Friday, August 13, 2004

All-Encompassingly, Typogenerator, and What Religion Are You?

Last night we went over to Tristin's Uncle's cabin to watch the metor shower, it was fun but the meteor shower was a little bit of a bust. I think we saw 20 meteors the entire night and we got out there at 10:30 or 11 and didnt leave until after 2. We did make a nice little Jenna sandwhich, which I liked because I got to be warm all of the time. Steve and Tristin are exactly the same as always, and I love it. I hope that we stay good friends all the way through college.

Tonight is Taylor's birthday and we are going over to house his, and then I think we are going up to his cabin in Sundance to sleep over and basically cause some trouble.

I have been picking up shifts like crazy at work. They hired a guy to work there the same time that I was hired and he has only showed up one time. Basically he showed up the day I didnt, maybe he felt that since I did it it was okay. He hasnt come in 3 times now, and I dont think that he has ever even called in to tell them why. I get the feeling he is going to be fired just as quickly as he was hired. It works out okay for me though because I am taking up some of his shifts until they find someone else. On top of that, a girl called me this morning, and she wanted me to take three of hers the week after next. basically I am going to be rolling in the dough for this month (which I will definitely need) but I dont expect that feeling too last long, I am sure my income will drop off a little once school starts.

Megan moved in yesterday. I am excited to live with her for the year. We discovered that we are both going to major in Fitness and Wellness, which will work out nicely if we live together all through college. We can live together and take all of the same classes together.

I only gave myself 15 minutes to write this post, and I am already almost out of time. I just spend too much time reading other blogs in between paragraphs. Right now I am loving Provo Pulse. Nice work lately guys.

I made the switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. Thanks to all of you who kept mentioning it on your own blogs, you were the one who inspired me to make the switch, and I am not sure how I ever survived without it.

Check out Caliblog for their latest contest. If you dont want to participate but you have some good guesses let me know, so that I can try and win. I told Chuck I would do whatever it takes, and I still mean that.

I have 2 websites for the day, basically because I really like them both, and I havent been posting as regularly so I am trying to make up for it. Hopefully you all like them as much as I do.
Website of the Day-TypoGenerator. This one is hard to explain, so I suggest you just check it out for yourself. Basically you just enter text into this little box, and the website comes up with these awesome pictures. Check out the one that I made just now. All of that was done just by entering the word girl into a little box. I have a bunch of them saved up for screensavers.

Website of the Day 2-What religion are you? Take this quiz to find out.

Blog of the Day-All-Encompassingly
Run by-Travis and Doug
Subject-The usual mormon blogger stuff, political personal, etc.
Favorite Post-The Ode to Summer. All right so the romantic girl inside of me was won over by this little number. I only hope that I find someone to write things like this about me someday. (By the way, your fiance is absolutely gorgeous Travis, and you both look so happy, good luck in the future)


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