Sunday, August 29, 2004

Trivia Quiz, time keeping site, and Nine-Moons

I have decided to follow's example and start a contest of my own. The prize is 2 gmail invites, which seem to be very popular. I can understand because I love my gmail account more than anything. Who wouldn't want to have 2GB of space in their email? I never have to delete anything, and if that kind of thing appeals to you then I know you will want these.

So, without any further ado, its time for the “Back to School Useless Trivia Quiz” I decided on this quiz because I usually feel like the stuff I am learning in school is useless information. Cant they teach something that will actually apply to me in life someday? Enough of my ranting, you guys know what school is like. I will post a new question once a day, you get 2 guesses each day. I will check back as often as I can to let you know if you are right or wrong. Each right answer equals one point, and the contest will last until someone reaches 10 points. Remember this is for gmail, something you really want, so think carefully and guess often! (And even if you already have gmail or you dont want to win, you could still guess because games are fun right?)

Right now is Arby's 5 for 5 deal which I could eat all day long, but I cant get because I promised Tristin that I would go 2 weeks without eating any beef or pork. I have done really good so far, but I don’t think I will do it afterwards, because I don’t believe that abstaining from meat will help my kids have straight teeth. Sorry Tristin..

There is a really dumb new movie coming out called "Team America World Police". If there is anyone out there who is for excited for this movie, can you please tell me why?

I think that Gap's new ad campaign is very clever. It flashes images of Sarah Jessica Parker with the words how-do-you and flashes a website at the end. I checked out the site because of the commercial, which I assume is exactly what Gap was going for.

I have switched my schedule around so many times, I don’t even know what I am taking any more. I love my independence but I hate that the decisions I make right now are going to be what will determine alot of my future. I was really set with Fitness and wellness, but now I am looking into some kind of major in psychology in the education department. I am really interested in working with women/girls and teaching them how to have healthy attitudes about what is good and true about nutrition and the likes. That means no more minor in film, instead a minor in nutrition along with a minor in Fitness and Wellness. Now if I could only figure out something for a major.

I think I was ripped off on Ebay. Close to $200 dollars worth of stuff. I am a careful buyer too, so I am not really sure what happened. It was a few weeks after I bought my stuff that the people I bought it from started receiving really bad ratings all of the sudden. Why does this happen to me?

Website of the Day- I cant even explain to you why I like this site, but I do. Who are these people that have the time to sit around and make stuff like this up? I wish I was one of them. No, wait I dont.

Blog of the Day-Nine-Moons
Run By-Don and Rusty
Subject-Another LDS site that talks about doctrine, asks questions, etc. I like it because its not too in depth, nothing against Times and Seasons, I read it daily, but I am not quite to that level yet. Nine Moons is a nice stepping stone for me that I can progress with.
Tagline-A place to discuss Mormon doctrine, laugh at Mormon culture, and buy refurbished electronics.
Favorite Post-Does God have a sense of humor?

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