Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mobile blogging what?

Just doing some practice mobile blogging before I head to Europe. I am planning on doing a few picture and text updates while I am there. This is how I brought my bike all the way down here. Perched on the back of my tiny little car!


Mikel said...

What do you use to mobile blog?

ally said...

YAY! I'm so glad 1)we figured it out 2)you re-figured it out to put it on your car 3) it fit on your tiny trunk and 4) your bike stayed on the whole trip! when i was taking mine to montana i was absolutely terrified the entire time it was going to fall off and cause the car behind me to crash! i couldn't take my eyes away from the rear view mirror!

Jenna said...

mikel-I just send a text message using google blogger. Just type in "blogger mobile blogging" and it will teach you how to do it.

ally-Swayzie forbid me from using my rearview mirror after awhile because I couldn't stop looking.

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