Saturday, March 01, 2008


I discovered a fun new blog widget through soon to be Mrs. Ish, and I thought I would share it's existence with the rest of the world, as well as explain what it is doing cluttering up my blog. It's called Lijit. I am not sure if that is an intentional misspelling of the word legitimate. It's basically a way to search all of the things that I have created, and honestly, I know that I am going to be using this WAY more than anyone else does.

I am planning on creating a much more intense wedding blogroll soon, and this tool is great because it will search not only my blog, but the blogs of those in my blogroll for content as well. SOOO, if you are searching for information on invitations or flowers or favors, you can just go ahead and search in that little box in the right corner (a little ways down the page) and you should get all kinds of fun results. I hope to have the new completely comprehensive blogroll up soon!

Please use this feature if you would like. I think it can be a great indicator of what people are actually interested in reading about. And don't search for naughty things, I disabled that feature already.


Tara Anderson said...

Jenna, thanks for installing our wijit and giving Lijit a try. Our goal is to be a valuable tool for both you and your readers. The stats we provide will help give you a better sense of your audience and what they are searching you about. If you (or your readers) have any feedback about the wijit, we'd love to hear it. I'm tara at lijit dot com.

Jenna said...

Thanks Tara. I have really loved it so far, it's so great to be able to search for things that I know I have written about in the past.

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