Monday, February 28, 2005

Mony Mony

My dating life is frustrating. See my post at Provopulse.

I hate when there are so many things to post about and my brain can't settle down enough to write about anything.

I got a new job. A therapist for an Autistic boy. I love it, I love him, I love his mom, love the whole situation.

Got a ticket today. My fury knows no bounds.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh yes, the weekend

I am off to Boise this weekend for a nice break at my roommates house. Hopefully there is no drama (I would post more details but I don't know who reads this) because I am ready for a nice long weekend.

I got a second job yesterday. I working for a lady cleaning her house and taking care of her kids. She has a little boy named Wilson, and a little girl named Alison. They are probably around 2 and 5 respectively and absolutely adorable. I am going to babysit them on Tuesday, and then I will go back to clean her house on Thursday. I am killing myself with all of the responsibilities I am signing up for but Italy has to become a priority for me.

I was thinking about how I never post funny stories on here. Do I just have a boring life? My roommates and I are so dang funny, I can't figure out why I don't have more clever things to say.

My parents have come around, and it sounds like we are going to stop fighting about Italy and look for some ways to get me there. I have been looking up the possibility of a Europass, has anyone purchased one before? Is it worth the $?

Questions of the day-Best place you have ever vacationed before?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Site Changes

Please notice the site changes. Though they are subtle, they were made during a time that definitely could have been better used studying. Screw that idea. I miss the daily blogging, the hours wasted at Xcell searching all over the 'net for sites to post for my lovely readers. Is anyone else finding that blogger is taking forever to update this site? When I make template changes or write a new post it takes several hours for the changes to go through. Could this be something that I am doing wrong?

I AM GOING TO ITALY! Sorry for the yelling, I despise those who feel the need to write everything that they say in all capitals (as well as those who still have not caught onto the idea of using punctuation, which I think also applies to text messaging, but that is another story for another time). I was informed last Friday of my acceptance into the Fall Study Abroad Italy 2005 program and I have been walking on a cloud ever since. Here is the first paragraph of the email they sent me

Dear Jenna,
By now you should have received the letter of acceptance for the Fall 2005 Study Abroad in Italy. Congratulations! This year we had over 100 participants, all very qualified, and the review process has been long and laborious. We look forward to working with you and sharing with you the wonderful culture and civilization of Italy.
What an awesome feeling it was opening up that email! I have been rejected from a lot of things that I have interviewed/tried out for. Actually, now that I think about it, whenever I interview face to face for something, I make it in fine, its when I have to do group things or send in packages (such as the Film Program App.) that things don't work out so well.
I will spend from September to December going to school. There is the possibility that I will stay through the end of February and volunteer at the Olympics, but I still havent made up my mind about that yet. Any advice? My parents don't think that it will be that great of an experience. Did any of you work the Salt Lake Olympics? How did you feel about those? Is it worth putting myself in debt for? Missing out on an entire semester of school? Not seeing my family for 7 months?

I recently decided that I want to be a bridal consultant (otherwise known as a wedding planner). I hate how nerdy it sounds (I have been spending how much money a year to do what?), but the more I plan events up in BYUSA, the easier it gets to admit to myself that it would be something I would be very good at.

I have been dreaming of my Italian teacher lately. I don't know if I love him because of his accent or his eccentric personality. He is a little crazy, but I will admit that I love it. He is only 22 or 23, would it be so wrong for us to date?

Wow this is turning into a long post. I am a nerd who can't get enough of broadway. My launchcast player just played this song for me. I loved it.

Don't Marry Me

You are young and beautiful,
Sweet as the breath of May.
Earnestly I speak to you.
Weigh ev'ry word I say.
If you want to have a rosy future
And be happy as a honey bee,
With a husband who will always love you,
Baby, Don't marry me.
If you want a man you can depend on,
I can absolutely guarantee
I will never fail to disappoint you,
Baby, Don't marry me.
I eat litchie nuts and cookies in bed
And I fill the bed with nutshells and crumbs.
I have irritating habits you'll dread,
Like the way I have of cracking my thumbs.
My grandpa was a big game hunter,
He met grandma swinging on a tree.
If you want to have attactive children,
Baby, Don't marry me.
--I would like to see my sons and daughters
Sliding up and down their father's knee.--
They'll get splinters in their little fannies,
Cookie, Don't marry me.
I'm devoted to my dear old Mama,
And if you and Mama disagree,
I would always side with her against you,
Schnookie, Don't marry me.
--I would always like to know where you go.
I don't like a man to keep me in doubt.--
Honey that's a thing that's easy to know,
You will always know where I am, I'm out!
I am talking like a Chinese uncle.
I'm as serious as I can be.
I am saying this because I love you,
Darling, Don't marry me!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mi vida loca

I debated whether I should title this post in such a manner because its not that things are crazy for me right now, they are always crazy. I hear my peers say things like "I just go and sit at home all the time" or "There is nothing to do in this town". I wish I had the time to figure out what that meant and how to make it happen in my own life. Not that I regret anything that I am involved in, I love being so busy I just wish I knew how to handle it a little better.

I had my first ever face to face meeting with a fellow blogger this week. Hannah and I both work up in the BYUSA office and it was inevitable that we meet. Her last post talked a little bit about valentines day and wearing pink and red and when I heard this girl up in the office talking about Valentines Month and wearing pink and red I knew it was her. It was weird actually (not meeting her) just knowing it was her by the way she was talking. Meeting her face to face was totally normal, she is a cutie. I am sure we will be seeing more of each other since we both work in "THE BLACK HOLE" (as my roommates have termed it)

Check out the new site that blogger has up on their homepage. Things I hate about my Flatmate.
The swearing might put you off, so ignore it if that will offend you (not that I am a fan) but anyone who has had roommates before, or even lived with another person will love this girls rantings and ravings about the stupid things that her roommate does.

The 2005 bloggies are being voted for. How many people with terrible blogs vote for themselves? I bet the numbers are pretty high. (Although I admit I wouldn't deny being flattered if anyone voted for my blog even though we all know it isnt deserving of anything.) I am only a Crawly Amphibian in the TTLB Ecosystem after all.

My roommates are at Disneyland today. Lucky little....... I would be there if it wasnt for my impending acceptance into the Italy Study Abroad program. I better be getting in to that for this sacrifice I made. I would give anything to be there right now.

Today is my productivity day. Clean my room. Play DDR (that is productive in that it gives me some exercise). Clean the kitchen. Go to Costco. Buy karaoke revolution ( I cant resist the temptation any longer). Spend the rest of the night at the library.

Question of the Day: Favorite program to pirate music?
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