Sunday, March 05, 2006

Whoops there I am

The past two weeks have been weird to say the least. I have been really sick, I am actually back home in Washington right now. I have been through three different diagnosis', the first that I just had a cough, the second that I had whooping cough, but a chest x-ray revealed that I have pneumonia.
I was coming home for Jr. Miss anyways, we just moved my flight up a week. I am feeling a little frustrated because I started to feel better almost as soon as I got home. Not that I don't enjoy having someone cook for me and taking a break from real life for a week, I just don't know how I am going to recover from missing 3 weeks of school in a row. I think I probably could have gone to class tommorow and been fine. I will just have to send out the doctors note that I got and hope for the best. I really like the use of the word "convalescence".

I missed Preference by coming home. That was painful for me. To spend 2 months planning an activity and then drop out the week of. I will find out next week how it went.

Shaylene is Jr. Miss this weekend. She is going to do amazing, she is so gorgeous I sometimes have a hard time believing it. I will post some video clips sometime soon.

I am going to submit our Chicago video to google video and see if I can get it put on the internet. How fun!

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