Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Voti

I have been obsessively checking my grades to see if they are up today and they finally posted. An overall GPA of 2.93, which I am not thrilled about, but I think I was a little burnt out due to taking 18 credits two semester in a row.

Italian- C
American Authors- B-
British Literature 2- C+
Shakespeare- A
LDS History- B-
Myths, Legends, and Folktales- A

Lows include the ridiculous final in my LDS History class, the fact that I think I should have a C+ in Italian(my points equal out to a 76%. Who doesn't give +'s for 76 points?), and my failing grade on my second midterm in Brit Lit which resulted in a C+ where I should have easily had a B+.

Highs include the B- in American Authors (a class where I truly had no idea what I would be getting), my LDS History professor letting me take an exam late (denial would have resulted in a failing grade int he class), and the A my Shakespeare professor gave me (even though it is mathematically impossible for me to have an A, I think this A resulted from a plea I wrote to him the last day of class saying I thought I deserved an A for effort).

Overall I feel mediocre about this past semester, but it is over and I am happy to have another 18 credits behind me. And my overall GPA is so low, that even this semester's results will end up raising it by a few points. I am going to have to step it up a little bit if I want to be graduating with anything above a 3.0.


Dawn & Spence said...

Dang girl...not too shabby at all for your second straight semester of 18 credits! I am impressed!!!

Jenna said...

Oh, Thanks Dawn! I didn't want this to be fishing for compliments, but it's so nice to have someone else affirm that I didn't fail the semester. This "caring about my grades" thing is really tough.

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