Thursday, March 13, 2008

All Kinds of Goodness

Somehow over a week has gone by without any updates to my little pet of a blog, which makes me so sad. This dry spell is due to good reasons, including a visit from That Boy, a little bit of sickness that I attempted to exaggerate into a lot of sickness, and a few procrastinated projects for class that had to be taken care of. I have had an easy week now though and I am happy to jump back into blogging with both feet. First a picture:

Isn't he gorgeous? How I possibly bear to be away from him for a month at a time is beyond me. Summer cannot possible come quickly enough.

Now a cute find. I think these little bags are priced well and would make a really adorable bridesmaid gift. They are customizable with a different picture for each side and you can add text to the satin ribbon attached to the zipper, thanking your girls or sharing an inside joke.
I also wanted to share my newest addiction with all of you. I love craigslist but one of the most frustrating things about the site is that I can only search one location at a time. Crazedlist eliminates all that, giving me the ability to search the entire WORLD for something if I want to. This has made searching for engagment rings and wedding dresses incredibly easy for me. (Although I am picky so I don't find much that I like) I have written about how much I love Google Reader before, and combining these two websites creates a super-baby with powers that will amaze and stupefy you (well at least they do that for me). I searched for engagement rings in WA and all of the areas of UT, and then created an RSS feed for it, so now anytime a ring is listed in any of those areas on Craigslist it automatically shows up in my google reader "e-ring" feed. It really is magic.

Check back soon, as I may have found an engagement ring, and I have an exciting announcement to give!


Tyler said...

crazedlist is the most amazing thing i've seen in forever. honestly jenna, how do you even find this stuff?? Do you take notes in any of your classes, or is it just like folklore all day long? ;)

Dawn & Spence said...

Wow, those cute bags are fabulous! :-) WHERE DO YOU FIND THIS STUFF??? lol. You are the best! So.....*drumroll*.....I FINALLY have a date my dear.....and the winner is.....Friday, September 5th! haha. Will you still be around?

Jenna said...

Tyler-Sadly, it is just like folklore, every single day. I suck at school.

Dawn-I love you having a date! I want to be there so bad, but I don't think I will be in town. I would have been in town if you chose a date in April though.

amberdawn said...

I love those cute little bags! And Swav looks like a movie star!! But then again, you do too!! You two are adorable!

Mikel said...

Hey Jenna,

I just wanted to say congrats on your upcoming wedding and marriage! Marriage is the best even if your husband decides to be a consultant! I won't lie, the whole consultant wife's thing is very hard at times but my hubby is worth it as I'm sure yours will be too! Good luck with everything!


Jenna said...

amberdawn-Swav is a movie star. So hot!

Mikel-I love that you are living my future life (I might have said that before but I really mean it!) Maybe we will see each other in Dallas sometime!

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