Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Alarm and Fall for Dante

They have been testing the fire alarms in a few of the buildings on campus this week and I was able to experience my first delayed class due to one. We all stood outside for about 10 minutes until the siren stopped sounding and the majority of the people started to move back inside. I thought it was great that there were several girls who insisted that we were not supposed to be entering the building yet because the emergency doors and stairway gates were still shut. I didn't think that was going to be a good enough excuse for Dr. Sowell so I went ahead and went in anyways.

It was a good thing I headed back in to class when I did because I had the chance to fall in love with my Divine Comedy class and Dante's Divine Comedy all over again. I thought that my Professor did an excellent job with his lecture today, inspiring me to give Purgatorio another try as I was about to write it off as high-brow impossible classical junk. I will not question Dante's brilliance again.

I am loving this blog.
Just one more sign that I am truly becoming an English Major.

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