Thursday, December 23, 2004

I am finally starting to get old. Christmas has hit the point where it isn’t about presents anymore but actually about family. Something I never though would happen. I went to my cousins house on Sunday and they were counting all of their presents and trying to decide what each one was; it made me sad to realize that I don’t do that anymore. Not that doing something like that is just for children, my mom sits down and shakes her presents pretty much every day. I have the best present to give to my sister but I wont detail it on here yet because I don’t want her to read this and spoil the surprise.

I have been driving the huge Silverado this past week and I hate it. I will be excited to get back to Bella, my cute little car. My dad isn’t happy because someone knocked a dent in the drivers side, probably sometime when it was parked at the gym.

I have finally decided on a major. Public Relations; and I will reapply for the film minor and get another minor in Women’s Studies. I want to get so many majors but my dad told me I have to stop because minors don’t do anything for you really. They are so fun though!
Question of the day: If you could minor in 5 things what would they be?

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