Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Please drop your trousers"

I went to the urologist today. When I was in the examination room I realized that the rooms are not soundproofed at all. This means that as the older gentleman next to me was having his examination, I was privy to every word while I waited for my own examination to begin. "Drop your trousers", "turn and cough", I heard it all. Apparently he has hemorrhoids and an enlarged prostate. I tried to hum and read all about Rosamond Vincy in Middlemarch but it was SO LOUD. I was saved from hearing all of the gory details of the rest of his visit when my Mom called me to chat.

This did have a negative effect on my own visit as I was constantly censoring myself as I wondered whether the person next door to me was listening in. Those are the kind of visits that I don't like sharing the details of.

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