Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm Back!

My little That Girl blog is so neglected. Of course That Bride gets updated at an out of control pace, but life since I got back has been a little standard (plus I had quite a few blogs to catch up on). I am not going to do a recap of my travels in Europe, if you for some reason missed those, you can see all of the summaries here.

I've settled into a routine for the month of June, before July comes and I start running all over the country (I guess kind of the world) once again. I have a few more posts on food I have cooked lately, some pictures to put up to introduce you to my new job, and a few more odds and end. And of course a whole bunch of (what I find to be) entertaining links and things from around the internet.

A few favorite Europe photos that I have photoshopped so far.


amberdawn said...

You're a freaking model in these pictures. They look like they could be in a magazine or something. I miss you.

Benita said...

i love all these pictures!! were you in trafalgar square in the one with the birds? did you even go to london??

Jenna said...

Benita it sounds like we really need to talk more. No London for us.

Who links to me?