Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Failed Elections

I know it seems like I can't get off of this topic but I spend enough of my life up there to justify my semi-obsession with BYUSA.

One of my pet peeves is hearing people talk in circles about things. Every year when the BYUSA elections come up people complain because they don't see the point in voting while BYUSA tries ever harder to prove that there is a purpose behind electing a president. Each year voting turnout gets worse and worse.

What is the solution here?

Is the viewpoint in the Daily Universe the answer? I am sure that BYUSA is infuriated with this editorial (they get worked up pretty easily), but I think that their are some very valid points. One day isnt enough time to get to know anyone and what they stand for. Without more information why shoudl anyone care?

People hate the fliers and advertisements for elections but without them how would anyone know the candidates or their names? How would anyone know it was time to vote in the first place?

If people don't like the promises that people are making, what kinds of things are they looking for?

If you are so unsatisfied with the options why don't you make a suggestion, or better yet make an effort to make some changes?

I agree with this article.


BYUSA Elections are on Tuesday? I don't care, and I'd wager (yes, a bet) that over 90 percent of BYU students feel the same way. Information about candidates is available on Monday and since elections are on Tuesday, I have less than 36 hours to conclude who to vote for. Not that it really matters who I vote for because if I vote for candidate A and candidate B wins I can expect the same results.

Next year I can still expect to see BYUSA activities such as Fall Fest, Homecoming, Preference, Battle of the Bands, Friday Night Live, clubs, etc.

In my opinion, BYUSA President is not a position that should be voted on by the student body. The position should be renamed to something more accurate such as BYUSA Director and let the full-time staff conduct interviews to decide who will do the best job. I'd wager (yes, another bet) that we'd have better dances and activities. The elections wouldn't waste our time and BYUSA can be seen for what it really is: a student activities and service committee. All this nonsense about promising to improve student life with radio stations, concerts, closer parking, etc. would be gone and we can move on with our lives. Best of all, we could also be assured not to have stupid signs and pins cluttering up campus anymore.

Nate Bird

Wenatchee, WA

Why did I vote? Because I have been up there. I have seen the problems, and dealt with them, and attempted to solve them. I know the people and how they act, their potential. BYUSA is always looking for more volunteers, so many opportunities to get involved. If you want a reason to vote next year, be proactive about it. Do something to help yourself realize why this could be important and what voting can do for you.

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