Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tia and Sara were just asking me who I woudl want to out out with this weekend and I realized that there isn't anyone on my list. That is so sad. Katie, who works up in BYUSA with me always has a top 5. I need to devote some time to thinking if I have a top 5 or not.

I just let myself start playing Hexic which is a bad idea because I can never just close out the game, I always have to wait until I lose the game (which takes forever to happen because I am so good at that game LOL)

Babysitting today was so good. The 2 year old was so cute and said the funniest things to me today. He told me he thinks I am nice. I loved that. I am not planning on having kids anytime soon (except for my love child maybe), but when I do I am sure I will think it is all worth it because of the little things like that.

The more I work with kids (which is what I am constantly doing) the more I wonder why I am not going into Elementary Education or Special Ed or something. I just think that Elementary Ed is such a copout major, something that girls go into when they don't have anything else. Like MFHD. Don't even get me started on that major.

I pre-paid my gym membership, which is nice in some ways and pretty much the worst idea ever in others. I don't have to worry about making a payment each month, but on the other hand because I am not reminded about my membership I am constantly throwing my money down the drain when I don't go. I assume that this is something that tons of people struggle with. After working at a gym for so long, I have realized that their is an incredible number of people who pay for memberships and never use them. Xcell had 600+ members and probably around 100 active. I have got to stop throwing my money down the drain.

I am over committed and I hate it. I don't have anything to drop though. Sometimes I am just tempted to move home and give it all up. I am tired of being grown up, but I love it at the same time.

I got back my 360 degree feedback from Student Leadership, and it is nice to see the different ways that I can improve, but in so many ways depressing to see all of the things that people said about me. I want to be a good leader and this only reminded me how far away I am from achieving that. They included that comments that people had verbatim (without names of course) it was an interesting project, something that I will always be able to value, but it's a slap in the face as well.

I am parked in a service only parking spot (I parked there 1/2 an hour before the 4:00 open time). Someone is going to lose an eyeball if I have a ticket.

Mason, from Provo Pulse called me today to see if I wanted to have lunch with him (I couldnt because I was babysitting). It was sweet and I think that we are going to meet next week. My first arranged fellow blogger meeting. I love how nerdy this all seems.

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