Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hello Everyone

I went home last weekend and it was so fun. Trevor Safford went with me, and we visited the pigs, picked some apples, visited my grandparents dairy and watched a calf be born, went to the homecoming game (Everyone is asking Shaylene who my boyfriend was), went to a hockey game, went to a haunted house, played some playstation, carved pumpkins. Basically did everything you could ever want in 2 days.

I have been running around like crazy for the past few weeks after I got involved with BYUSA (the student leadership association) as the Program Director for the Baby Pageant during Homecoming week. I dont think that I ever could have guessed how time consuming that job would be, but now that it is all over, I definitely think that it was worth it. I did skip a few too many classes and I havent seen my roommates for a long time, but I am stil really glad I did it, and I think that next year I would like to work in the offices Luckily I have awhile before I decide on that because it is such a big deal and such a large time commitment. I really like the people that I work with in the office, and it is a great feeling to know that I helped such a large group of people have a good time. Everyone I talked too said they walked away from the pageant with a really good experience. There were about 100 babies who particpated, and I was even in the Daily Universe (BYU's newspaper). Newsnet still does not have the article up on their website.

When I was getting the prizes ready for the baby pageant, I did something so cool. One of the categories had a football signed by the football team, and a volleyball signed by the volleyball team as a prize. When I took the volleyball and football down to be signed, I took an extra volleyball and an extra football down with me and has those signed as well. Now my aparment has the football on display, and I am going to give the volleyball to my sister for Christmas.

Things are going pretty good with my roommates, I hardly ever see them because I am so busy, but I dont regret living with them. We do have a few minor arguments (nothing verbal, girls never say anything to each other, they just vent to the other girls that they live with), but nothing too out of the ordinary for college life. We have cleaning checks on Tuesday, but we arent worried about that becaue I am friends with the girl that checks us off and I dont think that she will fail us.

School is hard, and I am basically failing every class that I am taking. I am going to have to devote my life to the lab this week, somethign which I am not excited about because spending time with dead bodies is anything but fun. I dont hate it as much as I did when I started, my TA taught me that sucking on Jolly Ranchers will keep me from getting sick, and it is pretty cool to learn about how the human body works. I have started looking into majoring in Dietetics, which I think I would love, but if I do I am going to have to try a little harder in nutrition. I dont think that they will appreciate an F on my transcript for the basic nutrition class. If I do go into Dietetics, I will reapply for Film, this time for the minor, which I think will be so perfect me, as well as a minor in women's studies.

When I right click and drag the mouse around in my Firefox browser it makes some red lines. Does anyone know why this happens?

Us and Apartment 11 are going to Disneyland the first week of December and we are so excited about it. Any suggestions on places we should visit in LA?

Questions of the Day (Feel free to post your answers as comments!)
1-If you were starting a rock band what would you name it?
2-Do you prefer Peanut butter on both slices or peanut butter on one slice, jam on the other?
3-Who is your favorite superhero?
4-If you could have one super power what would it be?
5-What scares you more than anything?

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