Saturday, August 07, 2004

Best and worst commericials, and BCC

I am off to the rodeo tonight in Midway, with a very large group of people that I have never really met before. We are going to kick up our heels and watch the boys try and kill themselves on some bulls, and then it is off to the hot pots. Good thing I bought myself a cute new swimsuit, we are swimming every day.

Could this have been staged for more publicity?

Website of the Day-Readers crown best and worst commericals. Check out the rubber band man commercial, this one always makes me laugh. If my job at Gold's sucks I will try and be happy like this guy.

Blog of the Day-BCC: By Common Consent
Run by-A bunch of people
Subject-Liberal minded mormons expressing their views on anything and everything, largely gospel related.
Tagline-A liberal-minded, yet grossly intolerant Mormon blog: we tolerate dissent, but not stupidity.
Favorite Post-The most recent post "Liberate Me, I'm Repressed?"

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