Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dear Silent Observer

I have yet to implement the wall of shame idea, but I personally have been doing the 10 minutes of cleaning a day and it works wonders for me. I do it because I know that when that 10th minute is up that I can stop, no matter what. Even if I am in the middle of washing the dishes and I have 3 dishes left, I can walk away because I have done my 10 minutes. Instead of looking at it as some daunting task, I have turned it into some essential like brushing my teeth every day. Thanks for this suggestions. After I have tried it out for myself a few weeks I will suggest it too my roommates, I know that if we each did 10 minutes our apartment would be sparkling all of the time. Now I have no more guilt about not doing my part around the house. You have made a huge difference for me.

Readers (if there are any of you), I will be updating shortly about the banquet I served with 5 of the Quorum of the 12 and the First Presidency present.

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alena said...

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