Friday, August 06, 2004

Float On, The Trixie Update, and Fly Guy

Here I am again, back in the swing of things after a minor delay in posting. Yesterday I had the most eventful day that I can remember, and now that my computer is working again I am ready to share my adventures with you all. Probably some of you go through days like this all of the time (Chuck it seems like you do), but this was an eventful day for me.

You will find out why in a second, but I had to have my hard drive erased, which means I lost all of my boomarks and links, etc. If you are a visitor to this site can you please leave come kind of comment, even if it is just one word, so that I can add you to my bookmarks and make a visit on over to your site. Muchos Gracias.

The story must start back on Monday when I got the call from the Gold's Guy letting me know that I had the job, the conversation was short, but he informed me that I should come in next thursday for training. I started thinking on Tuesday night, became nervous that he meant this Thursday when he said next Thursday (some people talk that way and it makes no sense to me) so I called and left a message on his machine asking for some clarification. Because I didnt want to bother him, I didnt try to call him again the next day, and never heard from him UNTIL I woke up at 11:00 Thursday morning (I know I need to stop sleeping in so late) and had a message from him on my cell. It said something to the effect of "Hi Jenna, this is Joe Schmo from Gold's Gym and I thought that you were going to come in for training this morning, call me as soon as possible". After rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I debated going and jumping off of one of the cliffs in Provo Canyon. I called my dad to get some moral support, sucked it up and called the guy back, and luckily everything worked out, but after missing my first day of work, I still have a job.

Then I went out into my living room, where my computer is, and discovered that after I had rebooted it over night it had failed to load. After trekking over to the computer lab in the club, learning about pushing F8, trying every possible solution, I finally decided to let the pros have a go at it and take it over to the BYU computer repair department. After finding a very lucky parking spot in the lot in front of the Wilk (any fellow Zoobie knows what I am talking about), I carried my tower in (with aching arms, computers get heavy if you walk around carrying them for too long), and set my tower on the desk and told them the problem. I was then informed that I was missing the Windows XP certification that should have come with my computer. Since I had no idea where and when this computer had been bought, I had to call my parents and Teresa (the secretary at CW), and The Computer Place (where the tower came from). To do this I had to walk back and forth out of the store into the hallway to get reception, not only frustrating myself but annoying everyone around me. We finally got things figured out (I had to buy a new version of Windows XP, full price, because I am not in classes currently and they couldnt give me the discount until August 23rd), and I left my computer there to get fixed overnight. To get everything up and running they had to wipe out my hard drive, which meant a long day of installing all of the programs I was missing today.

As I was walking out to my car, I saw those cute little green envelopes fluttering underneath a few windshield wipers in the parking lot, and I knew right then that I had a parking ticket as well. $20 for parking in a 30 minute zone for 2 hours. I really needed that. I decided that I would go to Costco, which always makes me happy, and after I had been there for awhile, and found some really cool things, I realized that I didnt have my checkbook with me and that they would not take my card. So I checked to make sure there was nothing perishable in my cart and quickly walked away. I went to the mall instead. Shopping therapy works every time (have to be careful that this doesnt happen to me though)

I feel better now that I have published my story, and yes I see that it isnt so bad after all. It did feel pretty crappy at the time though. This made me laugh though. I also listened to my Modest Mouse CD, "Float On" is such a great song, and at least I didnt run my car into a cop car. Things can always get worse.

Website of the day-Can't exactly describe this one, but go check out "Fly Guy" If you are patient, I hear that you will end up on an island with a hula dancer, which would be a pretty nice place to be. And watch out for the big strong mad with the punching gloves, he has a killer right hook.

Blog of the Day-The Trixie Update
Run by-Ben MacNeill
Subject-A slightly-obsessive-in-a-good-way blog about their 1-year and 6 day old daughter. Tracking the messy diapers and amount of milk pumped might be a little much, but it will be fun for Trixie to look back on. I hope to do something like it someday.
Tagline-"keep track of the new kid"
Favorite post-Potty training is so fun.

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