Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Excerpt from letter to Heather

I worked catering tonight and I am so happy because I think I have an in with 2 of the captains. Tonight 2 of them told me that they really liked me and thought I was a hard worker, and Candice (one of the captains) even told me that she wrote some good things about me on my evaluation. I think if I go in and talk to Aubrie and Robyn (who is an event coordinator) my chances of being able to work when I come back will be greater. I really like working there and I hope I can do it when I come back in Winter. I really want to work as a captain though because you know how I love to have power.

So today I rode my bike to school for the first time because I thought that would be a good idea, which it was on the way to class because it was fun and I was going downhill and everything was right until I was turning up the little path in between the MOA and the HFAC and another biker was coming and you know how when you first start biking again you are really unsure of yourself (like how I hate to stop at intersections because I am always afraid I won't be able to get my bike going again and the people in the cars will laugh at me, and how when I was crossing this morning I tried to get on my bike but it wasn't happening fast enough so I got back off and just walked it across the street?) So anyways we were both coming and he was coming from the south and I from the north and I cut the corner too close and scraped up my leg SOOO bad. It was black for awhile and even bled. I actually ran into the cement corner so hard that I must have cried out (I had headphones on) and the 2 girls behind me turned around and looked at me to make sure I was okay. The other biker gave me a weird look and I am sure thought I was crazy.

So then at the end of class after I had run all of my errands and stuff I went back and got on my bike and my backpack was so heavy and I am so out of shape that I made it to Heritage Halls and then I pretty much WALKED all of the way back up to my house. It was humiliating because I am sure that everyone thought A. she can't ride her bike or B. she is too out of shape to ride her bike up hill (when it wasn't even a very steep slope you know). But I decided that I am going to make myself ride every day as punishment for letting myself get so out of shape in the first place. Plus it is really nice to ride all the way up to the doors when I have to go to class and the ride there is so fun. Maybe tonight I will empty out my backpack a little bit so it is not quite so heavy and I think I will get a little farther.

Note- I did ride my bike to school today (in the rain even) without hitting any concrete walls! Instead of walking it home though, I decided to ride the bus back and a nice boy taught me how to put my bike on the front of the bus. Yay for nice boys!

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