Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh yes, the weekend

I am off to Boise this weekend for a nice break at my roommates house. Hopefully there is no drama (I would post more details but I don't know who reads this) because I am ready for a nice long weekend.

I got a second job yesterday. I working for a lady cleaning her house and taking care of her kids. She has a little boy named Wilson, and a little girl named Alison. They are probably around 2 and 5 respectively and absolutely adorable. I am going to babysit them on Tuesday, and then I will go back to clean her house on Thursday. I am killing myself with all of the responsibilities I am signing up for but Italy has to become a priority for me.

I was thinking about how I never post funny stories on here. Do I just have a boring life? My roommates and I are so dang funny, I can't figure out why I don't have more clever things to say.

My parents have come around, and it sounds like we are going to stop fighting about Italy and look for some ways to get me there. I have been looking up the possibility of a Europass, has anyone purchased one before? Is it worth the $?

Questions of the day-Best place you have ever vacationed before?

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