Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tia and Sara were just asking me who I woudl want to out out with this weekend and I realized that there isn't anyone on my list. That is so sad. Katie, who works up in BYUSA with me always has a top 5. I need to devote some time to thinking if I have a top 5 or not.

I just let myself start playing Hexic which is a bad idea because I can never just close out the game, I always have to wait until I lose the game (which takes forever to happen because I am so good at that game LOL)

Babysitting today was so good. The 2 year old was so cute and said the funniest things to me today. He told me he thinks I am nice. I loved that. I am not planning on having kids anytime soon (except for my love child maybe), but when I do I am sure I will think it is all worth it because of the little things like that.

The more I work with kids (which is what I am constantly doing) the more I wonder why I am not going into Elementary Education or Special Ed or something. I just think that Elementary Ed is such a copout major, something that girls go into when they don't have anything else. Like MFHD. Don't even get me started on that major.

I pre-paid my gym membership, which is nice in some ways and pretty much the worst idea ever in others. I don't have to worry about making a payment each month, but on the other hand because I am not reminded about my membership I am constantly throwing my money down the drain when I don't go. I assume that this is something that tons of people struggle with. After working at a gym for so long, I have realized that their is an incredible number of people who pay for memberships and never use them. Xcell had 600+ members and probably around 100 active. I have got to stop throwing my money down the drain.

I am over committed and I hate it. I don't have anything to drop though. Sometimes I am just tempted to move home and give it all up. I am tired of being grown up, but I love it at the same time.

I got back my 360 degree feedback from Student Leadership, and it is nice to see the different ways that I can improve, but in so many ways depressing to see all of the things that people said about me. I want to be a good leader and this only reminded me how far away I am from achieving that. They included that comments that people had verbatim (without names of course) it was an interesting project, something that I will always be able to value, but it's a slap in the face as well.

I am parked in a service only parking spot (I parked there 1/2 an hour before the 4:00 open time). Someone is going to lose an eyeball if I have a ticket.

Mason, from Provo Pulse called me today to see if I wanted to have lunch with him (I couldnt because I was babysitting). It was sweet and I think that we are going to meet next week. My first arranged fellow blogger meeting. I love how nerdy this all seems.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Home sweet home

Ahhh....... to be home. I sleep in until 11, have the house to my self, devour all of the shows that my family has on the PVR. You get the basic idea.

My Comms 235 professor raised an intersting question in class last week. Where do you get the majority of your information about current events? After he asked the question I realized that I get most of my news from other blogs. What do you all think of this? In so many ways it can be dangerous because I am missing out on things that bloggers don't deem worthy of touching on or even that aren't true at all.

Seriously Mason, I love ProvoPulse but the commenting is getting so crazy. I am not going to ever say that I agree with censoring the comments, but could there even be one discussion that doesnt turn into a mud-slinging fight? Nobody escapes the wrath of the anonymous commenters on your site anymore. On the other hand, congragulations on the popularity and success of the site. It is a staple in my daily blog diet.

Mr. Marbles and I are friends on The Facebook. Yay for us.

Junior Miss is this weekend, and I am in Filmmakers heaven. I forgot how much I love taping programs like this, and it will be even more fun once I get back to the bubble to edit. This is going to be the best Junior Miss Video of all time.

If you love your palm as much as I do, you will probably like this blog.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Failing all my classes

I am actually failing my classes I think. Do my parents read this because I don't really want them to know. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I'll pull through. In the meantime does anyone know of a good major at BYU that you don't have to apply for?

I discovered and I am loving it. Get on there. And then be my friend.

Provopulse is getting out of control. I like all the commenting but I am tired of being attacked any time I write a comment on there.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.

My roommates are all up at Brad's cabin with half of the ward which means I have the apartment to myself. I love it when that happens.

The Talent Showdown was tonight. It was awesome. Don't think I could have done better myself, ok well maybe..................

Elections are over, Adam and Chrissie won. Except for the fact that I think the name Chrissie belongs in the 1970's I am okay with it. I wish them the best of luck and I hope that this is the year that they can convince that Student Body that BYUSA is really worth something. I don't regret my time spent up there, but will I run? I am not sure. Check back with me a year from now.

Something I have been thinking about lately is the need that people seem to have to always be out and doing stuff. Why do we have this inner desire to avoid the things that need to be done? (An indication would be what I am doing right now, I am sure you all know that this isnt the most productive thing I could be doing) My roommates love to be going out every single night and hanging out. I see the social implications of staying home often, but what about the personal implications of neglecting one's responsibilities and needs all the time in the pursuit of "fun" with friends? I would rather stay home a Friday night or two, than spend the rest of the week regretting my time spent playing. When I go out for the night, I want it to be guilt free, knowing that I have crossed off all the things off of my to-do list. (which unforunately, has never happened before, but there is still hope)

Has everyone heard of the Foxytunes extension for iTunes? If you haven't you should get it.

I am thinking about starting up an 80's club. Anyone have any good suggestions for the perfect name for it?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Failed Elections

I know it seems like I can't get off of this topic but I spend enough of my life up there to justify my semi-obsession with BYUSA.

One of my pet peeves is hearing people talk in circles about things. Every year when the BYUSA elections come up people complain because they don't see the point in voting while BYUSA tries ever harder to prove that there is a purpose behind electing a president. Each year voting turnout gets worse and worse.

What is the solution here?

Is the viewpoint in the Daily Universe the answer? I am sure that BYUSA is infuriated with this editorial (they get worked up pretty easily), but I think that their are some very valid points. One day isnt enough time to get to know anyone and what they stand for. Without more information why shoudl anyone care?

People hate the fliers and advertisements for elections but without them how would anyone know the candidates or their names? How would anyone know it was time to vote in the first place?

If people don't like the promises that people are making, what kinds of things are they looking for?

If you are so unsatisfied with the options why don't you make a suggestion, or better yet make an effort to make some changes?

I agree with this article.


BYUSA Elections are on Tuesday? I don't care, and I'd wager (yes, a bet) that over 90 percent of BYU students feel the same way. Information about candidates is available on Monday and since elections are on Tuesday, I have less than 36 hours to conclude who to vote for. Not that it really matters who I vote for because if I vote for candidate A and candidate B wins I can expect the same results.

Next year I can still expect to see BYUSA activities such as Fall Fest, Homecoming, Preference, Battle of the Bands, Friday Night Live, clubs, etc.

In my opinion, BYUSA President is not a position that should be voted on by the student body. The position should be renamed to something more accurate such as BYUSA Director and let the full-time staff conduct interviews to decide who will do the best job. I'd wager (yes, another bet) that we'd have better dances and activities. The elections wouldn't waste our time and BYUSA can be seen for what it really is: a student activities and service committee. All this nonsense about promising to improve student life with radio stations, concerts, closer parking, etc. would be gone and we can move on with our lives. Best of all, we could also be assured not to have stupid signs and pins cluttering up campus anymore.

Nate Bird

Wenatchee, WA

Why did I vote? Because I have been up there. I have seen the problems, and dealt with them, and attempted to solve them. I know the people and how they act, their potential. BYUSA is always looking for more volunteers, so many opportunities to get involved. If you want a reason to vote next year, be proactive about it. Do something to help yourself realize why this could be important and what voting can do for you.

Question of the Day: I need new Athletic shoes, any reccomendations? (I have wide feet and need a little extra room, anyone know any specialized brands?)
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