Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ward Activities

I have been thinking about ward activities today. It stems from a discussion (fight?) I had with a friend of mine about a week ago concerning Family Home Evening. I began the discussion defending the point that I didn't have to go to FHE because I don't have a family and thus FHE is not for me because I am not a single. Turns out this is incorrect, and now I am no longer sinning in ignorance. I will just continue to sin in defiance by not going. It is a waste of time and I hate it. So there.
Anyways, this girl in my Sunday School class was complaining about how no one comes to the ward activities and this got me thinking about the true purpose of these ward activities in the first place. Are we having them just so that everyone will come and the activities committee will feel good about themselves? Isn't the purpose of these singles ward activities to give people a chance to socialize. Thus if I do not have the desire to socialize I should not be required to go. It makes sense doesn't it?

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