Wednesday, April 30, 2008

23rd Birthday: Il Mio Ristorante Preferito, Citta

Awhile ago I discovered this awesome Utah blog called Your Heart Out (If you are in Utah, it's a must-read!) The writers raved about this restaurant called Citta, and they weren't exaggerating, the food is amazing! It was, hands down, my first choice for a place to eat for my birthday. Girls, thanks so much for being willing to drive all the way out to this little cafe (when I wasn't even sure if it was open!).

Megan and I had a visit to Italia while we were there. It was just like being there.
Then an individual shot was required of everyone.
Shaylene is so shy after years of modeling for my Mom.
Amber already looks like a blushing bride.

We got pretty excited about the ice. It was just so cool!
Megan modeled all of the rings in the room. Some engagement rings, some not. As long as it's a diamond, she likes having it on her finger.
Now on to the food. This salad, is just so amazing.
I had a panini and salad. The panini is SOOO crispy on the outside. I can't say enough about how good this is. I didn't even get a picture of the soup, we were so busy devouring it.
Next we moved on to the gelato. I plan to eat gelato every single day in Italy if it is as good as this.

Shay looking a little guilty for breaking the rules and eating this. I think it was worth it though.

I was pretty bummed that they were out of Sour Cherry (on my birthday!) but the blood orange with peach made up for it in the end.
All of my fabulous friends. The infamous "Isn't he taking a picture of our chests" shot.
Probably one of the last pictures we will all take together. I love you girls!

It was a little chilly outside when we got out.

Thanks again girls! I loved every second!


Megan Smith said...

I love you too jenna bear! We got some great photos that night... so much fun. And yes, diamonds are a girls best friend. Diamonds and gelato...and my real besties of course. xoxoxo

Benita said...

your pictures of food look like they could be on the menu...well done. i loved this little place we went to - i think i will go again anytime i am up in the area. i am glad you have introduced me to places other than chillis, cafe rio and bajios :) love you!!

Jenna said...

meggie-We are the besties. I know everyone else is jealous.

Beni-Don't those pictures make you want to go back again? Way to expand your horizons a little.

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