Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Fourth Freeze Float

Remember these?

Get one. And then you can have pictures like this:

My 4th of July was spent in Utah in between Heather's wedding events and even though I was really missing That Boy on his birthday, I found some ways to entertain myself and have a little fun. Our big 4th of July activity was floating the Provo river. I think we may have had other plans at one point, but I don't think we realized that this would turn into a 4+ hour adventure.

I am smiling here, but inside I am feeling something completely different. Frustrtation. Remind me never go participate in group activities of 25 people ever again.

We finally got into the water. Unfortunately when we said float, Megan apparently heard the word swim. I think she flipped her tube in the first 5 minutes.

I was very adamant about getting a picture of the three of us. Benita and I did a great job of lining things up for the camera, but our poor little drowning Megan spent a lot of time paddling around trying to catch up with us. If you look closely at these photos you can see Megan giving it her all to get in the photo with us. You can make it Meggie!

After a few awkward tries we finally got the perfect one. Desktop background worthy I think.

The girls proving once again that these awesome kicks were a worthwhile purchase. I might have been a little bit jealous floating around in my old blue tennis shoes (thanks for letting me borrow them Ben!)

Benita spent a lot of time wishing she had worn a swimsuit with a little more padding up top.

We saw all kinds of interesting floating devices. Very thrifty of this boy to use a log he found.

Despite the freezing cold water (look at the face Megan is making with half of her body submerged in the 50 degree water).....

I think we all can agree it was worth it.


Megan Smith said...

Jenna These pictures are seriously amazing! It was so fun to have you here. Way to go with getting the waterproof disposable. Definitely a good purchase! xoxoxo

Benita said...

i love these! i couldn't be happier that you were so ademant about getting the disposal water camera. well done.

amberdawn said...

So fun! I love reading everyone's own stories about the same event. It's so enjoyable. I love Megan and Benita's shoes. Fabulous.

Jenna said...

ambo-I love that so many of us are blogging now, it's such a great way to keep up with each others lives!

Tiffany Izatt said...

That looks like so much fun! I love tubing, and i haven't done it in forever!

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