Monday, August 02, 2004

Provo Pulse and Bluefly

I have Incredifind installed on my computer and I hate it with all of the fibers of my being. If anyone knows how to get this off of my computer please let me know. I cant even get to the free virus protection that BYU offers because of it.

Spent another wonderful night at the Saffords. Love those guys. Trevor and Taylor still fight like little kids and it is just like old times.

Read a beautiful post by Arwyn on death today. I know that the word beautiful and death dont usually end up in the same sentence, but the essay was very throught provoking and I agreed with it entirely. I love this sentence the most

"How very final a sentence is when you end it with an exclamation point! It's a full stop. There's nothing after. But when you tuck a comma -- even a very, very important comma -- into a sentence, it merely orchestrates a pause, a catching of the breath, a slight change of direction."

I wish that the whole world could know and believe the same way we do, rather than making death something that is dark and ugly, in a sense it becomes something that is alive and beautiful. My knowledge of life after death helps me to live the best life that I can, and comforts me as I think of those who have passed on.

Josh Latimer is dating Haley Duda and they are both down here, and I just cant believe it. I think we are going to catch a dollar movie later this week.

Blogger is acting really weird right now it is making me double space everything, and I am listening to some crazy Mozart stuff.

Website of the day-Bluefly. The perfect one-stop-everything-designer-discount-shop. (Aubree and Shay will love this one)

Blog of the Day-Provo Pulse

Run by-Mason

Subject-An open forum type blog where you can go and learn about everything Provo
(prò-vò-půls-dôt-cøm) [n.] -- 1. port of entry. 2. idea venue. 3. boardwalk.

Favorite Entry-Give me modesty or give me death. What controversy.

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