Friday, October 15, 2004

True Blue Baby

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I am eating a very huge and delicious pomegranate with blue fingernails. My feet are blue, underneath my arms is blue, and my face still has a slightly blue tint. Yes, tonight I participated in the marvel known as True Blue Football. I think its one of my favorite activities on campus, and tonight I heard a great comment "Its probably the closest that BYU gets to putting on activities like other colleges have all of the time."

I really agree with that comment for 2 reasons. First, because BYU is trying so hard to keep people from getting drunk and partying too hard, that some of their activities arent as fun. The second is because this is an activity without all of the attempts to impress the opposite sex that other activities have. The girls that I saw who were dressed up just looked stupid when they ended up getting blue dye all over themselves.

For some strange reason, I really loved running the grill. I cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for about an hour, and I think I could have done it all night. (Other than the smoke that is). I also made a new friend.

I quit my job today. Yes, I finally put in my two weeks notice, and I am not looking back. No more job for me for the rest of the semester. I have to pass anatomy, which is going to take everything I have. I am not meant to be a doctor.

The baby pageant is over, and I loved every second of it. I think that I would really enjoy being a member of BYUSA for next year.Maybe I will be lucky enough to be present when they pass the torch. As an Executive Director of course.

I have decided what I am going to go into, for sure. (I know you have heard this before, but I am not letting myself change after this.) A major in dietetics, with a minor in film (hopefully) and Women's Studies. I love Women's Studies. I could discuss it all day long. Sometime I will bring up some of the issues that interest me and see what everyone else thinks.

I hate this Letter of the Week, that was published in the Daily Universe. Get a life sweetheart, turn on the lights, pee, and leave the rest of us who need a nap in peace.

Site of the day (Yes its back!)-My children will all have one of these.

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