Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mi Vida Loca

Things I am Doing Right Now

-Materials manager for a Student Body election campaign
-Event lead for Preference, which will hopefully be attended by 2000 people with 5 activity options and 3 different dances.
-Taking 8 credits, neglecting all of them
-Working an average of 12 hours a week for catering
-Doing my own banquet next week!
-Feeling guilty for not having the Chicago video done (although it will be amazing when I finish)
-Feeling guilty about the crappy relationship that I have with my Mother (we have had one conversation in the past 3 weeks)
-Organizing Murder Mystery Dinner Parties like crazy, I have 4 scheduled now, 2 with set dates and invitations already given.
-Avoiding cleaning up my disgusting room, which hardly had any available walking space
-Avoiding the use of my car whenever possible, trying to WALK EVERYWHERE!
-Eating one meal a day (this is on accident, I am just really busy)
-Not ready my scriptures enough
-Trying to decide my plans for the Summer
-Still feeling good about a mission this Summer
-Spending way too much time on Facebook
-Trying to prep my computer for the Jr. Miss video manufacturing
-Trying not to think about how I am going to soon add 5 more credits on to all of this
-Trying to get a dinner group started so I actually eat dinner

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