Monday, December 17, 2007

3 finals down, 3 more to go

I never have to worry about Creative Writing, Grammar, and Folklore ever again. Such a relieving feeling to have those done. It is really tough to keep myself motivated through the last few finals, the thought of sleep is always a tempting one that somehow attempts to convince me that I don't need to study anymore. Sometimes when I wake up I convince myself that I can study very effectivly by laying in bed and simply thinking about my classes. Doesn't really work as well as I like to tell myself.

Folkore was definitely my favorite class of the semester, possibly the best class I have ever taken. If I get my masters someday, Folklore will definitely be one of the programs that I look into. Crazy huh? But I was fascinated with the concept of collecting the folklore of different groups of people.

Fundamentals of literary interpretation on Wednesday, English Novel essay's due on Thursday morning, and Divine Comedy final on Thursday at 11 (worth 1/3 of my grade by the way).

I am unbelievably ready for it to be Friday morning.

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