Thursday, August 19, 2004

My rant against A&F, Tie-a-Tie, and Y

We had this huge Abercrombie and Fitch poster in our living room that was portraying people who were definitely breaking the honor code, and I just took it and threw it away (well the offensive part anyways, I took a knife too it to save the good parts, it is now a PG rated poster). (The following link is rated PG-13.) The picture can be found here, but it didnt look so bad cut in half and upside like we had it. This reminds me of how much I hate Abercrombie and Fitch and companies just like them. My Aunt has always talked about organizing some kind of movement to get the soft-porn pictures that are displayed in the front windows of stores like Victoria's Secret and A&F taken down. Everyone knows that these stores are targeting Tween's (no matter how much they deny it), in an attempt to create brand loyalty.

I think this creates an interesting question. If I despise A&F and the way that they advertise, should I stop buying their clothes? Would the $50 a year that I spend in their store really make a difference? The problem is that most of the people who are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars supporting Abercrombie every year do so because they feel that A&F clothes are what they need to be cool. I think that anyone would have a hard time getting kids like that to stop throwing their (or better yet, their parents) money down for the clothes. Slate lets us know that their racy catalogue tactic isnt even working.

Their are people who believe that by ditching the Fitch we can make a difference. If that is something you would like to do, you can sign a petition here. Many sites also suggest going to stores such as American Eagle, which sell virtually the same clothes without the sex.

I have the biggest crush on Micheal Phelps. I am sure that every other girl on the planet is at the moment, but just like the paragraph above states, I do things for my own reasons and not because of what others say. I think I fell in love with him the moment I saw him take his wreath off when he was standing on the platform while the national anthem was playing. Who doesnt love a guy with respect?

Why not take a virtual tour of the BYU games center?

Do you have a date coming up that you are dreading? Do you need a way to get out of it? Try escape-a-date.

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