Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm A Winner!

Tonight has been a very exciting one, and I was very excited to take lots of pictures. I was notified a few weeks ago that I had won the William A. Wilson Folklore Archive Prize for Winter 2008! My professor chose to submit a documentary I had created for my American Folklore class. The film is about my grandparent's ranch, and I assembled old footage shot by my grandmother and had her narrate everything for me. The project was a beast, and I at one point was spending every spare moment in the library editing it together, but the look on my Grandmother's face when she watched it for the very first time was worth all of that. Receiving this award was just another bonus on top of that!

Here I am all ready to enjoy my yummy dinner (I haven't been working at catering enough to get sick of the food yet).

Cory was nice enough to accompany me tonight (it probably helped that a free dinner was involved), and he was such a good dinner companion. We had to sit at a table full of old people so I could be near the bestower of my cash prize, Dr. Wilson (

I enjoyed some chocolate turtle cake.

Cory kept it caffeine-free with the custard.

I received a certificate (made out to Jenna Anderson, boo) and a check for $300!

Thanks for coming with me Cory!

Stay tuned to find out what I am doing with the money! Any guesses?


Jeannie said...

Congratulations, Jenna!! That is awesome. I'm sure Grandma Lu was quite proud, too.

Did you get the camera??

Jenna said...

jeannie-That camera was in my greedy little hands within a day. It makes me so happy. Sometimes I smile just because I have it.

amberdawn said...

Wow Jenna!! Congratulations!! That is so awesome... so what are you going to do with that $300 dollar check, I wonder?

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