Wednesday, April 30, 2008

23rd Birthday: Fabulous End To A Fabulous Night

We came back from dinner at the cafe where the girls surprised me with visits from my best friends from high school, Dane and Breinne. I loved seeing them, and isn't it cute to see all of us pairing off (but not with each other like all of our parents did).

They slaved away in the kitchen to make me delicious cupcakes.

I like to tell myself that these were trick candles, which would be the reason behind the 7 breaths it took me to blow them out.
I walked away with a haul! The cutest wedding folder/organizer ever. A pendant with the words "Queen of Every Bloomin' Thing", a new journal (they are so perceptive and noticed that mine was almost full!), and a popcorn maker with flavoring salts. I am obsessed with every single one of these things!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday absolutely fantastic. I have a hard time imagining that it could get any better after this :)

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