Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Doilies and a little Wedding Philosophy

I am a firm believer in the idea that wedding planning should revolve around a theme (theme/thought/idea, this doesn't necessarily mean "Star Wars" or "Hollywood" or "Hawaii" or something like that). This shouldn't just consist of choosing your colors, because I think whatever colors you choose should be inspired by the environment you wish to portray at your wedding. Choose three words to describe the mood you are going for. Someday when I am actually engaged I will reveal the three words I have come up with for my own wedding.

If I change my mind drastically and decide to go with a theme that consists of "Books, buttons, and vintage black and white", I will use these two doily ideas.

I found this idea at $10,000 wedding. Doilies are really cheap, and could be used EVERYWHERE throughout your wedding. If you have a grandmother that creates doilies, it could be a beautiful tribute to her to have them sprinkled throughout your reception area (In places where they will not be stained or ruined, you wouldn't want to be careless with something like that). Place flowers in milk glass vases and place them on doilies throughout the reception.
Wouldn't a loose collection of daisies look so sweet in this vase?
Martha Stewart gets the credit for these. Who else would create such beautiful lacy luminaries? I would love to have these lining the path as I exited the reception at the end of the night.


Dawn said...

Love it!!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

Grandma would love if you used her doilies! She would feel so special! And you can tell Grandma Moo that she was the inspiration for the 'milk vases' it is a great plan!

amberdawn said...

Jenna! I have loved getting all of your links. Sorry I haven't had time to write you back or comment. This past week has been crazy!! Keep sending them though. I am loving them. And I am so excited that Shay is going to do our pictures. It will be over conference weekend probably!!

Patricia Gordillo Serrano said...

Stimati Jenna:

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