Monday, April 28, 2008

23rd Birthday: Party in the Living Room and Photos in the Automobile

I arrived home from shoe shopping to find out that the living room had been decorated in my favorite colors. Can you guess what they are? I jumped right up on the coffee table to do a few poses.
Nice artistic shot Heather. That downward angle is very flattering.
I was so excited to get in the car and start driving to my favorite Salt Lake City restaurant, Citta. You'll be able to see in my next post how yummy the food is! You should really visit it is in person so you can taste it.

Shay and I had a mini photo shoot, attempting to take a picture that both of us liked. I have a tendency to look high in a lot of my pictures. It's all in the eyes, just like Tyra says. You would think that 10 cycles of America's Next Top Model would have taught me a little something about using my eyes to their full advantage in photos.
I may have forced a few people to take pictures with me, when they weren't really feeling it, but I think there is never a time when a picture should not be taken. Heather aren't you glad you can have photographic evidence of this time together?
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