Saturday, March 01, 2008


I have really really terrible handwriting. Read through my report cards in elementary school and it is a complaint by every one of my teachers. So I will never use this website, because my chicken scratch is something that no one will ever want to preserve. But SOMEONE should take advantage of this because it is such a great idea!

The Fontifier provides you with the ability to use your own handwriting as a font on your computer for just $9. What a great idea! Actually maybe I will try it because at least my typed letters will have more of a personal touch. Do you think you could get away with using this for the thank you notes after your wedding? I mean not for your grandma or anything, but I think that people with more modern sensibilities wouldn't terribly offended. Or is that just wishful thinking?


Dawn said...

Wow Jenna that is so cool! Where on earth do you find this stuff?! :-)

Jenna said...

Dawn-Just read every blog possible. That is how you do it.

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