Wednesday, May 25, 2005

outre de à Paris

I'm going to Paris! It's all I can think about right now, and I am floating on cloud nine. I will be staying in Paris for a week, right after our study abroad gets done. Anyone have any tips for me? Time for me to learn some French as well.

I am a pretty cherry red color right now. 3 hours in the sun by the pool was a little to much today.

I do have to sell my car to go though. Pretty Pretty Bella. I love her. We have had some good times, but the Eiffel tower awaits!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lost on a Sunday Afternoon

Today is Sunday and I feel lost.

I am lying on the grass under a huge pine cone tree (I don't actually know the name of it) on one of the blankets I got at graduation that at one point or another during my Freshman year had holes burnt through it by the ashes of a fire

I keep looking at the sky, which has a perfect blue color. And wondering what it all means.

I didn't go to church today. I don't know why, because when I went to bed last night I had every intention of going. For some reason I just didn't make it.

At least I made it out of bed

I am scared by what this could all mean. Scared because I don't think I have any way of figuring it all out.

I am unhappy and I don't know how to fix it. I was at a party last night and I felt myself opening up to that happy feeling for a few minutes.

It was like in some way I had stepped outside of myself and was watching everything from a distant perspective. A boy paid a little extra attention to me, and for a few moments I was in the middle of a flurry of activity, but then it was all gone.

I had a hard week last week, at one point working 30 hours in 3 days. I didn't go to class for three days straight and I am kicking myself for putting myself in such a position that I have to deal with the agony of being unsure again.; I have to keep myself out of this and remember what is important. Italy is important. Second chances are important.

I need someone. I need someone to talk to. I just don't know how to go about doing it.

Monday, May 16, 2005

A new beginning

I really like the flower beds next to the library. Actually I love all of campus in the Spring. It smells wonderful.

I usually try not to post so close together, but today I say screw that. I woke up with a bad attitude today and I am not sure why.

While laying in my bed last night I spent alot of time thinking about my blog and what I wanted it to be. Funny how something so silly sounding as a blog can become so personal. Now that it is Summer again, I feel like I have alot more time to write. I take that back, I do have alot more time to write.

So, I have decided to start a new period in my blogging. Alot of the stuff that I haven't written on here has been very superficial, the kind of things you would expect to see on my to do list, or what I would tell you in passing if you stopped me to ask "what's up".

I had refrained from writing personal stuff, the stuff I was really feeling, because I was afraid of the consequences. Now I am done with that, and I plan on blogging real posts from now on. Things that really mean something to me.

Hence the name "A new beginning" for this post.

Image hosted by

See that girl? That girl is everything I want to be. She is blissfully happy to be where she is. Something that I am waiting for, it elusive, but I think I will get there soon. Something hits me whenever I look at this picture. Something about the way her arms are stretched out, and the way her head is thrown back so carelessly. Nothing about it seems posed, though it is obviously so. I use this photo as a reminder of what can be for me.

Oh, and by the way.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Sometimes Utah is really out of control. Dissecting a dog?

What is going on here?

Teacher says you have been a very very bad boy, go sit in the cooler.

Even little Royal City never had this happen at their school.

Every time I log on to update, I want to tell some great story like many of the other bloggers that I read up on daily. I can't seem to think of anything exciting to write, which I think is probably a problem that plagues most bloggers.

I am not dating.

I don't have a particulary exciting or eventful job. In fact I don't really even have what you would consider a job. Just a temp.

School is Italian, well actually my life is Italian.

I think the reason is that to have something to write about you need to get involved in something. Basically I have no desire to get involved with anything because I am only here for 6 weeks (4 more now), and then I am back home for 2 months. It's hard to get excited about things that are going to last for such a short period of time.

I do plan on using this blog as a way to communicate with those I know back home once I am in Italy.

Until then everything will be subject to randomness.

Acutally I should amend the above comment. There are a few things I wouldn't mind expounding on, but there is always the chance that something I expound on will hurt someone I care about.

Check out I have been reading her book, and except for the occasional swearing, I am really liking it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Good Old Days

Remember when I used to spend alot of time browsing the net and finding crazy/cool links to post on here? Well tonight is one of those days.

Grant Robinson has two cool sites you should check out.
The first is a photo montage creator, just type in a keyword and it will generate a montage from Google's image search.
The Second is called Guess-the-Google, you have to guess what the keyword was that generated a certain photo montage.
The third is interesting expirement into the World of Stereotypes.
have a fourth link that I will eventually share with you, if it works.
It is supposed to be free ringtones that you create yourself from any
mp3 or mp4 file. More about that one later

It is 2 in the morning and i just woke up an hour ago from a 5-hour "nap". I will probably head back to bed in 2 hours or so. I am listening to the 13 Going on 30 Soundtrack, which I love, but is a big no non since I am trying to only listen to Italian music during the week, weekends I give myself a break. Oh well, what are you going to do?

My roommate is yelling at me for typing too loud. If you hate it get a private room honey.
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