Sunday, April 27, 2008

23rd Birthday: Italian Test and Shoe Shopping

My Italian teacher refused my request to take my oral exam a day early to avoid doing so on MY day, so I walked over to the JKB and only took 5 minutes. I made sure to get a picture with Amy, who sat right in front of me for a whole semester, and made a hilarious (well we think it was) Italian film with me.

I then tried to use the massage gift certificate that the roomies gave me last year, but apparently they can only be used on Friday and Saturday's, so to console myself I went and got a pedicure instead.

After a little bit of pampering I called Kelli and she met me at the mall to do a little shoe shopping.

As you can see because of all the boxes, I know my way around the Nordstrom shoe section. I never want to leave any pairs untried. All of those boxes (plus a few more) are mine. What if I accidentally pass up "the one" because I didn't try it on?

I ended up buying these cuties for Europe, but I wore them that night and they made my feet fall asleep, and I wore them up to campus a few days later and had nasty blisters afterwards. Guess I will have to hit up the Cole Haan outlet that I learned about today.

I think I could wear these all over Europe.
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