the right direction.

    Aubree riding a pocket-rocket. How sweet are those! Posted by Hello

    A closeup, just so you can have the full effect. Posted by Hello

    Here is the dead bird in all of its glory. Would you like to sit next to this for 7 hours? Posted by Hello

    Moving out, oh yeah!

    Its official. I am moving out 3 weeks from the present day. I feel like dancing around the room, but right now it would be more of a limpy dance. That doesnt matter though. I found a place to live and it is......right in apartment 17 in King Henry, which is where my contract is for fall and winter. This is a definite bonus because then I will get to settle into a room and not move out a month after I move in, I hate moving all my things. Everything is going so great for me, besides the fact that I cant go to Lake Powell. I didnt tell my boss today because he wasnt very talkative and he got on his cell phone the minute he walked in the door. I did sign someone up today at the gym, which means I can give myself $35 extra for commission. Today is a good day.

    Got my mom a b-day present. A gift certificate for Florist in the Garden should do it. Very appropriate for someone who is re-landscaping her yard.

    Moving out and the dead bird

    So to start off, there is a dead bird sitting next to me right now, and I am feeling slightly queasy just typing about it. Seriously, this is like a real dead bird. I got up the nerve to touch it and it feels very real, and it has like no eyes or mouth or something. Do not ask me why my boss feels it is necessary to keep dead animals behind the desk. There has to be some health code violating going on here. I took a picture of it and I will post it when I get home so that you can all share in my disgust. Also I am watching "The Lost World" on TNT, bad move, don't watch this show. I switched to some cartoons instead, I am sure that the people working out are loving that.

    Still have sore calves, and I just look so cute limping around everywhere. Looked at the bird again on accident, not sure how much longer I can take this. The gym has been empty for at least an hour and I like it that way.

    I just weighed myself and it is official, I really did lose 5 lbs. After 1 month of logging and counting calories and exercising like a mad woman I would say that it is about time. *Victory Dance*

    Now to the real reason for my post today. I have been reading caliblog and I am beginning to sympathize with them on the trouble that it takes to move. Not that I can identify with them at all, basically after reading their posts I realize that I am a very spoiled girl. But I will try and look past that as I try to sort throughmy feelings and figure out what I want to do at the end of this month. I am so ready to be out of the house, throughout this entire summer I spent a total of 15 days out of the house I think. (Not counting being at work or at church)
    I was so excited to get invited to Lake Powell with the Saffords and Megan from the 25th of July to the 29th, but it has to fall on like the worst weekend of all time. The 23rd is my cousin Jared's wedding reception, which is being held at our house, and the 24th is the Andersen Family Reunion, beind held in Seattle at a Mariners game. My parents want me to stay, more for the reception than the reunion, and I can understand why. I want to support my cousin, but I highly doubt that he is even going to remember that I wasnt there a year from now. The reunion is a whole other story, of course I would rather go play with a bunch of college age kids on a houseboat on Lake Powell than go to the Family Reunion (said with much irony). The problem is that I know my mom is having a really hard time letting me go in the first place, odds are that I won't be moving back home again any time soon. So I have come to a decision, not my top choice but one that I think will strike a truce between my parents and I, and still get me out of the house within the 3 weeks, 3 weeks from today to be exact. I will skip Lake Powell, leave on Tuesday the 27th, stay a day or two with Heather, and get to Provo about the same time that Meg's gets home to Provo. That is the plan and I feel a little depressed about what I feel is really the only good option, but its my mom's birthday today and I know that this will make her happy. The 27th of July I am gone, and Royal City will not be seeing me again for a long time.

    I am going to start giving apartment complexes a call and see what kind of plan I can work out. It sucks that I have to move in and move out within a month of each other, but thats how things go I guess and I am going to be so happy once I finally get there.

    I am happy right now, I am eating Yoplait Very Vanilla Yogurt, always my favorite. Yum.

    Monday, July 05, 2004

    4th of July happened already?

    Today I am feeling really unpatriotic. I didnt eat one hot dog, hamburger, or potato chip to celebrate independance day. I didnt wear any red or white, or even see any fireworks. Basically I am about as unamerican as they come. But in an odd way I kind of liked it. I know that it is so over-the-top to complain about the commercialism of America, but without all the fan-fare that goes along with national holiday's I really did take a second to think about what my freedom really means, and how much I enjoy it. It was nice in a way, although next year I hope that my 4th of July is a little more, um, explosive. Haha, ignore that fun little pun of mine.
    Today my calves are cramped like no other. I can harldy walk, and it was really bad when I woke up this morning because I hadn't stretched my calves in 10 hours (yes I sleep like 10 hours a night, sad I know). So I think that it is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which is a very fancy way of saying that my muscles are sore from doing too many calf raises at the gym on Saturday. I am hoping that all this pain is going to produce some gams to be desired. Anyone have any tips on how this pain can be ended for me?
    Today we are going boating, and I am very excited. I am starting to feel like an albino around anyone I come in contact with. I plan on skiing and everything, but I also am looking forward too laying out in the sun for as long as possible to become a bronze beauty. Good alliteration there. I slalomed for the first time last summer with the Howells (a story in itself), so I am very ready to try it again. If you havent done it yet you should try it, because trust me, it is much better than skiing with two skis.

