Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Trivia Question 17

Today's trivia question is a story. Your only hint is that this story comes from Russian History. Your job is to find the name of the Princess who did all of these mean and nasty things, and what tribe it was that killed her husband and caused her wrath.

The greatly revered and later canonized _______________, the grandmother of _______, took over the ________ throne upon her husband's demise. Her first action recorded in the chronicles was to avenge her husband's death. And she did it not once, but twice, and in a very creative fashion at that.

Now it must be said, in all fairness, that Princess_____ husband had it coming. Princess Olga and the Byzantine EmperorAfter all, what could you expect, as a prince, if you tried to collect taxes twice in one year? Nevertheless, the ________________ should not have tied the Great Prince's legs to two saplings, and... You get the idea.

After the deed was done, the ________ chieftain sent a marriage proposal to Princess ______. In his mind, since he had killed her husband, he had a duty to take over the role, and since he had defeated the said prince, he thought _______ should be flattered by his proposal. But she wasn't (would you?). Yet she dissembled, and persuaded him to send his envoys. _____ pretended to show them great honor by having her men carry the ________ boats from the river ________ towards the Prince's residence... and straight into a huge pit where they were buried alive, lock, stock, and barrel, or should I say ship?

But that was not enough. ______ pretended to enter into peace negotiations with the ________ and urged them to send a dove from each house in their city. When ______ received the doves, she sent them back with a burning branch tied to each one. The doves returned home and set a great many fires which burned the _________ city to the ground. Only then was ______ satisfied.

_______ went on to rule for a long time, first by herself, then as regent during the long absences of her son, with great ability and wisdom. But let this be a lesson and a warning: Russian women are not frail and helpless damsels in distress!

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