Monday, July 25, 2005

Installment #1

Hello Everyone! What I am about to do kind of makes me regret ever telling people I know about this blog, since I hear from random people who told me they read my blog. But this is something that has been bouncing around inside my head for awhile and its time to get over my fears and do it.

I am going to try to write a novel. I know it sounds crazy and even as I type the words I am tempted to hit the backspace bar and start all over. Actually I am tempted to just hit the x in the upper right hand corner and close down this entire screen. But I am not going to. On the basis that I only know some of you through the internet (and those of you who do know me in real life are not usually people I am constant contact with, I don't think), I am going to publish installments here for the world to see.

Why am I doing this? Well other than an obvious attempt to reveal a few things about myself, I am going to cross my fingers that some people will be willing to give me some friendly advice. Not only spelling checks but plot & character development, names, places, events. You get the idea.

This attempt is inspired by the things that are happening in my own life, things that I am going through. Mainly repentance, making changes for the better. I do want you to know that I am basing this on my life, this is not me. This is a fictional character that I have invented and placed in a context in an attempt to communicate some thoughts and feelings I have been working through. Maybe I will regret this, who knows.

All I ask is that you respect me for what I am trying to do.

So here it is. Installment #1. No title as of yet.

Jaeda'’s screen glowed brightly in her room around her as she clicked through the internet sites late that night. She had a habit of prolonging sleep late into the night by browsing the web. It wasn'’t that she didn't like sleeping, but it always took her awhile to get there. She shuddered as she remembered the stories her high school teacher had told her about waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to move. She knew that if something like that happened to her she would never get into bed at all.

She glanced over at her roommate who was sleeping peacefully next to her. Reese always managed to get herself into bed before the clock struck midnight and wouldn'’t wake if Jaeda turned up the music and danced around the room in her underwear. She work a furry pink sleep mask, along with earplugs, and slept seven straight hours no matter what. Reese's roommates all laughed at her for being so strict about her bedtime rituals, but she was a good student and keeping her full ride scholarship was the most important part of her life right now.

Jaeda'’s attention turned back to the screen as she saw a glowing red box blinking against a white screen. She squinted a little as she read the bold black words.

Warning: Adult Content

Must be 18 or older to continue

Click to Continue

A curiosity that had always been present suddenly exploded in her mind. She had always wondered about what sites like these contained, what could be the harm of just glancing inside?

It'’s probably just full of naked girls, and since I am a girl it isnÂ't really bad for me,"” She thought quickly “I can understand why it would be so forbidden for men but it'’s not like I will want to come back and see it again. Her mouse moved hesitantly as it traced a path towards the words click to continue. In one smooth movement her index finger pressed down and it was less than a second before it hit her. An explosion of color, sound, and images hit her all at once. She had a hard time taking it in at first, and laughed out loud as she realized her own reaction. She scanned the left side of the screen taking in all of the different options she had to choose from. She chose one, telling herself that she would only take a quick look, and turned her screen a little more towards herself, away from the view of her sleeping roommate and the door.

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