Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Swiss SIGG

Oprah raved about it, which has to mean it's absolutely fantastic beyond anything to be experienced in the world of water bottles, so I picked up a SIGG water bottle for myself. It's black and textured and sweaty when it's cold (which I find to be kind of sexy looking). Apparently everyone is talking about them, as can be seen here.

I've tried the nalgene bottles, but I have a really sensitive palette when it comes to water, and so I think they flavored the water. Also there is a little bit of controversy surrounding the materials used to make the bottles. (See here) It's not a thermos so it won't keep piping hot in cold weather, or cold things cold in sweltering heat, but that's not what I got it for. So far it has been leakproof for me, and the top is the best ever! So easy to use, and so leakproof I don't worry for a second about throwing it in my purse. Next time you see me, I should have this bottle within reach.


ally said...

i want one!!! where is the cheapest place to get one?? does it come in other colors? looks amazing...

Jenna said...

ally-I got mine at Whole Foods, and I think I remembering it being $19, which is less than the website lists. Check out the website, it comes in tons of different designs and options. You will love it!

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