Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mi vida loca

I debated whether I should title this post in such a manner because its not that things are crazy for me right now, they are always crazy. I hear my peers say things like "I just go and sit at home all the time" or "There is nothing to do in this town". I wish I had the time to figure out what that meant and how to make it happen in my own life. Not that I regret anything that I am involved in, I love being so busy I just wish I knew how to handle it a little better.

I had my first ever face to face meeting with a fellow blogger this week. Hannah and I both work up in the BYUSA office and it was inevitable that we meet. Her last post talked a little bit about valentines day and wearing pink and red and when I heard this girl up in the office talking about Valentines Month and wearing pink and red I knew it was her. It was weird actually (not meeting her) just knowing it was her by the way she was talking. Meeting her face to face was totally normal, she is a cutie. I am sure we will be seeing more of each other since we both work in "THE BLACK HOLE" (as my roommates have termed it)

Check out the new site that blogger has up on their homepage. Things I hate about my Flatmate.
The swearing might put you off, so ignore it if that will offend you (not that I am a fan) but anyone who has had roommates before, or even lived with another person will love this girls rantings and ravings about the stupid things that her roommate does.

The 2005 bloggies are being voted for. How many people with terrible blogs vote for themselves? I bet the numbers are pretty high. (Although I admit I wouldn't deny being flattered if anyone voted for my blog even though we all know it isnt deserving of anything.) I am only a Crawly Amphibian in the TTLB Ecosystem after all.

My roommates are at Disneyland today. Lucky little....... I would be there if it wasnt for my impending acceptance into the Italy Study Abroad program. I better be getting in to that for this sacrifice I made. I would give anything to be there right now.

Today is my productivity day. Clean my room. Play DDR (that is productive in that it gives me some exercise). Clean the kitchen. Go to Costco. Buy karaoke revolution ( I cant resist the temptation any longer). Spend the rest of the night at the library.

Question of the Day: Favorite program to pirate music?

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