Saturday, December 08, 2007

Police Beat 12/7/07

Disorderly Conduct
Sept.10-Nov. 11: BYU Housing Services identified the perpetrators of a series of stink bomb attacks in Helaman Hals. Upon further investigation, they found that three students were responsible for persuading nearly every resident on the floor of their hall to participate in the attacks.

(I kind of want to meet those guys)

Nov. 5-6: A 26 year old male reported his wallet stolen after using it at the Creamery on Ninth East. His driver's license, an American Express card, two debit cards, to credit cards and two Victoria's Secret gift cards were in the wallet when it was stolen.

(If I were a 26 year old male, I don't think I would want to report my stolen VS gift cards. Just makes you wonder who he was giving them to.)

Dec. 3: Two male students were talking in a bedroom in their apartment in Wyview Park at approximately 4:30 am when they heard a noise in the living room. When they entered, they found a man in the living room. They were unable to get a description because it was dark and the man quickly left the room. They searched the apartment, but did not find anything missing.

(This is just plain creepy.)

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