Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do It Etsy

I have been thinking about this post for awhile, because even though I only have a few readers I think that some of them would really enjoy learning about one of the best sites on the web. Really, one of the best, out of the 300 billion available. Etsy is essentially an online marketplace for anything handmade. You can buy anything on this site! Even wedding dresses! I took a few minutes to browse and find some things that I liked to give you a glimpse of how amazing it is. Believe me, this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface in terms of what you can find on this site.

If you see something you like, please click on the photo to be taken to the sellers shop.

I started off by searching through shops in Utah.

bexcaliber has a substantial collection of really cute graphic pillow cases. This one will run you $15.
I love The Scarlet Letter and I am kind of obsessed with this necklace. If I wasn't trying to live on "The Budget" I might have charged it to my card already. 20 little dollars for this one.
I might just like this one because of the photography! A good photo makes everything look better! So pretty with the orange fire you can see inside of it. $36.
Vinyl stick-on's for walls may be one of the greatest inventions I have ever heard of. Kind of makes me want to declutter my room and invest in one of these. My future home is going to involve a blank wall with something like this on it someday. $25 and so easy to use!

This was only a glimpse of the items to be found in Utah stores. Go to the Etsy homepage and choose the "Shop Local" option and you can search for sellers in your area.

The following are a few of the things I found while browing under the wedding gift giving guide.
nicole creates custom cake toppers! A little shabby-chic for my tastes, but still pretty darn cute. $119. I know a little much. But custom CUSTOM cake topper.
This makes my heart go flip-flop. So rustic and actually quite perfect for my Aunt's house in Idaho. Mostly perfect for my own future house. Made in Bountiful, Utah by KarmelDesign. $35 each. This is so going to be on my registry someday.
I love this ring. Do you think it would be possible to put a diamond in the middle of that somehow? I would take this as my engagement ring. Maybe I will take this as my engagement ring! That Boy would never complain about the $32.00 price tag. I keep scrolling back up to look at it.

And now for a perfect example of why it is necessary to dig a little deeper to find the REALLY good stuff on Etsy.
I am not really sure who would want this for the top of their cake. The squirrel has a tail too. Does this relate to some story I am not aware of? Anyone? $40 for this ridiculousness.

If you find anything fantastic while browsing on Etsy, come back and share it with me!


Jeannie said...

A cool find. I've heard of the site before but never checked it out.

And I definitely think you could swap that pearl for a diamond. But what would you wear as a wedding band with that? Maybe you wouldn't really need one...

Jenna said...

Jeannie-I kind of like the pearl sitting in middle of it's little shell. It's so natural looking. And I am kind of anti-diamond lately :) I also think I am not going to have a wedding band, I don't really want one, and all of the rings I look at wouldn't pair well with one. It only means a few years of people asking me when my wedding date is.

ally said...

jenna i am FREAKING out right now because 1)i already knew about your blog and would secretly sometimes read it (but never commented -- sorry, just now realizing how much comments mean to bloggers, which i can understand since i'm thinking about starting a blog and already started one in my head) which leads me to 2)i just recently discovered etsy too and am also OBSESSED with it! thats all i did on sunday! AND i wanted to write my first blog entry about it!!!! unbelievable. i love it. etsy has some amaaaazing things....and pretty cheap! anyway, happy valentines day, if you're into that sort of thing...

peg Grady said...

Beware...Etsy is totally addictive! Friends I've turned on to it have both thanked and cursed me. Such fun!

Jenna said...

Ally-Get one! Get a blog! 1. Because I think that yours will be really funny and interesting 2. I will read it everyday and comment all the time 3. We are kind of a lot alike and it is freaky.

Peg-Thanks for stopping by! I hope I don't have any friends cursing me after telling them about it!

Jeannie said...

I agree, Jenna, everyone has a diamond. Be bold! Be different! I really like that ring just the way it is. Oooh, or maybe with a sapphire... Oh the possibilities!

Jenna said...

Jeannie-I always get worried I will regret it later, but I guess if I hate it that much I will just do the upgrade thing. Most women go for the upgrade at some point int heir lives anyways.

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