Monday, August 30, 2004

Suzie wins, What Happens if I?, and free MP3's.

Since this is my quiz I give Suzie the point for the day. The answer was 28-29 lbs.

I decided on the Fitness and Wellness major for sure. No changing this time. Maybe.

I forgot how much walking you do around campus every single day. I already have 2 huge blisters. I would take pictures of them and post them on here, but I hate feet so I wont subject you to pictures of mine.

Today I started Weight Training and Teaching and Women's Studies. I think Monday's are going to be my favorite days of the year. We will see though because tommorow I have Latin Ballroom dancing, Anatomy, Nutrition, and Intro to Allied Health Professions. Nope I wont like TTH better, MW wins.

Site of the Day-A great place to discover new music and get some free mp3 downloads.

Blog of the Day-What Happens If I?
Run by-Jinxx
Subject-What happens when you do random things such as set a lego man on fire and cook an egg with a blowtorch?
Tagline-The spirit of the inner-eight-year-old we thought had died is brought back to life by our simple little experiments. Only this time it's no longer eight... It's 22.
Favorite post-...cook an egg using a blowtorch?

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