    Now for the most exciting news ever, I think I am going to be able to move back to Provo by the end of this month, 18 days from now to be exact. I can't even type anything else about it because I am so pumped for this to happen. The 'rents are a little apprehensive about it, but I think that is due to the fact that my mom realizes once I leave this time, I am never coming back. I mean I will visit, but she knows that this was my last summer living at home. Maybe after a year of not living at home I will want to come back, but I highly doubt it, I am ready to move out and live on my own. Don't think that my home life isnt the Creme de la Creme, but I have been living in RC a little too long to appreciate it any longer. Check out this link and you will see what I mean, Royal City just does not have a lot going on.

    Website of the day-I had a hard time deciding on one today, but just won me over. When my computer shuts down you hear Tigger, when I plug in my palm-pilot you hear Dustin Hoffman complain that he isnt wearing his underwear, and when I empty the trash you hear Richard making fun of Tommy in Tommy Boy. I love it! Try it out for yourself, you will see what I mean. Just save the sounds that you like to your desktop, go into Sounds and Audio Devices in your control panel, click on sounds and change the actions for the program events. Its pure magic.
    Tata for now

    Saturday, July 03, 2004

    A New Obsession

    Anything vintage is what I want! If you love vintage as much as I do check out, (Everything under $10 here), and I could buy purses from these sites all day long!
    Also check out the new link I added, If you want to be shocked and a little bit disturbed check out their 10-worst offenders section. But first see what this site is really all about, just so you dont get the wrong idea.

    The last one for now I promise! My cutest ever cousin Aubree and sister Shay. Such hotties!  Posted by Hello

    Another picture of me, just trying to get this photoblogging to work Posted by Hello

    That is me taking pictures with my new Zire 72 Palm Pilot. I love that thing! Posted by Hello

    the n-word

    Check out this n-word article that I just read in Slate. I heard the n-word used in high school and I always felt that it was a degrading word. I have never agreed with the rap/hip-hoppers today using it in what seems like every song they produce (look up ja rule, he isn't afraid to use the word in his song names). It doesnt matter whether you end it with er or a it is still a dirty word.

    Chuck D. of Public Enemy (who will also be serving as guest programmer on Trio this week) questions the efficacy of hip-hop attempts to re-appropriate the term: "Black people didn't invent 'nigger.' It was thrown at us, and us accepting it is like someone just catching garbage and lovin' it."

    Friday, July 02, 2004

    2 Months Left

    Summer is finally halfway over and I have never been happier for it to end. When I go to sleep at night I have to force myself not to think about the end of August because I just get way too excited and I cant even sleep. Kind of like when I was a little kid and it was Christmas Eve and it took me so long to fall asleep because I just wanted to to be the next morning so I could open my presents. Time always goes so slow when you are waiting for something, and so fast when you dont want something to come. My sister is at EFY right now and my parents are at my cousins wedding so I have the house all to myself for 3 days. As a high school student this was always my dream. Being all alone meant I could do whatever I want, have people over if I wanted too, etc etc. Now that I am the boring person that I am, I get excited about having the house to myself so that I can sleep for hours at a time and watch movies all night. I have PVR'd ever decent movie for the last few weeks, and our hard drive for the dish is completely full now. I watched Gigi and Casablanca last night. Loved both, especially Gigi. Sometimes in during musicals I just want the song to be over so that the plot can get going, but I didnt feel that way with Gigi. Plus I am a true romantic and love any great love story.
    While on the topic of film, I have decided that a major/minor in film is not for me. This is a hard decision for me, as my love for film has only grown over the past year. I read reviews, search IMDB and try to spend every spare minute watching as many movies as I can. I analyze everything,find that I cant take it all in the first time, and so I want to watch every movie again and again. Lately I have become obsessed with movie channels like AMC, TCM, and Fox Movies. I devour anything to do with Old Hollywood, in the last 2 weeks I have watched Singing in the Rain, An American in Paris, Gigi, Casablanca, The Grapes of Wrath, and I am sure there are others. Leslie Caron is amazing, she started acting in movies in the 50's and is still acting today. That is so impressive. Back to the original point of this paragraph, I decided that I am not going to pursue film, academically at least, because I would have to go to college for at least an extra year. Not only do I worry about the strain that would put on my own budget, but odds are that I will be married some time before then and I want to graduate from college.
    As of today, which might not mean anything since I seem to change my mind as well as my classes daily, I am a Physical Education major with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness as well as a minor in Women's Studies. In high school I never would have seen myself as a PE major, I hated all sports by the time I was a senior, mainly because of the pressure I always felt to play them. For me, the PE major wont lead to playing sports such as basketball all the time, I am going to try and focus my efforts towards nutrition and what it really means to be healthy. I would really like to help women learn how to be healthy and be proud of their bodies, because essentialy that is what I am looking for in my own life. Wow, this is getting deep. Writing on here lets the philosophical side of me come out.
    I am going to wrap things up for now, my posts are turning out to be a little long.
    Website of the day is Rotten Tomatoes, my favorite film review website. I check it at least once a day, sometimes more, which doesnt make much sense since they only put up new review towards the weekends, but I am crazy like that.
    P. S.-A big shoutout to Chuck from He is my favorite person right now because he was the first person to ever post a comment on my blog. Chuck can we be best friends? Visit his site, even though it swears sometimes I still love it.
    Who links to me?