Friday, February 15, 2008

Stephanie James Couture

Sometimes when I am feeling particularly fanciful and letting my mine wander towards my absolute dream wedding (you know, the kind you would create if you didn't have a budget), I begin to think about the black&white 40's/50's inspired gala I would throw, complete with white-gloved servers passing around tray's of deliciousness during a "mormon cocktail hour", a 6-course formal dinner, and dancing on a hardwood floor with our monogram displayed on it in black and white lighting to end the night (and don't forget the fireworks!). If this event were to occur, I would wear 2 dresses. One for the beginning of the night, and one for the end.

The second dress would come straight from the Stephanie James Couture collection, and it would be accessorized with one of her birdcage veils and kid gloves. Stephanie was a photographer who got engaged and decided to make her own wedding dress. Here is what she created for her own wedding:

She got so many compliments on her work that she decided to go into dress making full time! I think her designs are so timeless. I will be keeping these in mind when I begin my own dress hunting.

This one is made in a floor length version as well. I absolutely adore the silhouette.

Look at the draping over the bust on this one. I love her attention to detail.

I have a new obsession with pleats So crisp and clean.

I would love to shop in her store. Not only is the store adorable, but she tries to form a relationships with the brides who buy her dresses, even encouraging them to send in pictures from the wedding. The bride below looks so quirky and cute.


amberdawn said...

oh that picture with the three pictures is so cute!! I just love it! Jenna, I can't wait to get married!!!!! Seriously... Trace is so freaking cute and I can't even handle it. I think I might just do a white sash. The colored sash is wearing off on me cause everyone is doing it these days. I thought I would consult my wedding planner... What do you think?

Liz said...

Keep up the good work.

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